My real-life experiences with Energy Healing

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I first heard about Energy Healing in 2009 when my mentors – who were my colleagues in my office – took meditation workshop in my office .I was shocked to know that they can heal using hands. For a moment, I was even afraid thinking they might be doing black magic . Thankfully, the person who introduced this couple to the audience mentioned that they studied in IIT. That calmed my fears because I had some trust in IIT . So I was comfortable to sit throughout the session. Otherwise, I would have left the session in first few minutes.

After I attended the session, I was enchanted by my the peace and love my mentors carried and I had a strong desire to become like them. So I did basic energy Healing course. Next advanced Healing course and all other courses. I did all these courses just because I loved my mentors and not because I had any interest in Healing. I learnt a lot but practiced very little. I looked down on Energy Healing  for many years even after learning the principles on which it is based and I used to think its not my cup of tea. I had high levels of resistance for Energy Healing.

I started my meditation journey in 2012. In 2013, one fine morning, my mother suddenly woke me up from my sleep .Her fingers and shoulder froze and she could not hold anything. She was in a panic state not knowing what to do. Since I was meditating strongly at that point of time, my mind worked and I asked her to give me 30 minutes of time. I thought why not I apply Energy Healing on her and see what happens. So I used these 30 minutes to heal her. For the first time ever in my life, I opened my Energy Healing book , prayed to my Guru(whom I accepted half-heartedly at that point of time) and started healing her. In 20 mins, her fingers and shoulder moved and she could hold things comfortably.

Till then, my mother used to criticize me for spending my money and time on Energy Healing courses. She was amazed by this miracle and I was also amazed by what happened. After 2 days of the incident, my mother went to hospital to know why her hand and fingers froze and she was diagnosed with diabetes. Doctor said her sugar levels are extremely high and wondered how she is walking and smiling normally without any complications in body.

This whole incident changed my perspective towards healing. After this incident, my mother also learned Healing and today, she heals herself whenever she has any health problems. She thanks me for continuing my journey in Healing  and for enabling her to learn Healing. This incident opened my mind and heart to  Healing and I took it seriously in my life.I felt a strong urge to learn Healing again with open mind. So I reviewed all the courses and practiced Healing. Below are some of the real life experiences I had with Healing which amazed me

1. Watchman of our opposite apartment used to drink alcohol and make lot of noise during night time. I could not sleep because of this. I applied Healing on him and he used to calm down in few minutes. This happened everytime I healed.(I did not heal him for alcohol addiction because I could not interfere in his life without his permission and by laws of nature, I can only heal him enough that he stops creating noise)
2. I had experienced many results with children of neighbors ,relatives friends. With children,  Healing works like a charm. I have seen crying babies calm down instantly. I remember one incident vividly. My neighbour’s child had fever and she was looking very weak and dull. She is an active child. So I could not see her this way and healed her after taking permission of her parents. In 10 minutes of healing, she started playing and laughing around. Though I am not a parent yet, I understood from my experience that parenting becomes very easy with Healing. One of the best gifts a parent can give a child is a nice healing atleast once a week. I say healing is a gift because children go through various emotions and thoughts(because of  parents, teachers, friends,environment) but are not enough equipped to express or handle these thoughts and emotions. So, a good healing can give them relief of these unexpressed feelings of pain they carry. I come across parents who are afraid to heal their children. If parents could give medicines to their children which have multiple documented side-effects, why not apply Healing which has no side-effects?
3. I healed my husband of severe back pain 80%. This is the biggest miracle I have seen with healing in my life.It took me 3 months of regular healing because its a severe back pain. Its so severe that he could not sit, walk or drive a bike or do simple yoga and could not even sleep peacefully.After 3 months of  regular healing, he could sleep peacefully, sit comfortably, drive a bike. He enrolled in theraupetic yoga of Inner Wellness Circle and healed himself  100% of the back pain. He did not use a single medicine because doctors said surgery is the only solution for his problem and they cannot guarantee the outcome. If medicine is risky and has side-effects and on top of it does not give any guarantee that his condition will be healed, we did not see a point in going for surgery and felt its better to apply Healing which has no side effects and no risks. My husband is the living proof for me that Healing works
4. There was a domestic violence situation in a neighbour’s home and woman of the house was crying loudly in pain as her husband was beating her. It shook me very badly and I was not strong enough to go to their home and stop it. At the same time, I could not bear the pain of this woman and it troubled me very much. So I healed her and her husband without their permission and in few minutes of healing, crying and beating stopped.
5. I have applied Healing to angry people, people fighting badly and like a magic, people became peaceful and stopped fighting or being angry
6. Whenever I healed myself, I experienced inner calmness and stillness like a good meditation and felt getting healed is as beautiful as going to a nice spa and relaxing.

These are some real-life experiences I had with Healing. I cant believe that I, who looked down on Healing for several years, became a teacher of Healing now. Yes, life is mysterious and strange.

When I share such real-life experiences about healing or meditation, I come across people who think that I am a highly evolved person .I want to be honest here and tell – I am an ordinary person with all kinds of thoughts and emotions. I have various weaknesses like anger, hatred, jealousy and I am working on them everyday using the tools given by my Guru. The reason for writing these blogs about my experiences is to tell the world that my Guru’s teachings worked for an ordinary person like me(I wish I could write a book titled “Autobiography of an extraordinary Guru’s ordinary student”). My Guru’s teachings are so simple and easy that anyone can learn them and apply them in their life and experience much more wonderful results than what I shared.

There are many more healers who produced greater miracles than what I shared here and I am just a drop in the ocean of Healing. These healers could heal cancers, thyroid, high blood pressure and many more complicated cases. My experience in Healing is very less when compared to these great healers. Its just that I love writing and I openly share my experiences.

From the bottom of my heart, I wish that every person learns and applies Healing in day-to-day life and experience the magic of life.  Healing is a powerful tool which can heal diseases, traumas, relationships and make this world a beautiful and peaceful place. Its a tool used by millions of people across the world to lead a happy, healthy life.

Sarve Jana Sukhino Bhavanthu!

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    Thank you for sharing your experience. It is really inspiring

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    Thank you for sharing your experience. It is really inspiring

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