What I learnt from 1 month of Self-Healing

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I did Basic Energy Healing course in 2009 but I did not heal myself regularly even for 1 month till 2020. I healed others and had many experiences. Others healed me and I saw the benefits. But I did not heal myself for more than 10 days. Self-Healing was never my priority. Its not like I was super healthy and did not need self healing. I definitely needed healing. There is a lot for me to improve in terms of physical, emotional, mental strength because human potential is infinite. Then what stopped me from healing myself?

Its just pure laziness and some kind of lack of respect for healing too.My Guru gave the knowledge of Energy Healing easily. He did not charge me 1 lakh rupees or made me stand in queue. His disciples did not tell me to touch his feet to get the knowledge.  I did not have to spend months in some exotic location and gain the knowledge. I got it easily just for few thousands of rupees in just a 2 day workshop. So, I took healing easy. It took me many years to develop respect and liking for healing.

Apart from laziness and easy attitude towards self healing, I also had below thoughts about self healing.

1. I will do it when I am really sick.
2. I don’t need self healing.
3. Instead of spending 20 mins time for self healing, I better do higher practices.
4. I will do it tomorrow(and this tomorrow did not come for 11 years).
5. Meditation is enough in life.

Few months back, I had my soul searching moment and I started  my self healing journey in February 2020. Monday to Friday, I spent 20 mins on self-healing. I did not heal for any particular ailment. Its more like preventive and maintenance healing. I used 70% basic energy healing techniques and 30% advanced energy healing techniques.I practiced below steps as part of self healing.

1. 7 counts of energy breathing.
2. 2 sets of general aura healing.
3. Healed my front and back solar plexus chakras.
4. Healed my spine.
5. Healed any other 2 chakras each day such that all the major chakras are covered in a week.
6. Healed major detoxifying organs – one each day.
7. Added affirmations and visualizations for all these.

Below are my experiences with self-healing for 1 month.

1. I healed myself almost towards the end of the day where I felt a bit tired and exhausted due to day long work. Self-healing session rejuvenated me greatly and my stress  and exhaustion was removed in just 20 minutes like some magic. The before and after difference was felt clearly.
2. Everyday, I felt like I enjoyed a nice luxury spa, right from the comfort of my home, without spending any money and with just 20 mins of effort.
3. My sleep quality became better.
4. I found lot of new and fresh energy in me after healing which gave me the strength to do more and accomplish more in a day.
5. My meditation experiences became better and deeper than earlier.
6. I experienced deep stillness within while healing myself. My Guru said healing is meditation in motion and I experienced the truth of this statement.
7. My patience levels, emotional and mental strength in life have become better.

Special thanks to my mentors Ruchi Sanjil. They are two Whatsapp angels who silently keep mentoring people like me without giving up.They are the triggers that helped me start my journey of self-healing. At one point in the past, I challenged my mentors that any disease can be healed with right foods and food is everything. I even asked them what is the need of Energy Healing when diseases can be prevented or healed by food itself.  My mentors simply smiled and said a person is more than the food he or she eats and the person has energies, thoughts and emotions too which is why Energy Healing is needed.

But I thought they are wrong(because they did not receive any nobel prize or wrote some bestseller books ). Now, I can see the folly in my approach and I can understand them better. In this one month, I did not go to any extremes in my diet. I ate whatever I loved happily . Yet, the shift I had in my energy levels is incredible. I became more peaceful, more gentle and relaxed in my life. I have lot of energy in the day and I am relaxed throughout the day.

This experience made me realize that the simplest way of living a healthy life in modern world is Energy Healing. I realized the value of the Energy Healing teachings given to me by my Guru and for the first time in my life, I lost the urge to read new books on health and happiness. Earlier, there was some thirst in me for new teachings and  I was a seeker reading many books to learn about health and happiness. I wanted to go here, go there, learn this and learn that.

After self-healing for one month, I felt I came back to my home. I realized I have everything in my hands that’s enough to help me live a great life with health and happiness. This is a strange feeling of contentment and joy like one feels after having a good, healthy, wholesome meal prepared lovingly by one’s mother. (Yaa, mother’s cooking is always special. Sorry all husbands and wives, brothers and sisters, chefs and cooks for this bias. You cook great but nothing like mother’s cooking. Somehow, mother’s cooking has some magic.).

Sarve Jana Sukhino Bhavanthu!

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  1. Shobha

    So nice to read about your experience!! Its motivating as well!

  2. Unknown

    I completely endorse what Shobha has said in the previous comment box. Importance of self healing

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