How Energy Healing can empower women

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It hurts me very badly and takes me some time to recover whenever I see news of young girls or women killed for dowry or raped or murdered. Just like me, these girls or women too might have dreamt big about their lives and they might have worked hard in their lives. In my office, I get to see financially independent and educated women suffering from dowry harassment even in 2019 and what surprises me most is their patience to put up with such attitudes. When I ask them why they cannot put their foot down and say no to such things, they say – relationships break if they do such things. So, they continue suffering for years and years. In this process of suffering, they lose their self esteem and joy of life.

When I see all these instances around me, I get these questions – how can women be empowered to handle all these situations without breaking relationships or losing lives? How can women protect themselves from rape, domestic abuse, dowry harassment, murders? How can every girl child be given a tool that gives her courage, confidence and protection? I found answers to these questions in my own journey as a woman.

Basically, I was a very under-confident person. I lost my father when I was 8 year old and my mother brought me up single-handedly. I went through lot of financial difficulties in my life and I was looked down(or atleast I felt) by my affluent relatives. All this brought my self confidence to almost zero. I struggled to voice out my thoughts, opinions and pursue things that matter to me. 

Accidentally, I learnt Energy Healing. These courses gave me new amazing learnings but did not boost my confidence. I was still under-confident and meek. My relatives told me I must be prepared to compromise in marriage because of my financial background. They told me straight that I can never hope to find a great guy as my husband in my life as I don’t have great looks or great money. I was made to believe dowry is mandatory for marriage and my monthly salary went for savings so that I can afford to marry a decent guy. And strangely, I never questioned any of these beliefs or statements. I accepted them and believed they are true till 2012.
2012 is the year since I started practicing the teachings of Healing. Learning Healing is one thing and practicing these teachings is another thing. The real transformation happens only when one practices these teachings. As I practiced these teachings, I realized I can create my own life and shape my destiny provided I am ready to work for it. This understanding gave me great confidence in my life.
I decided I am never going to pay even a single rupee for dowry. I decided to wait till I find a person who marries me for what I am rather than for the price tag associated with me. I wanted my marriage to be based on love, kindness and spirituality rather than money alone. Of course, money is very important in life but it is not too important to decide my life partner. Many people around me said I can never find such guy and they said I will stay unmarried in this life.
But the practices of Healing gave me enough confidence to believe in my dreams than other’s words. I put my whole and soul into Healing. As I practiced more and more, I saw a new me emerge –  a new me who is confident about life, who is courageous to live life on her terms , who has clarity in life and who has courage to dream. My whole personality changed. I felt free in my life – free from expectations, boundaries and limitations. And I also married a guy of my choice without giving dowry.
If I never practiced Healing, probably today I would be stuck in a marriage worrying about dowry demands, feeling under-confident about life and compromising every single day. Probably, I would be afraid to go out and try something new. Probably, I would be wishing my father is alive to support me. But thanks to Healing, my life is very different today. In my 4 years of married life, no one from my in-laws ever scolded me or spoke harshly(It’s a true statement. Not exaggeration). I was not stopped from pursuing things close to my heart. My marriage too had tough moments which required me to be more patient and understanding but they account for very less time of my married life and these tough moments surfaced in my life whenever I stopped my practicing teachings.
The practice of spiritual teachings not only made my marriage heaven but also gave me so many techniques to protect myself and my family. For example, Psychic Self Defence is an excellent course which provides easy to use, simple and yet powerful tools for  protecting oneself and others. Arhatic Invocation, Sharanagati taught in Alchemy Yoga are fantastic tools to protect oneself. Regular Meditation on Twin Hearts acts as a great protection. And lot more.
My own experience has taught me that learning and practicing Healing are excellent ways to protect oneself from unwanted situations. Of course, there are no 100% guarantees in life. In some extreme situations, even the best doctors , the best policemen, the best teachers, the best self-defense techniques fail. So, is the case with Healing.

So many lakhs of rupees and years of time are spent in formal education. Yet this formal education does not give everyone enough confidence and tools to handle real life. With just few thousands of rupees and few days of time, Energy Healing can give tools that can empower a person truly.I sincerely urge every girl and woman to learn and practice Healing. Below are some of the benefits I gained as a woman by learning and practicing Energy Healing.

1. I could handle my emotions and thoughts better
2. I became more balanced in my relationships
3. I became a confident person
4. I am able to handle my career, relationships and entire life in a better way
5. I am equipped with knowledge and techniques to protect myself in tough situations
6. I have enough tools with me to overcome day-to-day stress, anger, worry, hatred etc

I see some people who learn Healing but still suffer in life(like how I was in 2009) . It’s because they are not practicing the teachings. Transformation can happen only when one practices the teachings. Buying a pizza will not satisfy anyone. Its only the eating which satisfies one’s hunger and gives joy. So, please don’t just learn Healing. Practice. Practice. Practice and reap the benefits.

May every woman realize her strength and live with courage. May every girl dream big.May the feminine principle on this planet be safe, protected, respected, empowered. So be it.

Sarve Jana Sukhino Bhavanthu

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