Modern and friendly workshop to lead the life

You Can’t Predict the Future, But You Can Create with the help esoteric laws and priceless tools – One of them is Pranic Astrology. Modern and friendly workshop to lead the life. Pranic Astrology workshop is a esoteric approach to become successful in our lives by analysing the strength, weakness of the planetary positions based on our Blueprint – planetary positions during our birth. By applying the scientific method of Pranic astrology – Remedies including healing, meditations through life force which has direct impact on our life. Pranic Astrology is for everyone regardless of age, gender, profession – home maker, professional, male or female should learn and reap the benefits of the esoteric science which has given essential things in easy understandable/implementable in day to day life, which I’m sure it took a lot of effort/Multiple years of effort in designing the workshop.

By using energy and spiritual laws, the realization of plans and projects and overall implementation will create positive relationship/health/wealth/ organizational environment, increased worker productivity and good return on investment can be created using remedies. Through the use of simple yet powerful meditation/healing techniques, individuals will develop a sharp mind, increasing their capacity to make accurate decisions and can take care of critical situations. The pranic astrology Healings/meditations to remove the impediments in our life to create positive environment in all aspects of our life, empower individuals results in – Strength – Confidence – Clarity and dynamism to handle situations – Spiritual Techniques/using mantras, healing, meditations to bridge the gap between life, work, health, wealth – Develop stronger relationships – Enhance efficiency and increase productivity.


Highly effective

in my life I always believed that everything comes under the supreme Parabrahman. So in every bad phase with understanding as it’s my previous karma part I start praying. In this workshop I got the solutions -ways with highly developed meaning of how to increase divine connection during different phases of life. Words used in meditation are have such in depth meanings to focus of getting divine qualities from each planet. It was superb solution. It’s highly effective. I experienced it during workshop days only.


Absolutely superb workshop

I consider myself lucky and at the same time blessed that I got a chance to attend the wonderful workshop. Workshop was absolutely superb. The content was extremely informative and incredibly useful. I will surely recommend this training. I look forward to attend session 2 of pranic astrology (if you are planning to have ).


Great workshop

Great workshop. Was really interesting to know how whole planetary system works. How planets help us to learn our lessons well. I have been wondering why our personality is the way it is .. got answer through this workshop. I can confidently abide that it’s going to be a counselling workshop for new entrepreneurs to choose their areas of work. It was a Bird’s eye view of Vedic Astrology. Thank you for curating such a wonderful workshop with powerful meditations.


So happy

I have absolutely no knowledge about astrology, in the beginning I was very confused but thanks to u even though the subject is very complicated u tried to make us understand better, the best part was instead of thinking this is bad time, u helped us make our lives better by telling the remedies to make things better. I am so happy to be part of this workshop


Very informative

Thank you for the very informative and detailed session of a tough subject and making it easy to understand. 🙏


Astrological concepts in simplest way

This workshop gives us new insights on Grahas and various other astrological concepts in a very simplest way and most importantly how to heal them to achieve success in life.


Well designed

This workshop is very well designed, the results are so quick, if we are sensitive, we can feel the change and the improvements, it is a must attend workshop for everyone. With determination, courage and understanding one can create their future with this workshop. It is highly recommended and effective teaching. Thanks for giving us the teachings in the simplest way possible for the thorough understanding.


Wonderful workshop

Thank you for the wonderful workshop of Pranic Astrology. Very difficult and important aspects which affect our lives was explained so well that we could understand such difficult concepts easily. We are extremely grateful to you for all your efforts in creating this workshop to help us understand this ancient knowledge. Thank you so much.



This workshop has given me insight into the myths and facts on planets and it’s influence. I have unlearnt and learnt a lot from this course which is very useful for me and family. The workshop explains a lot of stuff regarding astrology in such a beautiful way, which we can’t find any where else. I suggest all of you especially the young entrepreneurs in our group to learn the pranic astrology and implement to their advantage in the business. It’s equally applicable to our personal life as well. Thank you.


Awesome teachings

Thank you for the awesome teachings!! Absolutely amazing concepts and doable solutions are taught in a simple and easy to understand manner. This course is applicable even for those who are not particularly focused in the spiritual path. Lots of gratitude to the divine for the entitlement 🙏🙏🙏


Amazing course

The Pranic Astrology course conducted by IWC is absolutely brilliant. The materials provided (the manual, Mala, etc) ensure you retain what you learn. The presentations are amazing … so clear and keep you engaged. The flow of the material is so logical that at the end of the course, one has a lot of confidence in what was learnt. The meditations and the homam are the icing on the cake. Thank you for the amazing course. Much gratitude for giving me the entitlement to learn this knowledge as a beginner. Grateful to continue my journey with IWC. Thank you, 🙏


Precious teachings

Thank you for the Precious teachings with simple techniques, I am truly grateful for the wisdom imparted.


Wholesome course

Pranic Astrology is wholesome course to gain knowledge about astrology and importantly know remedies by healing process.