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I am sure many of us have questions like, or atleast heard or read- Why doesn’t God punish roberers when they are robbing temples or others? If God gives punishment to people as and when they make mistakes, people will not do wrong things. Why he has to let people do wrong things and karma has to play the role etc etc? I got the answers like – God is all loving, God doesn’t differentiate between a good person or bad person.He loves everyone the same way. Every person is his child, etc. These answers seemed to be a bit convincing, but again questions framed differently.

Let us try our bit to understand.

Assume, your left leg is functioning properly and healthy, and your right leg is hurting due to some problem. As a person, since your right leg is hurting, do you consider it as bad and amputate it and get rid of it or somehow treat it and make it healthy(function properly)? You will definitely get it treated/repaired, because both legs are part of you and you love both legs equally. Similarly God is all loving. Every person,every life is part of him and being compassionate, he wants “so called bad personality/quality” to be treated/repaired and evolve into a good,loving, compassionate human being and karma is like a tool for this treatment. 

Another example: As a family, if one of your family members is going in wrong direction, you would never just punish the person, but would prefer to teach lesson and make them realize. You want the person to take a u-turn and return back, and all the family members support and stand for the person. Similarly, we all are part of the divine family and God doesn’t use his power to punish us, but he rather teaches us lessons and guides,helps us in evolution. 

I hope now following points make sense and why all religions have given this.

  1. share your blessings with less privileged.
  2. Do service to the needy
  3. Never judge anyone because we never know where they are in evolution cycle and

many more.

May we all be blessed with wisdom to understand the true essence of spirituality.

Thank you
Sujatha Sivapooja
Sarve jana sukhinobhavantu

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