What is depression?

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The suicide of actor Sushant Singh Rajput shocked and saddened me like everyone. He is successful and famous. He is the heartthrob of millions of people. His instagram account has 10 million followers. Probably, there are millions dreaming to just meet him once and have a photo shot with him. And yet, he committed suicide. The reason mentioned in media is depression.

While discussing on this, a friend asked me what depression is. Now, I did not study psychology to answer this question. But, having gone through suicidal tendencies in my life for 6 months, I know how it feels to be depressed. Below are the 4 predominant thoughts that went through my mind when I was depressed.

1.I felt like a loser in this world. I got a decent job and a comfortable life. Yet, I felt this way. And this feeling hurts very badly because to think of oneself as a loser is a great pain.

2.I felt there is nothing to look forward in life. When I went through suicidal tendencies, I was just a 26 year old and there is lot to explore in life. But I felt future held nothing for me. I felt hopeless.I felt whats the purpose of living life.

3.I felt as a loner in this world. I have my family, friends and was quite active on social media. But I still felt I had nobody in my life. Loneliness hurts greatly.

4.I felt this world will be better without a person like me.Now, I was not a bad person but I felt my family and everyone will be happy without me.I felt they will have less problems if I died.

These 4 thoughts went in my mind repeatedly like a loop and all I knew was crying and wishing death. Luckily, I did not commit suicide because I did not have enough courage to commit suicide.

This was how being depressed felt to me. I tried various things to come out of this state like reading positive books, listening to music, spending time with friends but honestly, nothing helped me. On the suggestion of my mentors Ruchi and Sanjil, I did 100 days of wellness meditation and was healed of these tendencies completely. After 100 days of meditation, I became a new me with hope, positivity and confidence.

And now, whenever I come across such instances where people commit suicide, it pains me badly. It pains me that I could not teach them wellness meditation and inspire them to practice it for 100 days. I don’t know why but it feels like a personal loss when I come across news of suicide.

I cannot reach every person in this world who is going through depression. But atleast in the small circle I know, I can reach out through my blogs. So, here is my sincere appeal to anyone going through depression.

If you are going through depression, please try wellness meditation for 100 days. If you have any questions on wellness meditation or want to learn it, please contact me or drop an email at spiritualityisawayoflife@gmail.com. I feel extremely privileged to be of any use in this matter.

It is my strong wish to work in the area of depression and suicidal tendencies through meditation but I don’t know how to reach out people suffering through depression. All I can do is pray to God and my Guru to use me for this purpose. May every person be blessed with good health, happiness, prosperity,harmonious relationships, peace.

Sarve Jana Sukhino Bhavanthu!


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  1. Gourinadha Gupta Jami

    What an insightful message, thank you so much.. you are blessed and a great person.
    Unfortunately.. many people going through stressful life due to so many reasons.. every one is preveleged to lead a beautiful life. May god bless all.

    Thank you 🙏


    When I read the news about the actor Sushant Singh Rajput committed suicide, I can’t believe it.
    My sincere sympathies to his family.
    Mam, I know how painful depression is? I went through depression in 2011 thank god my dad, my cousin and one of my best friend helped me come out of the situation. Now I am full of positive thinking, no suicidal tendencies.
    I will help you on your journey to help all depressed people.
    I will also info them of the benefits of twin heart mediation.
    The blog is very informative and you have explained the term depression in a very clear way.
    Thank you so much, mam for sharing info

    1. Kanwal

      Really was very sad today for sushant rajput. God bless him peace.
      I am always with you to help people come out from depression Geetanjli.
      Thankyou for sharing this blog .

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