How Arhatic Prep-1 Course empowered me

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This blog is contributed by Sujatha Sivapooja


At some or the other time, we might have felt these emotions.

  1. I do so much for them, but they never understand how much pain I am taking for them.
  2. I have done so much sacrifices, but still, I don’t get enough recognition.
  3. Frustration, pent up emotions for years and a sudden blast one day which disturbs life so much.

In such situations, we generally think of karma, forgiveness etc. Recently, I had a different perspective.

I many times heard that true love is based on accurate perception and accurate perception helps to develop unconditional love.I never really understood the meaning of this.Previously I thought “Accurate perception” means seeing things or situation clearly and perceiving the situation correctly. This is true at one level.

But, because of my regular Arhatic practices, I realized that, accurate perception also means, perceiving our self correctly, or right identification. Arhatic Prep-1 course teaches us that right identity of self is “I am a soul and I have taken this incarnation to develop all three aspects of love, light/intelligence and power”. We have planned to create situations in this incarnation to develop these qualities and learn to balance them. But after taking incarnation, we forget this and use only one aspect of soul most of the times and fall into untold misery.

Lets try to understand this with some common situations in life. What happens if we try to live life with only one aspect of soul?

Situation 1: Person using only love aspect of soul

A family is there, and lady of the family thinks, it is her family, and she has to all the time fulfill her family demands no matter how difficult it becomes at times. She thinks that she is showing unconditional love by fulfilling never ending demands. Here the lady is using only love aspect of the soul and because of this, slowly, she may develop resentment and anger as the years pass on. She will have complaints like, I do so much, but nobody appreciates me and they never understand my problem etc.

Situation 2: Person using only power aspect of soul

Lady of the home uses only power aspects and says “Either my way or no way”. Even this is not good in long run, as the relationships are under constant friction and will not last longer.

Then , what’s the solution?

If the lady of the home applies the three aspects of the soul – love, power, intelligence, she can handle her daily affairs in a win-win situation. With love aspect, she can take care of the household responsibilities. With power aspect, she can delegate some tasks or take the help of family members wherever needed. With intelligence aspect, she can strike a fine balance between the demands of her family members and her own priorities.

So, in this way, when we can develop the soul qualities within and apply the three qualities of soul in daily situations, we will be able to handle our life with great inner peace and calmness. Arhatic Prep-1 is a beautiful course which talks in detail about the purpose of soul, 3 aspects of soul and how to develop these 3 aspects in a balanced way.

When we can balance the 3 aspects of soul, we can overcome challenges and obstacles of life in a better way. I have experienced great change in my life and am able to handle situations better when I started thinking from this perspective of soul.

Thank You Guru for the empowerment and the beautiful course of Arhatic Prep-1! Sarve Jana Sukhino Bhavanthu!

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