Journey of a big dream coming true

Namaste All

I would like to share my journey of a big dream coming true.I know Ruchi Sanjil since 2009 and they became my role models in marriage. Sub-consciously, my deepest desire was to create a meaningful marriage like them. And the biggest dream I had in my life was to do Alchemy Yoga for couples with Ruchi Sanjil.

If you see the pre-requisites for this course, it is a big list and it felt impossible for me to manifest my
dream. Marrying an Arhatic Yogi sounded impossible to me as I was unable to find even a normal guy
who made sense to me and to whom I made sense. It looked like a lost battle with pressure from
family, relatives, friends, peers, colleagues and from my own self. Everyone has only one question for
me – when are you getting married?

Finally, in December 2014, I decided to marry only an Arhatic Yogi no matter what. So I decided to
dedicate 3 years of time to manifest this dream and decided not to compromise no matter what
happens. Using the techniques of Kriyashakti, I did tithing, service, Arhatic meditations, blue triangle.
It was an intense sadhana and I did for 1 month. Suddenly, visions started coming in meditations and
I started seeing my marriage with a guy in these visions. I met this guy only few times in pranic
healing classes and I don’t know anything about him except that he is an arhatic yogi.

Well, my first reaction about these visions was denial and disbelief. I did not take my visions seriously. The visions continued and I was detached to these visions. I continued my sadhana. Lot of coincidences happened and the friendship between me and the guy deepened with each day as if it is planned.

We both did several Arhatic Classes together and attended Past Life Regression with Ruchi Sanjil too.The interest in each other was mutual. After few more months, we decided to get married.

Finally, after some more sadhana by both of us, we got married to each other on Feb 13th 2016 and did Alchemy Yoga for Couples with Ruchi Sanjil on Feb 13th and 14th 2016.

I cannot describe the joy me and my husband felt when we did the course. It gave a new
direction to marriage and taught us the true meaning of marriage. It provided us many excellent tools
to make our marriage more joyful, loving with each passing day. After I did the course, I felt all my
longing and efforts I put in since years to do this course are worthwhile. Marriage felt like a freedom
rather than bondage and it felt as if marriage is lot of fun and joy.

I wish every couple experiences the joy of Alchemy Yoga for couples. And I would like to conclude this mail with the line – No dream is too big 🙂

Anjali & Bala

Experience with Alchemy Yoga for Couples

Dear All, Namaste!

I want share with you all a wonderful experience which we had after doing Alchemy Yoga
for Couples (Basic level) course. First of all it clears our thought about marriage, as to why we got married??Many myths and doubts are cleared in this class.

Secondly, it gives solutions to various disagreement occurs between us. Seriously there are
mind-blowing solutions to that. Now we use them very frequently and solve them. Using the
concept of Dharma (righteousness) as thought in the workshop we not only resolve our issues
were able to successfully able to resolve issues of another couple in the family.

Thirdly, it increases the love and bond between us. We now realize that we should own our

Fourthly, by this course our eating habits are also changed into the right way.
Many more changes we had done in our diet.

Fifthly, we relish each other’s company at all levels including etheric, emotional, mental and
spiritual and completeness. Usage of aromatherapy and several other techniques are very
practical and amazing, they give infinite depth to the relationship.

Alchemizing the energies is simply superb. We reach to the meditative thoughtless state
effortlessly. We truly know the meaning and practice of what Paramhamsa Yogananda said
the purpose of marriage is to decorate the soul with Golden ornaments. We feel divinity in our life partner (each other). Though we used to think we are very harmonious couple already, by practicing harmony building meditation the harmony has certainly improved many folds further.

There are many more things which had learned in the class. I just want to say it must be a
prerequisite for every marriage. Every couple should go for this course we are very much benefited by doing this course. We apply all the things which had learned in our practical life . This is a very precious course.

Thanks to Guru and my beloved teacher Ruchi and Sanjil for such a beautiful course.
Just wondering if Basic level is so powerful, what will be the experience of Advanced

Smriti & Sujeet

Realized the importance of Gruhasthashram

It took some time for us to get back to our own-selves after taking the session. We were
in a different world altogether and wanted to enjoy it for some days. And so, by
intention, delayed penning down of our thoughts. We were awaiting and prepared for the
session for a long time. But once we were in the session, it was an altogether different
experience. We have gone through the gist of the session before coming to the session
but the depth of knowledge and the hidden truths in the day-to-day things took us by
surprise to a whole new different level of understanding. The course had given us a
chance to feel our own inner self and within each other. We are more aware of our own
inner nature now and the new different US made us feel to be at peace void of all our
fears and thoughts. The course gave us an ecstatic feeling of our own inner nature. We
are short of words to express our state of being.

We feel to be more confident and aware of our own-selves now. This has given us more
understanding of the necessary and unnecessary things that we have been craving for all
the while and a means to scale newer heights with the fresh energy. The course gave us
an insight of the spiritual practices that can be followed together, a new way of spending
time with each other in a spiritual way, about our roles as a mother, father before and
after having kids.

The course has been an eye-opener and we would like to recommend such a course for
all the couples. This made us understand why Gruhasthashram is an important and
integral part of the normal human evolution. Enlightenment about the power of this
ashram and its potential has given us a new; in fact an additional strength. It changed
the way we now realize each other. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you
from the bottom of our hearts for coming up with such a wonderful course, in a simplistic
approach and for all the effort put in to bring it to this stage. With thanks and in full faith.

Puri & Veera