Healing Frozen Shoulder

Hi Ruchi and Sanjil,

First of all thank you so much for making me a Pranic Healer! I want to share my recent experience with Aromatherapy. I often get frozen shoulder if I spend long hours at work (on computer). The pain gets un-bearable every time for which I had been taking muscle relaxation/pain killer tablets.

Last week I woke up with this pain again. Planned to wait till evening for the pain to subside but unfortunately it only increased with the day to the extent that I was not able to move my left arm. I had the joint blend which I decided to apply on the affected area of my arm before going to bed and skipped the pain killer. Miracle do happen! Next morning I woke up with 20% of pain left. Applied the oil again and I was fine by evening. Next day my right arm showed the same symptom and without wasting any time I applied the oil immediately. Pain was gone in few hours!

I specially want to thank Sumiti Kapoor who introduced me to Energy Healing! Thanks dear!I hope this story will motivate more people to learn this art and make their lives better.

Manisha Raj

Healing chronic headache


I want to share my recent aromatherapy experience. I get headache very frequently and one night it was very severe. I could not sleep till 4 am and then I remembered about Eucalyptus essential oil . I just put
3 drops of the oil on my pillow and tried to sleep.

Within fifteen minutes i was asleep and the headache was gone next morning. The best thing is it is more than a month and I haven’t got the headache back till today. Thanks a lot Ruchi and Sanjil for such a wonderful aromatherapy course. It is very effective and handy.


Healing Harpis and Fever


Very good comparison or data.
1. My niece suffered from Harpis. Homeopathy Doctor was consulted. We started the healing
very next day along with homeopathy for 3 days. The girls got much better off – her scars started drying and no new scars appeared. My mother also got Harpis recently. She took the medicines from the same Homeo doctor and it
took her more than 1 week to get relived from the initial pain.

2. Divija got fever on one night – 102.9 F. We gave her Ibugesic syrup. On the very first
night, I massaged her feet with Rosemary oil. From the next day, there was absolutely no fever for the whole day and she started school on second day. Usually, her fever would have lasted for next 2 days w/o Antibiotics but with Pranic healing.

Sangeeta Kulkarni

Removing smell of stored leather

I would like to share the experience of cleaning the leather jacket. I used whole lemon juice and diluted with
water 1:1, + (5 drops of Tea tree oil in 1 ml of sesame oil). Mix the whole thing and wiped with the help of
sponge and dried in the open air for 3-4 hrs until all the smell is gone. I never felt the smell of stored leather
again after the procedure. Its works well for the leather bags and shoes also. Thank you Ruchi for teaching the
secrets behind the essential oils. They are really working well in my hands.

I am a shy and nervous girl and will be tensed and exited for small things. I used Orange before my presentation
in the International conference in USA and it maintained my status of mind in a very balanced manner. I was
not at all exited and nervous. It helped me a lot throughout my conference. I never felt I am in a foreign land
even though its my first visit to a foreign place.

I have many things to share. I request all the Pranic healers to the Aroma therapy. I promise You will
experience the wonderful spa in your life.


Child sleep and hormone balance for women

Dear Ruchi and Sanjil,

Thank you so much for bringing in the world of aromatherapy to us.

The lavender and clary sage essential oils that I got from you are beautiful.

My daughters (9 and 7) take a longtime to unwind and get to sleep. For the past 3 days I’ve been
applying lavender oil (mixed with little coconut oil as recommended by you) on the soles of their feet and
some on their tummies as soon as they get to bed. I’m amazed, they calm down within 5 to 10 minutes
and sleep off peacefully. They look so fresh when they wake up also! It gives a delicate and smoothening
fragrance around.

I’ve been applying clarysage on myself and I should say that the quality of both the oils is excellent and
uncomparable. They get absorbed instantly without a trace.

I hope and wish that many more people could enjoy the benefits of these oils.

God bless you and your family!


Healing cracked heals

Namaste !!!

Want to share my recent Aromatherapy experience with my father. My father had terribly cracked heels and was finding it difficult to walk for long distances.

I made a cream with cucumber gel and oils (oils and proportion mentioned in the booklet shared during aromatherapy session). I knew it would work, but to my surprise it has healed more than 60 percent within just two weeks time.


Healing cough and asthma symptoms

Would like to share this testimony of our latest experience with aromatherapy so that other may also benefit
from it.

My kid Vaibhav (6yrs old) suffering from cough and has little bit of asthma symptoms. I was too tired and was
not having time to do his healing. Based on the information you provided on the color prana contents of
Lavender oil and my knowledge of advanced Pranic healing protocol, I applied one drop of Lavedar oil in place
of throat chakra, secondary throat chakra for the lungs(front,back) before going to sleep. It was just miraclous
that next day morning when he woke up no symptoms of cough or asthama. I continued doing this for 2 more
days before his going to sleep in the night. Within three days he was completely healed.

One good and happy thing is that this instance has given more strength to belief wrt energy healing and oils
(which has color pranas which is similar to colors we use in healing) to me and other members of the family.

And I’m eager to do aromatherapy class to know more details so that we can benefit from it.


Healing PMS(Post Menopausal Syndrome)


I would like to share my experience on the application of aroma therapy
techniques learned in the aromatherapy workshop. This is regarding Post Menopausal Syndrome. One of my relatives was suffering from this syndrome for the past 3 years. She was getting hot flashes and severe sweating even she is in AC. and she took allopathic as well as homeopathic medicines but there is no complete

I wanted to try some remedy on this and applied the following protocol with consecrated essential oils as taught in the class “Aroma Therapy”.

20 drops of Clarysage
20 drops of carrier oil (coconut)
and mixed both of the oils and asked her to apply on her abdomen, bottom of the feet and also to gently rub on the back of the neck also.

It was like a miracle that night she did not get any hot flashes and sweating and she is happy ever after.
I am thankful for knowing this wonderful therapy.

Koteswara Rao

Healing Severe Cough


I would like to share my experience on the application of aroma therapy
techniques learned in the aromatherapy workshop. My cousin was suffering from severe cough for the last one month. In spite of taking Allopathic medicines, she could not get any relief. Throughout the night, she was continuously coughing without any sleep making all of us with no sleep.

As taught in the aromatherapy class, I applied the following protocol with
consecrated essential oils for severe cough:
Lavender oil : 2 drops
Eucalyptus oil : 2 drops
Mixed the above oils in a carrier oil (coconut oil) of 15 ML and asked her to apply on the chest and the throat gently in the night.

Miraculously, she did not cough that night and she had a sound sleep and making us also sleep nicely from that day onwards. When she woke up in the morning she was considerably healed. We could not believe that a simple
remedy like this could work so miraculously.

I am writing this experience which will be an inspiration to others.

Koteswara Rao

Testimonial for usage of Respiratory healing Mate

My daughter was not keeping well since 1st February night. She had throat itchiness, cough, cold, body aches, and fever.
I requested IWC team member to do her healings on 2nd Feb. Three healings per day were done for her on the 2nd and 3rd. Her fever subsided but her cough was very persistent. Healings were continued for the next two days also i.e.,4th and 5th.

On the healer’s suggestion, I applied Respiratory healing Mate on her back. I applied it on the 5th night. On the next day, her cough came down considerably. Have applied Respiratory Mate 4 times till Monday . Now she is doing ok, cough is there but the intensity has come down considerably.
Moreover, I have only given her calpol for the first day and no medicine for cough. Thank you Ruchi and Sanjil for giving this beautiful health product which has done wonders.

Thankyou Padma