Very well delivered

Dear Teachers, Thank you for enlightening us through different aspects of therapeutic energy ..and how it plays a major role as part of healing..I was so impressed with the presentation and animations included as part of the session. Those are very clear to understand the topics and easy to visualize how dirty energy was getting clear while doing the cleaning..

Another aspect is the content.. it is complete to the topics and well in order. And content delivery within time and with the same tone all the time..

Overall, it is very well delivered.. Once again thank you and looking forward to hear more and practice more..

Venkata Suresh

Well executed workshop

Hi Ruchi, Sanjil,

Hope you both are doing well and no wonder in that 🙂 I was part of Basic workshop conducted
on Sep 27 & 28. Overall the workshop was very well executed. It was amazing to know about Pranic healing.

Thanks a ton for giving me an opportunity to be a part of the workshop. The teaching intent was
for wellbeing, healthy mind and body, the workshop was a mix of theory and practical, I
wondered how these two days passed.

All these years I assumed only enlightened saints and gurus can only heal people. It was stunning
experience that common people like me too can also do miracles. Here is my experience on my 1st healing to my Nephew – Adhavan who is 3 years old:

1. Couple of days back I called up requesting healing for Adhavan suffering from mild fever and
weakness, probably it was the onset of a viral.
2. I was encouraged to give it a try myself and was guided with the protocol explained in the
3. I healed Adhavan that night and next day morning the fever completely reduced and the child
was playing with full energy

It was a start. Again, my mother was not getting proper sleep. I did General Sweeping for my
mom who had good sleep that night. It always gives us complete satisfaction and cherish when we heal others and I wish each one of us like me experience this 🙂

I am eagerly waiting for the next level Workshop; after certain amount of practice.

Anand Amritharaj

Really appreciate the teachings

Walk the talk life style is very motivating and envious to be adopted. I loved the simple and
tasty food presented so special thanks to your cook! I really appreciate teachings and the meaning of life attached to it. Thanks again for the teachings and guidance.

Pankaj Jena

Very good workshop


Hope you are doing awesome. I wanted to thank you for a very good workshop that I had over
the weekend. Early today morning, I healed myself of an oncoming sore throat and cannot
believe how awesome this is!

Sameera Dittakavi

An eye opener

Dear Ruchi/Sanjil,

Thanx for a wonderful session..It was really an eye opener.

I am interested for joining your advanced course, but would not be joining on the 14th and 15th July as I want to practice the basic techniques first. Kindly let me know about the next advance course that you would be conducting. Thanx so much.

Sumiti Kapoor

Course was really good and effective

Hi Ruchi Sanjil, Good Morning!

Just wanted to tell you that the course of basic Pranic healing was really good and effective. However, now it’s all on each one of us to practice and see results. The course was appropriately outlined and touched most part of the subject. It was a good eye opener for me to understand the concept and to be more receptive to such talks and healings as well.

I will spread the word of mouth to people who are inclined towards these concepts so that it can help them and their near and dear ones.


Wonderful workshop.

I found a lot of useful information. I want to use it, experiment with it and see the results. I am interested in arhatic yoga 1. please let me know when it will be offered next. Thanks for a fantastic workshop and knowledge that I received this weekend.

Gopinath Garapati

Started believing in miracle of healing

The workshop was good and inspiring. I started believing in miracle of healing though I am
doing research on formulation of new drugs. Its my own experience, as I had a injury during
the workshop which got healed miraculously during the session..Thanks for guiding and
providing us a chance to heal/serve people around. It feels great to be a part of healing group.

Eagerly waiting for the advance level workshop.

Rashmi Pradhan

Well equipped presentation

Dear Sanjil & Ruchi

Let me start by thanking you for the wonderful workshop you organized for our batch on the
27/28 Sep 2014…. from providing a very homely atmosphere which is most conducive for ease
of assimilation, to a well equipped Presentation and Workshop room for the professional touch,
aesthetics and comfort all combined. I was never skeptical about the power of healing through
the manipulation or rather channelizing of the Healing energies which abound the universe and
everything around us…(what I didn’t share at that time with the group…the topic never came
up….I am a Reiki Healer myself–though not been practicing since a long time now).

What struck me most was the simplicity with which explanations to most of the complex terms
and phenomenon were given by you… whether it was the demonstration of ‘seeing’ the aura of
a person, or understanding the Chakra system, or the explanation to the law of Karma, it was
so simple to understand after you explained these things. Even more than the execution, I
would like to place on record that, I ( and am sure my entire group) was absolutely delighted
with the simplicity and sincerity of purpose that you both displayed….way to go and lots to
learn from you both.

The informal chats relating to our workshop and connected issues with
the Pharma world were an eye-opener and something we all should ponder about and do our
bit to break their unholy nexus. I had been busy, so my apologies for not writing in earlier.

Thanks for the wonderful experience. look forward to the next level

Nikhil(Lt Col)