Curing burn through healing

First and foremost thanks to Ruchi for healing me today.
Whenever I used to see people writing testimonials I used to wonder when will I start doing
and practicing on a regular basis. Here comes yet another reason for me to take the practices
Today I had severe hand burns. The pain was so much that I just was near the cold tap water.
I couldn’t give my son proper bath because i kept the burnt fingers in the mug of cold water
and if I removed the finger from cold water it used to burn so much . I was just jumping
around the house out of severe severe burning. I couldn’t not resist anymore.
IWC came to rescue and healed me, the relief is so much now that I just cannot seek a
miracle more than this.
I have not followed the practices regularly and this one incident is full proof for me to do the
healing practices regularly and can save many people’s suffering.
Thanks to Guru, Ruchi and Sanjil for teaching these priceless Pranic healing.


Testimony for Dengue Fever

Hi Everybody,
One fine day i called my good old friend in Bangalore.
I was shocked to hear his 2.5 years old son was affected with Dengue fever. The small kid
was hospitalized for last 3 days and the condition was going worse everyday, where his
internal water pipe broke and the water started entering into lungs. The child whole body and
face budged eventually. Sometime the platelet count reduced <8000; the recommended
platelet count for kids to be 4 Lakh+. I could not digest my friend crying.
There I approached Inner Wellness Circle for healing the child through Energy Healing.
Instantly in the next few minutes the healing was done and continued for few days in the
regular intervals with three healing a day gradually reducing the frequency based on the
progress. As the healing session was progressing the count of platelets increased and
gradually the kid recovered completely. In the next 2 days after the healing started, the child
got discharged from hospital. Now the kid is doing well.
Cannot express the thanks through words and blessed to know about Energy Healing and
would love to spread it to the whole world.
Sincerely thanks to our teachers and Great Guru Guru for His teachings and blessings.
Marking my friend Anandan in CC
Thank you!
Amith (Anand Amirtharaj)


Testimonial for high BP

Hi Everybody,
It’s my pleasure to share my experience to bring back my High BP to normal 🙂
For past 3 years my BP it was gradually increasing from normal to high and recently it was
150/100+. Approached Inner Wellness Circle to help me in healing.
Regular professional healing was initiated for me. I was advised to do appropriate physical
exercises and breathing exercises selected from Therapeutic Yoga. Two years ago I had also
practiced Therapeutic Yoga for a month, so I was familiar with them.
Healing continued for two months. We were regularly monitoring BP with a BP machine
which I purchased. First month of healing it on average the reading came down to 130/90
range. After second month’s healing it we continued monitoring and it came down to the
normal 120/80 range.
Now i am just advised to continue with my exercises routine. I am so excited to share that my
BP is completely NORMAL now :). And I don’t need to take medicine life long.
This testifies that BP is curable through Energy Healing and Therapeutic Yoga exercises. I
urge anyone suffering from BP take it seriously and work on self to cure it, rather than be
dependent on medicines life long.
Thanks to Ruchi, Sanjil and of course our Grand Guru for the great teachings.

Best Regards,
Anand Amirtharaj (Amith)

Anand Amritharaj

Healing Vein Thrombosis

Namaste Everyone
I am Shalini. Sharing today with you all, the joys of practicing PRANIC healing. I am
fortunate to have encountered this practice through my childhood friend Divleen. On many
occasions, I have witnessed the divine blessings through the practice of Twin heart
Meditation, which has strengthened my faith more. I did my basic course followed by Prep 1
. Since then I have been doing sharagati prayer.
Very recently my husband developed superficial vein thrombosis. His entire calf area was
hard n reddish vein was visible swollen from ankle to mid-thigh. He was unable to walk
properly n doctor suspected some clot formation. Having faith in Pranic healing, I asked my
friend to give healings for the same.
With each healing, his condition improved. The redness, hardening was immensely reduced
and in 7-8 healings, he was much relieved. The Doppler test was negative for clot formation.
And soon he recovered and was back to his routine chores.
Thankful and grateful to Guru Parampara for blessing us with the divine blessings.
Sharnagati prayer helped me in getting my daughter’s admission in school (which initially
was refused coz of no vacancy) and further finding a decent accommodation in place of my
Thanks to Guru, for passing on to us the gift of the divine science in the form of Pranic
Healing and for becoming channels of peace n love


Healing Fever and Breathlessness

This is overdue testimony from our side.
I like to extend my deepest gratitude to Inner Wellness Circle and Energy Healing for healing
our son.
Our son was very sick and couldn’t breathe when we admitted him to the hospital. He was is
ICU, doctors were not sure of the problem and after giving different treatments by the doctors
there was no improvement even after 48 hours. One of our family member told us about
Energy Healing and Inner Wellness Circle and asked us to request them for healing.
We are located at Mumbai, we contacted Inner Wellness Circle to help us with healing, they
agreed and after few distant healing sessions which were done every three hours we saw
significant progressive improvement in less than 24 hours. After a day doctors even
removed oxygen mask as our son could breathe without any oxygen support and he came
home is 3 days time and was running around like normal, with no sign of any weakness.
Even doctors were surprised to see such improvement in short time.
One thing I must say that our interactions with healers were very friendly. They were very
helping and understanding which further helped us during this difficult time.
Since we have seen the miracle of healing so it also inspired us to learn about Pranic
Healing and soon we will be attending the Basic healing classes to help us and others.
Again want to thank Inner Wellness Circle and all the healers involved in healing our son
from the bottom of our hearts to help us in such a difficult situation.
Kind Regards
Vijaya and Nitin Nigam

Vijaya & Nitin Nigam

Healing Prolapsed Uterus

Hi All,
I am Mrs Rajeshwari Vinayakan. I am 61 yrs old.
Last year, I was diagnosed with 3rd degree prolapsed uterus and was suggested to go for
immediate surgery. I am a Pranic healer myself for the past 10 years. I myself used to advice
people not to go into surgery without trying Pranic healing. So I wanted to do the same with
my case. I could not get in touch with IWC for about 6 days; I just took rest and
kept self healing myself during that period although I was profusely bleeding.
Finally I called up IWC and immediately got an appointment, although the condition was
bad, still distant Energy Healing sessions were scheduled for me. Once the sessions started the
bleeding slowly started to reduce the very next day. Within a week, a basic class was
announced, I have experienced previously people getting healed during the class, and I
wanted to attend it. In the class usually a lot of healing angles and higher beings are present. I
attended the class and kept doing prayers for my healing, instructive healings etc. My
professional healings were also done when I was in the class. After the second day of class
got over, I came home and went to the loo, and my uterus was pulled back, and since then, I
am as new as ever. The healings continued for few weeks more and then was tapered down
and stopped.
I am ever grateful to Pranic healing. I remember one of my very close friends had similar
problem and went to surgery, and she still has problems, like some piece coming out
sometimes. Also her urinary bladder had problems. Etc. so thank you thank you Guru
for giving us the gift of Pranic healing.
Rajeshwari Vinayakan

Rajeshwari Vinayakan

Success story of conception, smooth pregnancy and normal delivery

This is my story of successful conception, smooth pregnancy and normal delivery through Energy
healing & Therapeutic Yoga. This is a long overdue mail with me benefiting from this for more
than a year. Since a long I have been preparing to draft this, but it happened only now ☺.

This system is not well known and it may be hard to believe unless one experiences its miracle. I
hope this will be an inspiration to all those who want to conceive naturally or simply want to live
healthy life close to nature or Prana. My desire to have kids started off immediately after marriage. As months passed with no result the desire became anxiety which was followed by 3 cycles of unsuccessful infertility medication and a laparoscopic surgery.

That was the time I approached Inner Wellness Circle for Yoga. We were told that I should join Therapeutic Yoga to heal my problem. I took Basic Energy Healing workshop. After taking the workshop I felt the system is too simple to believe, however I had not much option but to give it a try. Immediately after laparoscopic surgery I started off with the daily Therapeutic Yoga sessions. That was the time when I first experienced the power of healing. The scar from the surgery healed so quickly. The daily meditation & forgiveness affirmation helped me feel better
about everything and look at things in positive manner.

I was told to continue doing the practices for about 6 months, but I was little impatient, immediately after the surgery I underwent IUI for conception. During this time the doctors expressed concern about the endometrial thickness which was insufficient for carrying out IUI procedure. At that time through healings and prayer (divine healing part of Energy healing) again I experienced the power of healing the endometrial thickness grew as required and the IUI procedure was carried out successfully. I conceived but the doc did the scan and told the sack
size is not convincing to confirm a successful pregnancy and ultimately it ended. May be my kid
did not want to come through IUI with artificial hormones.

This instance was followed by a phase of depression and recovery of my system. I continued the
Therapeutic Yoga sessions. These sessions helped me to think positively and have right mental
state. I had developed strong belief in the system by then. Physically I started feeling a lot better
after the therapeutic yoga exercises.

First thing that changed within me was the anxiety to conceive. Second was, the strong belief in me that my system and the practices I am doing is good enough for natural conception. Just in a couple of months I conceived again this time naturally without any infertility treatment. I did not take a single hormone tablet. It was spontaneous conception. This was completely due to Energy healing and Therapeutic Yoga based on it.

I made full use of the Energy Healing throughout the delivery and I delivered a cute little baby girl through normal delivery. During the pregnancy there were instances where urine infection was healed with healing without any medication, this we confirmed through medical reports. From the time I conceived, I followed all the advice on what to do during pregnancy from food, books, music, meditation, exercises, walking, mental state, tithing and everything.

Many many thanks to Energy healing. The most important thing is my close family members who initially had disbelief in this are now a believer. They have embraced healing, have done the healing workshop, and now have been helping me and the kid with healing when required. Energy healing during the pregnancy kept me in good mental & emotional state during the whole period of pregnancy, as necessary for the proper development of the child in the womb.

My daughter is a happy & healthy child, and we as parents are proud of it. I am truly grateful to Energy Healings for transforming my life. And I really hope that many people like me benefit from this system and get transformed…


Healing Hypothryroid

I was detected with the border case of hypothyroid. The doctor advised me for medication, on
discussion with Ruchi I was convinced that since this is not an urgent situation I should give a try for
healing. I myself am an energy healer, however I was not getting enough time for healing myself. I
requested Ruchi to take my case for healing. Before the healing started my TSH (Thyroid stimulating
hormone) reading was 5.25 (.35 – 5.50 being the range) on 19-Apr-11. After about little more than 1
month of healing I got the test done again. The TSH reading on the test done on 1-Jun-11 was 2.88. I was
not taking any medication. When I went to the doctor, she was very happy and asked me to continue
the medication. I told her that I was not taking any medication but was doing Energy healing, she was
puzzled. I am so thankful to energy healing and Guru Parampara for his wonderful teachings.

Priyanka Maheshwari

Healing chronic cough

Dear all ………
Namaste ………….
I want to share a wonderful experience with Pranic healing. From last
one week my father was suffering from cough and cold he had taken many
syrups , consulted doctor, taken nebulizer and all the treatment he
can do but it made the situation only worse and it got converted to
dry cough.
Even though I have confidence in healing, this time I let him try all
these things. Usually when I do healing he tends to think that all the
other things he is doing (apart from healing) are working.
Once at night around 12:30 he started coughing, I thought enough is
enough and I did his first healing at that time of chronic cough
mentioned on page no 177 of advanced Pranic healing book he got
immediate relief, he relaxed and had a sound sleep. The next day his
situation was a lot better, I continued healing him and he recovered
completely after 2 more healings done for maintenance.
Now he is totally fine started his daily routine and morning walk and
have become a strong believer of Pranic healing .
I would like to thanks Guru and my spiritual teachers for their
guidance and healing .

Smriti Saxena

Inspirational happening

Hi All,
Would like to share this success story… My sister delivered a baby boy after completing only 8
months (premature delivery). The boy was not taking milk properly after he was born and was
underweight (only 1.2 kg) and the main reason for his early birth was that his weight for the last 15
days in the mother womb was decreasing.
After he was born, we couldn’t see any improvement for the first 5 days even in the Ventilator.
We thought of Energy Healing and gave the case for healing. We were suggested to go for 2 healing
sessions daily as the case was critical. After the healing started, the baby boy’s intake of milk
gradually improved with slow weight gain. After 1 week, he was more stable.
We continued daily sessions for almost 2 weeks and he was out of danger. Now he is 1 month old and
is doing great.
“Thanks a lot to this System and to the people who are making life beautiful” is a simple
sentence but it was an incredible happening in our life.
PS : This is the message from my sister who is a Medical DOCTOR.
“Thanks for everything you have done for my baby. I owe you a lot. Energy Healing worked very well
and I have clearly observed it with every episode of healing. thank you so much once again”


Life changing

I am Hameed Yar Khan from Golconda, Hyderabad, who learn BASIC PRANIC HEALING on 28 & 29th
December 2013. I am thankful to the Pranic healing Guru’s Guru and the knowledge, whatever i have
learned has changed my life.
Everyday TWIN-HEART MEDIATATION change my way to see the things. now am more happy, stress free,
better control on emotions and have enhanced self confidence.
I have treated my family members/friends with the BASIC PRANIC HEALING as per the protocol given in the
book, like Fever, Bed-wetting, Knee pain, Headache, General sweeping (make’s the patient calm, relax, tension
free and happy) and receive effective results after treatment.
I am looking forward to learn Advance Energy Healing in the month of February.

Hameed Yar Khan

Healing chickenpox

I am in 12th class from Chandigarh.
When I was in 11th class, on 7th March 2013 I had returned from giving my final Maths
Examination there were watery blisters on my face, back and head which we realized to be as
Chicken Pox.
First 2 days there was backache and breaking pain in the legs along with high fever.
On the 3rd day blisters had spread all over my back and head which made lying down and
getting up extremely painful. There were watery blisters all over my body including my mouth
and inside the throat.
Immediately we discussed with Ruchi Mausi and my healing was started by Ruchi Mausi; my
extended family members. We had full faith in Energy Healing and hence there was no intake of
Allopathic medicines during the disease.
After healing sessions, there was no pain in legs and Back. And there was no fever the next day.
Energy Healing gave me strength from weakness and relief from the pain in all the blisters. I was
able to study for my exam (which was on 13th March, Physics paper) after the healing sessions. I
successfully completed my exams.
Now there are no scars on my face and other scars on my body have become light, though it is
said that watery blisters always leave deep scars.

Ravika Goel

My experiences

Dear All,
I would like to share my experiences with the Energy Healing Journey so far.
After doing Basic Energy Healing workshop I healed my sister (distant healing) for extreme
tiredness using Basic course healing techniques. When I contacted her the next day, she said that
all day the previous day, she was feeling very tired and felt that she would get fever but suddenly
in the evening after the healing she felt much better. I felt immensely happy that Energy healing
has really changed the lives of many including myself.
I had many more successful healing experiences and was excited to learn more to make healings
effortless and more powerful. I took up the advanced workshop, and soon after that Crystals and
psychic self defense.
This is one experience I would like to share. One day, my daughter came home from school and I
noticed that she was having fever. There were no symptoms of cold. That night I did Advanced
healing as I was not sure whether I could use crystals. That night apart from healing we just gave
her paracetamol tablets till next day 10 am. She did not take any medicine after that.
On consulting Ruchi I was encouraged to use crystals instead of hands. I did one healing using
crystals at around 10.30 am. There was still some temperature, but we did not give any medicine.
In the evening I did another healing with crystals and the temperature came to normal. Next day
she went to school. As advised by Ruchi, I did one more maintenance healing the next day after
which by the grace of God and thanks to Energy healing she completely recovered.
With healing in my hands I feel so positive and confident, I wish to express my gratitude to
Guru and sincere thanks to Ruchi and Sanjil who have always guided me whenever I needed
help and have answered all my unending queries ever so patiently.
Thanks and God Bless!!
With regards

Sudha Srinivasan

Healing effect on immense body pains, cough and cold

Dear All,
On the night of 24th October 2013 while visiting IIT BHU for work related trip, I developed
some throat infection. I slept at GTAC guest house of IIT-BHU, AC was on and I had a good
sleep the whole night. When I woke up in the morning, I realized that there is some
irritation in my throat. Within
1/2 to 1 day, I got coughing, tremendous pain in shoulders and hands.
I tried some Ayurvedic medicines and oil based blend for massage based on the suggestion of a
friend who is knowledgeable in this area. I even took Allopath pain killer as advised. For
one day I just took Ayurvedic Medicines and Allopath Pain Killer but pain was not going away
though I was getting temporary relief.
I then was advised to get my Energy Healing done! I immediately requested through phone call
for Energy Healing sessions. Two healing sessions were done on me distantly from Hyderabad,
one in the night and one in the morning. To my amazement, when I woke up the next morning,
pain from my right shoulder was completely gone! Some pain was remaining in the left
shoulder. In the second healing session, within 5-10 minutes, even the pain in left shoulder
had gone away completely!
I had heard about its miracles in cases related to others, but for me this was the second
experience and it was really a miracle.
I am really grateful to system of energy healing which works even crossing the barrier of
physical distance.

With Regards
Devansh Mittal |

Devansh Mittal

Hypothyroid cured

Hi Sanjil,
Namaste !
I wish to share that my thyroid problem has been cured by twin heart meditation in
combination to soul meditation.
In Jan 2014 I was suffering from a very bad frozen shoulder which was disrupting a lot of my
daily work … I went to two doctors and followed their medication and exercises for one one
month but nothing was working and the things were going from bad to worse . Meanwhile
one of my friend residing in Bangalore performed some distant healing for three sessions and
I found significant improvement. She only, suggested for going for thyroid test, which
showed my TSH level at 7.97 . As usual all the doctors suggested taking medicine for
hypothyroid which would then continue for life .
Till then I already had seen the wonders of Energy Healing . So I did the Level 1 course in July
2014 and started with twin heart meditation . Subsequently I did other courses also and kept
on with twin heart and soul meditation . This year Feb when I rechecked , T3 , T4, TSH was
very much within limits, TSH being 5.17 which shows the effectiveness of twin heart for
physical ailments.
I have seen the effectiveness of Energy healing for childhood asthma also .The child was
relatively cured within three sessions of distant healing .
Thanks and Regards,

Prama Sahay

Gallbladder stone healed

Am so glad to share my own experience and miracle with Energy Healing.
My daughter 13 yrs. of age was hospitalised and diagnosed with Gall Bladder Stone in the
month of June 2014.
Please find attached her Sonography reports.
She was put under restrictive diet wherein fatty food, chilli, tomato, onion, etc…was
restricted. As told by the doctors, there is no medication as such to dissolve gall stones but
can be removed through Laser Surgery for which she is too young. So no choice but to
continue with restrictive diet and investigation after 6-8 months again for the improvement, if
I talked to Ruchiji from hospital and she guided me to start healing immediately using
advanced healing protocol mentioned in the book. I started healing twice a day. Moreover, I
included the same in my meditation prayers. My daughter also has faith in energy healing so
sometimes she also joined me in Twin Heart Meditation.
After practicing these we got her Ultrasound done in the month of November 2014. It showed
everything normal, the stones detected earlier disappeared (reports attached)!
We are so much grateful to Mahaguruji, Guru and Ruchiji and Sanjilji. Thanks for all your
guidance, encouragement and instilling faith in me.
Lots of blessings to Inner Wellness Circle.

Namrata Pandya

Recovering from back pull

I have taken the Level 1 Energy healing course and was very convinced with the power of the
healing. However, never had a chance to experience it first hand. 2 weeks ago, I was
travelling to Delhi for a wedding and had planned to stay at my parents place for a week after
that. It was a much awaited vacation as many relatives and friends were going to meet me and
my baby for the first time. Unfortunately, because of wrong postures and excessive heavy
weight lifting through the travel, I suddenly had a back pull. Within a couple of hours, I
found myself immobile on the bed. I consulted doctor and went through physiotherapy
sessions and was told to lose weight else I won’t recover from this pain.
Since I was on bed rest, my child also felt helpless and cried day in and day out as I could not
pick her up and do normal chores for her like bathing, cleaning and changing. At this point, I
contacted Ruchi as I felt that I need some advance level of treatment over what I was doing
on myself.
My healing started on day 2 morning as soon as I gave her my details and it was such a
reassurance that this was working because I could begin to walk the same night after 2
healings. I use to listen to the twin heart meditation at the same time when the healings were
done and the results were amazing. By 4th day, I was ready to bathe my baby and be around
for her.
I wholeheartedly thank Energy Healing for helping me. I could enjoy the remaining of my
vacation as I healed faster than the doctor’s claimed.
Many thanks !

Meenal Sharma

More confident, more responsible and happier

This is a long pending note of thanks to my dear friend Deepti, Ruchi &
Sanjil and Guru.
After my friend Deepti who has learned Energy healing higher levels
started healing my daughter who is 8 years old, there is an all round
change in her. She has become more confident, more responsible and
more happier.
She herself told me that she now learnt how to laugh. She was always
shy to make friends or speak out in class. But, now, she talks and makes
friends. It was tempting to chalk it under coincidence but she was made
a Leader for her primary wing in the very first few days after healing
started. Soon after, her teachers who have been noticing her for 5 years
now noticed an instantaneous change in her. They were very surprised
and thought that just the designation has brought all the changes. And, I
giggled within 🙂
Thanks Deepti for the thorough healing.
Thanks Ruchi and Sanjil for making all this reachable.
Thanks Guru for the seemingly small miracles that lead to big changes.

Priyanka Gontla

Dengue & frozen shoulder

Dear All,
My experiences on the journey of Energy Healing which started few months back. My
daughter is into this system from sometime and she keeps on telling me that these
teachings shows miraculous results and even I saw her doing some healings but
couldn’t understand what actually it is. I always use to think how it can work. Sitting far
away how can somebody get healed? I couldn’t understand unless it comes on me.
I was suffering from high fever in month of October 2013; my health was going down
day by day. Finally got hospitalized and was diagnosed with DENGU. My platelet count
was 1 lakh 30 thousand which further reduced to 66 thousand. Soon after the diagnosis
my healing was started distantly. And to my surprise, at the time of healing, I feel the
difference in myself. I used to feel little more energized and better and my fever was
gone, though platelets count was still less but improved to 77 thousand in just one or
two sitting of healing. And in just 5 days I was completely recovered. To my knowledge
Dengu cannot be healed so quickly. It takes atleast a month to recover. Then I thought
of attending the course and learn healing myself.
Then in April 2014, I planned to visit Hyderabad to my daughters place. There I
attended the basic healing course at Innerwellness circle. Before attending this course, I
was suffering from frozen shoulder problem which persisted from quite few months. I
used to get pain in my left shoulder and my hand was not at all in the moving state. Just
after attending the course, I started applying basic healing protocol on my frozen
shoulder daily. I continued doing this for next three months and my shoulder is
completely healed. No pain now and I can move my hand freely as before. My problem
was completely cured without any medical treatment.
Feeling so blessed to have these teachings. Planning to take advance healing courses
now 🙂


Hypothryoid healed

Hello All,
It was me who had the below said conversation with Doctor at a Hospital.
To begin with, Testimony is the only way to share the miracles of Energy healing,
apologies for not writing the testimony.
I was diagnosed with thyroid as per report THS was 6.09 (biological range 0.35-
5.5) and T3, T4 are very much in limits. As me and my family were already
following Energy healing, i have contacted Inner Wellness Circle for healing.
After first month healing, to my surprise the THS level gone up and as per advice
from IWC, I went to see a specialist at Yashoda Hospitals for getting further
diagnosis. There I had the below specified conversation.
Doctor said, we can’t cure the thyroid problem without medication and also we
should be using medication for very longer times.
With next month’s alternate day healing, the THS levels came down and now i am
free from thyroid without using any kind of medicine. Thanks to Energy healing
and Inner Wellness Circle.

Varun Parimala

Thyroid healed

Hi All,
I wanted to share my experience with the Energy healing that my sister has
done to heal my thyroid which was detected 1 and half months before, at
that tym it was 6.6, I thought now i have to take medication to control it and
acc to doctor the medicines for thyroid has to be taken throughout the
lyf…but my sister said that this can also be cured by Energy healing, she
didnt allow me to take medicines and did a regular distant healing for
about 1month and now when i rechecked my thyroid, its normal i.e. 3.38
Its really amazing that without any medication my thyroid is healed. I know
the healing will continue for few months, but the results are really amazing.
I would suggest people who are having this problem to try Energy’s really effective


Healing severe back pain

Dear Ruchi and Sanjil Jee
I would like to share my experiences as a student, practitioner, and of course as a patient 🙂 – of
Energy healing
4-5 months back I developed severe back pain which was diagnosed as disc bulge. Initially i
tried pain killers and muscle relaxants and it got ok but after 2 months this problem reoccurred
and was worse this time. Doctor suggested physiotherapy and if that didn’t work then surgery…..
the very thought of which scared me a lot.
I was advised loads of precautions which practically stopped my normal life. In this tough time i
somehow knew that before anything else i should first try Energy healing so i requested Ruchi
dee to take-up my healing .Miraculously the very first healing gave me a lot of relief from the
horrible pain. Ruchi dee and Sanjil sir told me that it might take three months to completely cure
this problem, but to my surprise i got completely healed within one month of regular healings
from them and now I was able to bend forward , pick heavy things ,do long hour driving and sit
for long hours in office.
I have also experienced the power of “sharnagatii” prayer which I will share separately.
From core of my heart i want to thank my Energy healing teachers Ruchi
dee and Sanjil sir for all their teachings, blessing and healing and also my sister for introducing
me to this wonderful practice.
Thanks to this experience my faith has deepened and I regularly practice healing on me
and my family with very positive results.
It is my strong conviction that learning Energy healing should be made mandatory by our
government so that these beautiful teachings in form of blessings reach as many people as
I have great regard for people who have taken healing as their profession.
May God keep on showering his blessing on all of us and connecting more and more souls
with Energy healing.

Puneet Hundal

Avoided surgery

I was suffering from cold for about a month due to trips made to places of very low temperature during
December 2013. After about a month, I developed blocked ears due to which my hearing also got mildly
affected. On consulting the doctor, I was given a course of antibiotics. My ear block got no better so after
about two weeks took another course of antibiotics on doctor’s advice.
I again went to the doctor as I still had the problem. The doctor on examination told me that he would
have to do a surgery as due to the sinus there was a lot of liquid in the head and ear area which has to be
removed. As I was very busy I could not undergo the surgery immediately.
My sister Sudha told me about Energy Healing and encouraged me to try. I requested for the
Healing sessions distantly. Seeing my case two healing a day was recommended. We started healing
twice a day for a week and exactly after a week, my ears got cleared by 90% and after one more healing
it was perfectly fine. Then we continued with maintenance healing for some time. I am happy that Energy
healing has helped me to avoid surgery and has effectively healed my sinus and ear block.
I am thankful to this great system for timely help.
NL Narayan

NL Narayan

Avoiding hospitalization

I attended basic healing level 1 and Arhatic prep 1 workshops a while ago and am fascinated by
the science behind these teachings. I thought it is prudent to share my healing experience from
last month with all.
I suffered from fever, cold and body pains for more than 10 days last month. I visited the doctor
multiple times during this period and took medicines… also got all suggested diagnostic tests
done. Temperature and body pains used to be in check as long as I took medicines and would
come back when I stop. Finally, when the situation did not get any better, after 10 days, doctor
suggested it looked like a resistance strain bacterial infection and I need to get admitted into the
hospital. He mentioned managing fever without antibiotics-through-IV is going be very difficult.
All through this episode, it crossed my mind many times to try healing but I did not make the
call. Guess I had to go through the pain.
Eventually I went for healing and explained what I was going through. I was suggested to start
with two healings per day and apply lavender oil on all the chakras for balancing. First healing
was done that night and it was really a pleasant surprise that there was no more fever by next
morning. I stopped taking the medicines at this time and I slowly got out of general weakness
and body pains also within 3, 4 healings.
I am glad I finally decided to try healing and went for it 
Naren Biruduraju

Naren Biruduraju

Shoulder, neck pain and migraine

Dear All,

We would like to share the below healing testimony.
Name: Praveena (27 year old)
Address: Sudarshan nagar colony, HCU bus depot, Hyderabad
Case: Shoulder, neck pain & Migraine,
Distance healing sessions were done from, Hyderabad
Praveena reported pain in her left shoulder and the neck area. We started applying Volini pain
relieving cream and hot fomentation for few days. But, the pain didn’t subside and in a week she
developed swelling in the affected area. The pain also became so unbearable that she could not
get sleep. We consulted a good orthopedician. He diagnosed it as a normal sprain in the neck and
shoulder muscles and prescribed pain killers for a week. There was some amount of relief until
the dosage got over. The swelling did not subside and the pain returned again.
Myself and Praveena both have taken the healing workshops and are receptive to the system of
healing. We approached Energy Healing for help. We were enquired about the problem and
suggested that we should get healings for migraine in addition to the shoulder pain, as she has
been suffering with it for a long time. Within just 2 healings 80% of the pain went away. In a
week’s time the swelling disappeared and so the pain. She could sleep well and could turn her
neck with ease. We asked for 1-2 weeks of more healing to migraine also.
She hasn’t had a single incidence of migraine pain- otherwise she would have it every 2 daysduring this time.
Now after healings she is completely alright. We wish to express my deepest gratitude to the
miraculous world of energy healing.
Praveena & Venkata Satish

Praveena & Venkata Satish

Pulmonary Hypertension, inability to breathe and poor blood oxygen levels

Dear All,

Would like to share below Healing Testimonial of my brother’s new born baby who was
suffering from Pulmonary Hypertension, inability to breath and poor blood oxygen levels.

“My brother’s wife gave birth to a baby girl on Oct 7th 2013. As her mother acquired gestational
diabetes, the doctor took baby out three weeks earlier than the planned delivery date.

The baby was born with Pulmonary Hypertension which is a very rare problem. Apparently
only one in every 1500 have this issue. The baby was born with a lot of weight and she was
struggling to breath properly, she was put in pediatric ICU to provide her with oxygen. She
quickly turned blue due to inability to breath. Our troubles and worries started from then. The
doctors mentioned that her right ventricle is weak and the blood oxygen level is very poor.
Ever since she was born, she was separated from her mother and was in the ICU with all wires
attached to her for pumping in oxygen and glucose. A week had passed in ICU and the doctors
weren’t very hopeful about her survival. They gave a 75% to 25% survival chance for her which
wasn’t good news for us.

By God’s grace, I remembered Energy Healing just on time and immediately called my ex-ADP
colleague Ruchi who had introduced me to Energy Healing earlier. She was very warm and
understanding and took all the details of the case. They took up the healing case and started
healing right away. Much to our liking, the baby started improving immediately and within a
week she improved quite significantly. Doctors performed all the tests which came just fine. She
was discharged and was sent home to unite with her mother.
It’s been a month after she got home and the baby is hale and healthy and is bringing so
much joy to the entire family. Thanks to the great Spiritual Gurus, and to especially those who have devoted their lives to this cause with extreme dedication to
make other’s lives better”.


Learned the “way of life”


I have been introduced to this exactly an year ago. Firstly therapeutic yoga and then all the Energy Healing and Alchemy Yoga courses. The best part of it is, it teaches you “a way of life- a new way and a positive way of looking
at things”. A difficult situation an year ago seems so simple and easy now. My confidence level have gone up significantly and an attitude that ” if a thing that you wish happens it is anyway ‘good’, but if it doesn’t happen- ‘never
mind next time’…”

1. Healing My daughter: My elder daughter had health issues for the past 6 years and we would have visited n number of doctors till now and probably would have given her loads of medicine with numerous side effects. But due to knowledge of healing and its applications for the past one year the incidence of doctor’s visit are only two: My daughter 11 year old has severe migrain and sinus issues. Any physical activity would trigger headache and it has become a major handicap. She would come home and crash after every dance class. I have tried out several ways from the teachings of energy healing and the following seems to work consistently.

1. I do a general sweeping for her before the dance class
2. Give her steaming to unblock sinus with 2 drops of lavender
3. Go for dance class and return
4. For a dull head ache post the class I gently massage her head, temples, throat and chest
with lavender oil mixed with coconut oil
5. This relaxes her immediately
6. If she has more headache, I do a general sweeping and clean and energise the
front, back solar plexus and head. Then massage with lavender oil.
7. Within 15 min she is up and doing her activities

Earlier after dance classes, she used to sleep and only wake up the next morning. We
seem to have conquered the problem in a natural and independent way.

2. Having strong Will
I have explained the importance of “Will” to both my daughters. Along with the above protocol, I was asking my daughter to tell herself that ” I am fine and I will be fine”. I have observed that the fear of her headache has reduced for herself.

3. The lavender, eucalyptus oil combination has worked greatly for cold and cough. I combined few drops of both the oils to coconut oil, and gently massaged throat ,temples and ajna chakras. Within 15min there was great relief from nose block. I did it consistently for 2 days day and night along with steaming and the cold and cough
subsided without external medication.

Thanks for reintroducing us to our old time-honored methods which gives me the power of healing in my hand.

Sai Subramanyam

Hypothyroid healed

When tested my hypothyroid test was positive on January 2014 with TSH reading 8.76 while T3 and T4 were in range. Doctors advised me medication, but I was not very comfortable with taking lifelong allopathic medication.

I wished my health recover without any medicines. As a student of Energy Healing, this feeling became stronger and so I joined TEH Level 2 workshop to do the self healing more effectively. In addition to my self-healing and meditations I also requested for professional healing on 19th February 2014.

Before the healing started THS reading was 8.76. All the symptoms (Sneezing in morning, fatigue, laziness, heaviness) vanished within a weeks of healing. After a month on 21st march 2014, I got test done again, The TSH reading was 3.79 without any medication, in addition to daily professional healings I sincerely followed my practices (self healings, Arhatic breathings and twin-heart and soul meditation alternatively as told
to me by the healer).

I’m very happy after my result, my family and relatives are surprised by these good results. I am so grateful to my healer for healing me and to Guru’s teachings on healing and spirituality.

Revati Patil

Viral Fever

I was suffering from fever, sore throat, body-ache, headache and general weakness from
past 2 days. I decided to go for Energy Healing. After the first healing session, I had a lot of
sweating and temperature came down to normal. It was similar experience as taking
paracetamol. The next day my healing was continued for two more sessions. The day after I
woke up fresh and healthy with no sign of weakness or giddiness, even though I did not have
food properly for last three days.

The healing took place distantly with discussion/feedback on the phone at the comfort of my
home. I am truly thankful to the wonderful Energy Healing.

Veeramaheshwari Gadwal

Improved WBC count

I am G.Prashanthi, working as a Physiotherapist at a renowned Physiotherapy centre, I want to share my
experience with therapeutic energy healing and how it helped my mother to recover quickly from the critical state of her

I used to do Physiotherapy for my friend Deepthi’ son, I noticed that he is showing faster improvement
than other kids with similar condition. Later I came to know that he was undergoing energy healing treatment. I
got interested in Energy Healing and did level 1 course in Feb 2011 at Inner Wellness Circle Gachibowli.Four months back my mother got diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, she was taking the prescribed medication.

High medicine dosage was given to control her hyperthyroidism and my mother’s body was not accepting it.
Slowly side effects of the medicine started developing i.e. the body’s W.B.C (immunity) cells started dying, it
came down to 900, (normal range is 4,500 to 11000). She had 104 fever, we had to admit her in a nearby
hospital in Vidyanagar. For about 2 days there was no improvement and WBC count further came down to
600. The doctors told us that her state is critical and she should be kept in isolation as her body has no
immunity. We then shifted her to Yashodha hospital.

The doctors there told that we are late in bringing her and that her total body has started sepsis. They told that they will try their level best but before they can give any assurance, at least the WBC count should increase to 1500 2000. They kept her in isolation and under high antibiotics to protect the body from outer infections. They also told that if the WBC count further falls, the body may or may not respond to the treatment.

Truly that night my mind went blank and I did not sleep the whole night praying to God that my mother should recover. In the morning (21-Jul-11) I remembered Energy Healing, I called up Ruchi and requested for healing. The first day 3 healings were done and within a day the WBC count increased to 900, by the second day to 1500 and
by 3rd day it was 4,500. A great miracle of my life, I never expected my mother could recover so quickly, she
was out of danger by the 3rd day and by fifth day all her infections and temperature came down and she was
talking with us, eating and walking in the room.

Doctors initially told me that it will take at least 15 days for her to recover totally and they too didn’t expect such
fast recovery. According to medical information many such cases of fall of WBC go to plateau stage where
WBC count does not increase further. The doctors attending my mother mentioned that this was the 3rd case
with drug induced leucopoenia in their 10 years service & they had not seen such fast recovery. They were
very happy with my mother’s improvements.

Healing continued for 10 days till my mother got discharged from the hospital on 29th Jul 11. By the last day her
WBC count increased to 7,500. The treatment for her hyperthyroidism continued with alternate medications for
2 months and she was referred for iodine therapy. During these 40 days (from 24 Aug to 2nd Oct) again
healing was performed and my mother did not have any side effects with the drug, on the contrary her weight
improved by 5 kgs. At last she successfully underwent iodine therapy and she is doing fine.

All the healing process was done distantly with cell phone as a mechanism of feedback and communication. I
wish to express my deep gratitude to Therapeutic Energy Healing and its founder. I would also like to thank Ruchi
and Sanjil for healings & also to Deepthi, my friend because of her I came to know about Energy Healing.


Food poisoning and vomiting

Hi Sanjil,

Manideep is doing well. Thank you for all the help. His stomach is getting adjusted after all
the impact during the last month so now and then he complains about ache but overall he is doing
good and is lot better. Yes, I believe, we can stop the healings for now.

I think, during the last month, we avoided hospitalization situations twice. Loose motions due to food poisoning and vomiting situation was very severe and he was cured completely by the healings and blessings. Thank you very much for all the healings and the support. .

Prasad Gontla

Pneumonia healed

Manideep is 3 years 4 months old. We joined him in school last June. As with any child, he meets several children in school he used to get cold, cough, fever etc. frequently. We used to take him to doctor, sometimes antibiotics were need to treat him. High fever started coming to him on 16th Dec and also his breathing was not normal. We thought it would go away with regular medicines but it came back after couple of days.

We requested for the healings to be done. We also consulted doctor the same day, he advised x ray and blood tests. We waited for the reports until the next day while his healing was being performed. This time X-ray showed a pneumonia patch in lungs; his blood reports were also very bad.

Doctor advised to admit him in the hospital. While the doctor said this, Mandeep’s fever was in control and he was also active due to healing. After discussion with Sanjil we decided to go with healing and not admit him in the hospital. Cough and cold were controlled in a week time with increased healing frequency (twice a day) and he started going to school the next week.

To make sure that the infection was cured we repeated the X- ray and blood tests after 2 weeks. This time the blood reports showed no sign of infection. The x-ray showed some haziness in lungs (no pneumonia signs). We continued the healing to control cough and related symptoms for few weeks.

He is doing well now and going to school and no signs of cough and cold. His pneumonia was cured using healing only without any antibiotics. We did buy the medicine but kept it safe☺. The healing took place distantly with discussion/feedback on the emails. We are thankful to Energy Healing

Prasad Gontla

Irritability and headache


I attended the Basic Energy Healing Course on October 18 and 19. On 19 night one of my friends in Chennai told me he is extremely irritated and have a terrible head ache. I was reluctant and not too confident about healing him initially but then I decided to try it.

I did general sweeping for him. Then, I cleansed his solar plexus and energized it. This was
done when he was sleeping as I was not sure whether he will be receptive as he was extremely
irritated. The next day morning, he called up and said he slept really well and woke up feeling really
fresh. He also mentioned about an increased level of confidence.

I was so happy and this increased my belief in Therapeutic Energy Healing. I am so glad, I got this
opportunity to learn something so wonderful and nice.

Aparna Prasad

Instantaneous healing of wound

During the time I was working in ADP, November 18, 2010, couple of clients from ADP Canada visited Hyderabad. (Moe Abeidat & Nermin Hasaganic) during November 2010. As a part of team building activity we (whole team and them) went to Lahari Resort. We were playing Paint ball, were Moe was hit by the paint ball bullet. He was severely hurt, the previous week he had done Stress Management workshop with us, so he was aware of Energy Healing. He requested for a demonstration.

I had done many such healing before, but this time I asked my colleague Ritesh Mohan to take photos. He took photo using his mobile camera of the wound before healing, 5 minutes after healing, and 2 hours after healing. The results were clearly visible. After 5 minutes of healing the pain completely disappeared and within two hours it was almost completely healed.

Subsequent to this Both Moe and Nermin took two days of Therapeutic Energy healing level 1 workshop which was scheduled coming weekend, keeping aside all the other priorities (like site seeing, shopping etc.).

Moe Abeidat

Thank you Healing

Deepti has been doing healing of me and my family for some time now. The results are nothing short of miracle and the range of problems it can cure is amazing.

I have been treated for covid without antibiotic and fever was gone in two days. My husband had severe covid symptoms and we started healing little late but after healings started he recovered in 2-3 days. He had severe post covid weakness till one month after corona but two days of healing and weakness just vanished. Recently me and my daughter caught cold, she had throat pain. She has tendency for throat infection from childhood and always after taking antibiotics it’s cured. This time in two days without antibiotic the infection went after healing. Have been seeing the results like magic.

One more incident is worth mentioning. My sis in law had suddenly got back ache night before traveling to her home town for chatt pooja. She had to also do pooja and is pretty rigorous with lots of preparation and fasting. She was so worried that she will not be able to even travel. I got her healing done that night. She got so much relief that not only she travelled but did pooja also very easily. There is no way with pain killers the back pain could have been cured but with healing it sort of vanished.


Miraculous healing of fracture

My 14 yr old daughter had a fracture about 10 weeks ago. Actually, it was a bad fall.. in her left foot alone, there were 2 fractures, 3 ligament tears.

Along with the cast and medication as done by a normal doc , I got her healing also done. The doc initially said after 6 weeks, we will have to do physiotherapy, and she may not be normal in 6 weeks etc. He said I am not taking the situation in its correct severity when I asked that if she would be back to normalcy after 6 weeks.

When we went for the removal of the cast after 6 weeks, the doctor tested her for pain in the foot and made her walk. He was totally surprised and kept on saying its a miracle, just could not believe himself that there is no pain for her and she can walk.

He did recommend a boot to wear for another 6 weeks but he said its mainly for his comfort rather than the state of the foot. No physiotherapy was needed.

Thank You Deepti.
Thank You IWC.
Thank You Guru.


Successful recovery from Covid-19

Dear all,

Recently, My parents got infected with Covid. My mother’s symptoms were mild but my father had developed severe infection. It was Diwali time and my parents were hospitalized one day before Diwali. Both are senior citizens. Looking at my father conditions, Dr was expecting that he might need ventilator support within next few hours.

As always, we requested Ruchi ji & Sanjil Ji for their help with the healing. Ruchi Ji & Sanjil ji helped us and provided the much needed multiple sessions of healing. The healing effects were evident in 2 days. With multiple healings, my father’s vitals were showing improvements and there was no need of Ventilator. As per Dr., his infection was ~75%, which is considered as critical. He was very surprised that with such critical infection, my father health was improving and there was no need of ventilator.

With the help of blessings and healing energies, he got discharge within 10 days and his vitals are stable. He is recovering now. During his follow-up check-up, Dr was really surprised and mentioned :

“I am very surprised that you recovered really fast with stable vitals. There were other 3 patients who got hospitalized at same time, with almost same % of infections as yours. Unfortunately we could not save 2 of them and other one is in critical conditions under ventilator. I am not sure how it happened but it is really miracle and you got 2nd life.”

Another thing which happened was, my mother immune system is very weak. She catches any infection very fast. She recently went through Angioplasty. Her healing session is continuing since then. We were surprised that my mother infection was very mild, even Dr was expecting that she might be develop sever symptoms, but nothing happened. She got discharged within 3 days. We believe that due to continuous healings for my mother, she was safe and only got mild infections.

We will be always grateful to Ruchi Ji & Sanjil ji for their help and teachings. Yes, Therapeutic Energy Healing indeed is a miracle – Miracle of blessings and healing energies.