If you are a serious spiritual seeker & regular in your practices, then attending a retreat is a must for you as it would deepen your experiences further and accelerate your spiritual progress manifolds.

If you haven’t been able to focus on your spiritual practices much, then this event is all the more for you as it would help in bringing you back on track & accelerate your spiritual progress.


  • Experiential dive into the depth of the teachings! 
  • Recharge, regenerate, and heal yourself at all levels!
  • Platform to form your spiritual network with like-minded seekers!
  • Meditate in the aura of senior practitioners & and get uplifted with the group power!
  • Spirituality has to be fun!


  1. Accelerated spiritual progress & manifestation of good luck for success.
  2. It is said when 7 people meditating together, it is equivalent to 100 people meditating separately. In this program, there will be a big group of people due to which the energies are magnified.
  3. Higher beings are compelled to appear and help the practitioners wherever there is a big gathering of meditators.
  4. This program is attended by several meditators who have been practicing higher meditations since several years. When you meditate along with them, tremendous benefit is gained due to induction effect.
  5. Get blessings from your pitras [forefathers] through pitra ascension practices.
  6. Past life healing therapy will help you heal any issue related to health, wealth or relationships or any other, with their roots originating in the past lives.
  7. In-depth understanding of the the teachings with thorough review & practice & a deep relaxing break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.


Completion of IAY Level 2