Miracle I experienced with Energy Healing

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Namaste all. I would like to share the wonderful results of energy healing.

My daughter is 18 and she had painful periods. It was not just the stomach pain but accompanied with vomiting. She would vomit endlessly. No medicine would work for her to stop the vomit. Sometimes it would be so worse that she would get dehydrated and we would rush to hospital to inject the medicine through saline water. We had consulted many gynaecologists.They would say it’s just her psychology. Even the scan results were normal.

We then consulted a homeopathy doctor. Their way of treating was different. The doctor there told us she has severe dysmenorrhea. This is the cause for painful periods accompanied with vomiting. For almost 2 years she was taking the medicines. The only relief was visit to hospital reduced. But the pain and vomiting was still there. The three days was a nightmare for everyone in the family. So many prayers and meditations but nothing worked out for us. We were waiting for miracles to happen.

I am a person who was interested only in meditation earlier. When my teacher Geetanjali mam had started an advanced meditation class, I couldn’t join as I wasn’t eligible. But some how to get connected to meditation and especially Geetanjali mam, I joined Therapeutic energy healing class level 1, reluctantly. It was in August 2021. I learnt about chakras and the basic healing. It was very nice. But I would rarely practice as I doubted if I could sit for minutes together for healing.

It was in January 2022 when mam started the 18 minutes of healing practice session which brought the interest in me. I would heal my daughter for severe dysmenorrhoea well before a week of her periods and would continue it till the phase. Believe it or not,last 2 periods have been almost smooth ones for her. I believe in universe and healing techniques. But it’s just that I never practiced. Thanks to Geetanjali mam for the wonderful initiative of healing practice. I am very regular and I love healing now.

With the basic level healing, our family has experienced the wonders. This encouraged me to learn the next level of healing. I have now learnt the second level from mam. My blog is a very long one but the experience and pain our entire family had gone through these many years are much more. But thanks to all wonderful healing masters and teachers who introduced this method of healing and teaching us the methods.

“An integrated approach to any illness would give good results in less time” is the very important thing I have learnt from Geetanjali mam. Regular healing and with advanced techniques I believe my daughter would definitely have a complete smooth periods in the future. Thank you very much mam for being my teacher and guiding me through out to lead a quality life. God bless you abundantly🙏. Thank you, thank you, thank you🙏🙏🙏

– Anita(name changed to protect privacy)

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  1. Sujatha Sivapooja

    Wonderful, similar case with another 14 years girl, her mother learnt healing and did healings for her daughter and could see miraculous healing . Earlier the girl used to suffer so much with abdomen pain, vomiting etc.
    Many thanks to God and Gurus for blessing us with such priceless teachings. Keep learning…keep healing and transform yours and your loved ones

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