How I married my soulmate

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Definition of my soulmate changed as I progressed in my life. Initially, it was a handsome person. Then it is a rich person. Then it became a kind person.Then it is a spiritual person. After some exploring and understanding, I came to the conclusion that a person with spiritual bent of mind is my type of person.But, I was not able to find such person.

There is pressure from parents, peers, colleagues, friends, relatives,strangers and most importantly, from my ownself to get married ASAP. I was 28 and I still could not find Mr.Right. My marriage became matter of discussion in my office, in the meditation centre I went , in relatives and any place where I went. Many asked me straight on my face why I am not marrying and gave me free suggestions like – dress properly, you will get married; apply some make up, you will get married; give dowry, you will get married(I was against dowry) ; marry any guy you find etc. At that time, I just wanted to run away from this world and from these questions.It was too much of pressure for me.

Eventually, I came to the point where I wanted to marry any guy. If he is a man and is of my caste,I was ok to marry him. I even decided to give dowry and compromise on anything. All I wanted was marriage. It did not matter to me whom I married.Irony is even when I settled for any guy, I could not find a husband.Even when I compromised on everything and ready to give dowry, I could not find a husband.(Deep gratitude to God and my Guru for not helping me get married to any kind of guy. “Remember that sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck” – Dalai Lama)

In this tough phase, my mentors repeatedly told me – its better to stay unmarried than marry wrong person. They gave me hope that I will find right person if I practice spiritual teachings. They are the only people who did not put any pressure on me and who believed I will find the compatible life partner. I can never repay them for their support and unconditional love

Meanwhile,I came across one book – The Soulmate secret by Arielle Ford(This a great book. I highly recommend this to all those people who are searching for life partner). In this book, author suggests to write down the qualities one wants in life partner. I decided to try this. I thought what harm there is in dreaming. Dreaming is free of cost. So I listed around 105 qualities in the life partner I wanted. I wrote from my heart without limiting myself. I did not question whether it is possible or not, whether it is achievable or not. I just wrote whatever I wanted. Below are some of the statements I wrote.

He is kind
He is loving
He is loyal
He is an arhatic yogi
He meditates everyday
He tithes 10% of his income(Tithing means donating 10% of your income)
He loves my Guru
He likes my mentors, parents and my mentors, parents like him
I like his family and his family likes me
He is prosperous
He is hard working
He inspires me

When I looked at the list, I felt very happy and content. Then my inner Guru suggested me – “You are expecting these qualities from your partner. Do you have these qualities in yourself? Are you meditating everyday? Are you kind? Are you loving? Like attracts like. You cannot attract such life partner unless you have the same qualities in your own self. So make yourself like your life partner.”

My inner Guru’s suggestion made sense to me and I started working on myself. I decided I will practice Alchemy Yoga for 3 years. Alchemy Yoga is a system which can transform a person very beautifully. I believed strongly if I practice Alchemy Yoga sincerely, I can attract Arahtic Yogi. I believed that my Guru, who created many Arhatic Yogi’s can easily create an Arhatic Yogi for me. I started my spiritual practices in December 2014.

I stopped seeing guys in arranged marriage or giving my profile in marriage bureaus. My mother was very concerned as I refused to see any guy. She repeatedly asked me how will I find my life partner if I dont see people. I used to tell her my Guru and my meditations will bring me. She thought I was acting foolishly but I was adamant and continued my sadhana.

Within 20 days of my sadhana, I saw a vision in which my Guru  was getting me married to an arhatic yogi. I got the same vision multiple times. I dont know anything about this guy except his name and the fact that he is an arhatic yogi. My Guru told me in my meditations- Where there is no path, a path shall be created.So I had deep trust in my Guru’s choice. I continued practicing all the five pillars of Alchemy Yoga with all my heart. Eventually, situations unfolded in such a way that this guy and I met coincidentally many times, we liked each other, our relationship has grown and we got married in February 2016. He met 100 out of 105 qualities I wrote and 5 qualities which he did not meet are not that significant or they were met after few months of our marriage. He is everything I desired for.

I got married at the age of 29 years. I did not give any dowry. We got married in a very simple manner(like I wanted) in the meditation centre run by our mentors with the presence and blessings of close family members and my mentors.  Right on the day we got married, we did a course with our mentors on marriage. This course taught us how to grow spiritually and materially through marriage and develop harmony on levels like – physical, emotional, mental,spiritual(I highly recommend this course to all the married couples)

My married life is very beautiful. In the last 2.5 years of marriage, my husband and I have grown together beautifully. Its not an exaggeration if I say my husband takes care of me as lovingly as my mother. He became my parent, my best friend, my spiritual buddy, my inspiration and a great life partner. Every single day I spend with my husband is a great blessing for me.My married life taught me that if I practice Alchemy Yoga given by my Guru regularly and properly, all my heart’s desires will be fulfilled even when situations are not in my favour and even when the whole world does not support me.

From the bottom of my heart, I wish and pray that every person is blessed with beautiful married life. May all those people who are searching for life partner be blessed with compatible life partner rapidly, properly, effortlessly. May all those people who are married be blessed with marital bliss and experience deep gratitude, respect, love for each other. May this world be a heaven filled with happy, harmonious, loving couples.

Sarve  Jana Sukhino Bhavanthu!

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