Life time health aid: Healing is a tool which can be used throughout the life time. This tool which will help us (and our nears and dears) throughout the lifetime through its direct/indirect applications.

Self sufficient and independence: Minimize/reduce dependency on medicines (which may have side effects) and become self sufficient. We, ourselves may take care of minor/severe ailments and can do first aid for severe ailments before the doctor could be available.

Being of help to others: Very often, we receive a news of our near and dear falling sick. In those circumstances all the relatives bombard the sick person (or his/her relatives) for latest news on the condition etc. Instead of being of help, this tends to create more problem for the suffering person (& family). If one knows healing, then instead of worrying, once can do healing for the sick person, thereby being of some help.

Bridge to one’s spiritual culture: Our Indian culture is so rich with lots of rituals which has lost its meaning since we are not aware of the hidden reason behind them. Learning healing techniques and its practical application gives us an insight on the lost key. For example, below are some of them.

  • What is the relevance of Indian holy symbol swastik? What is the origin of this, and why we have two kinds of it? What is the significance of each?
  • Why deities and gods are shown holding lotus flower, or sitting on lotus etc.
  • When we understand distant healing technique, we can understand the significance of forgiveness.
  • Our grand mother/mother usually does some ritual to remove ‘dhristi‘ (Evil Eye) on infants and small kids. In most cases, we have seen it working. What and how of it can be understood when we know how distant healing works.

Energy Hygiene: It makes us aware of energy hygiene and how to make best use of it.

  • Why going at certain places makes us feel low, and at other places we may feel high and serene.
  • Why we feel low after talking to certain people, and feel very happy and energetic in others company.
  • Why taking bath in sea beach feels more refreshing?
  • What are the tools that can be used to improve the energy hygiene surrounding us?

Receptive posture: What is receptive posture and how can we make use of it effectively e.g. while talking to sales person, while dealing with angry/nasty person for avoiding hurt.

Applications of laws not accessible through normal senses: Knowledge of hidden laws (not perceivable through ordinary senses) can be utilized in all spheres of life and towards fulfilling goals and aspirations working in accordance with the natures laws. In fact knowing this can be life transforming as we are now aware of a new dimension which was already active and impacting our lives.

Learning these concepts is like sowing seeds in our consciousness which grow automatically and allows us to learn from life in more profound ways. It makes sense to get these seeds sown earlier than later, so don’t delay; register yourself at the earliest to the healing workshop .