How meditation helped me overcome depression

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Hi All. Myself Gayathri, age 43. I was an Assistant professor in department of Electrical and Electronics engineering in a private engineering college in Chennai. I took a break in 2018 when my daughter started 10th.

Initially everything was fine as I engaged myself in attending online classes. Then I had to concentrate more on my daughter. I had to take her to coaching classes. So I discontinued online classes. When the pandemic and lockdown started slowly, problems started creeping in. I was going in to depression, losing weight, was fighting with my family members, panicking for silly things. No one was there to take me out.

Then one fine day my cousin’s wife introduced me to 28 weeks of gratitude classes by  Geetanjali mam. I am a person who doesn’t listen to anyone easily. But I was attracted to her sweet voice. Geetanjali mam has a magic which attracted me. I would attend all the classes and meditation regularly. But still my behavior wasn’t improving much. It was then mam started 21 days of meditation in December 2020.

It created wonders. From then 100 days of meditation. I have done 93/99 live and 6 days meditation using recordings sent by mam. What happened to me? What were the changes? How did meditation help me?

I believe in God, do lots of prayers but never surrender to him. I was a very negative person. I used to brood upon things. I get excited when tough situations arise. I loose control of myself in anger. 28 weeks of gratitude inculcated positive thinking in me. I am already a person of gratitude but this 28 weeks made me thank for everyone and every small thing as taught by Geetanjali mam.

Regular meditation has helped me to calm down, find solutions during tough situations. My daughter says she sees a lot of changes in me. She says now I am an angel to her as I find solutions rather than complaining. My friend too says I have changed. Meditation created wonders. My daughter would attend school in the month of March and April when the second wave was slowly increasing. A normal me would have got tensed. But I left everything to mother nature and always imagined a divine shield protecting her. Wow, what a wonderful feeling and protection.

When any of my family members or myself fall ill, I immediately start meditating. The concept is Lord Hanuman and Sanjeevani mountain as my teacher Geetanjali mam has always used this many times during the pandemic. I have seen them and myself healing. Now I believe in mother nature and universe strongly. I believe in the blessings of the divine.

All the credit goes to the meditation for having brought such a huge change in me. I have come out of depression and gained weight too. I suggest every one should start meditation for a calm peaceful living. Thank you Geetanjali mam for everything. Thank you thank you thank you !

-Contributed by Gayathri

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  1. Charumathi Gurumurthy

    Good explanation on how Meditation would impact one’s life!!!

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    Very Nice

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