My experience with 100 days of Meditation

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This blog is contributed by Suchitra

With our beloved️ Guru’s Grace, I could successfully complete 100 consecutive days of meditation. I, thus write this with happiness and satisfaction and am excited to share my journey of successfully completing 100 days of meditation.

Initially, my goal was to do 41 days continuously (because 41 days make a habit …) but this changed as I became increasingly hooked on the energy and peace I received with consistent meditation of two consecutive weeks into my goal. I assure you this was not a cake walk as it took a huge effort to achieve and was nothing short of arduous. One of the days, I was interrupted not once but thrice during my meditation session, and it took an intense amount of patience and determination to finish my session that day.

In the beginning, the meditation sessions were at 7am, and sadly I could not attend due to familial obligations, but later by some fortune it was preponed to 6am, and I happily jumped at this opportunity! Geethanjali’s initiative of “Everyday Meditation 365” was extremely beneficial and motivating.  Forgiveness became part of my life through this meditation. Being grateful is extremely empowering and enlightening. I learnt about the extent of its power and influence on practicing it daily in meditation. It gave me peace, serenity and happiness along with a positive and guiltless life. The fear, anxiety and depression I was facing, reduced phenomenally. Even before I achieved 50th meditation count, our Guru fulfilled my wishes. Words fail me in my attempt to describe the endless gratitude I have for Guru and the happiness I enjoy with my granted wishes.

The best part of “Everyday Meditation 365” is the constant innovations such as introducing various themes like prosperity, love, health etc., which are essential in everyone’s life and the affirmations of the same while doing exercises after meditation is so beneficial to our mind, body and soul. Though we know and learn about forgiveness, gratitude and many such virtues, sometimes we forget to acknowledge them and their importance in life. These sessions help us put them into practice.

Another important aspect I learnt to realize and practice was the importance of self-love. Knowingly or unknowingly we take our body for granted. Our body is the only one to stay by our side through thick and thin, working relentlessly without any expectations. It is forgiving to a fault and does it’s best to keep you happy.. With meditation, I could connect to my body and learn to thank the trivialities in my life.

Nowadays due to COVID, lots of negativity is spreading through newspaper, social media, and television. This severely impacts one’s happiness and unnecessarily promotes fear, chaos and depression which would all in turn affect our immunity. By meditating every day, especially group meditations,we feel balanced and maintain better protection against harmful emotions.The positive affirmations we make every day in the meditation gives a good start for the day and I stand by this belief.

In the current situation, due to the lockdown, many of us are worked to the bone because of no help from maids, no take-aways /eating out etc, doubled house chores due to several precautionary steps etc. Despite the increased workload,the immense energy received with meditation powers me throughout the day keeping me recharged and at my toes.

I used to pray to Guru to help me start Energy Healing as in spite of having completed many courses, I was unable to consistently and effectively do energy Healing. Good fortune presented itself when Geethanjali started Wellness sessions through which I could do self-healing. These daily sessions have tremendously helped me, along with the daily meditation sessions, in boosting my confidence and in giving me strength to work harder towards my personal goals.

My heart felt gratitude to Ruchi and Sanjil who brought us into the world of Energy Healing and special thanks to Geethanjali who is instrumental in ensuring that a group meditation happens every day and for her wonderful sessions that kept me going in my 100-day journey.

She is doing a wonderful service to all of us to meditate regularly and keeps us encouraged by bringing in lots of innovations in the meditation. Looking forward to more such wonderful ideas!

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  1. Bala

    Very inspiring.Thank you for sharing your experience with daily Meditation and Healings. 🙏

  2. Govardhan

    Full of energy. Great joy to read.

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