My journey of 330 meditations

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This blog is contributed by Surya Prabha

Hello everyone,

I am very happy to share with you all my experience and journey with IWC. To start with, I did my basic energy healing course in November 2019 in IWC under the guidance of Divleen. Since then,I was very regular with my Twin Heart Meditation sessions(or wellness meditation). To my luck, Gitanjali started conducting THM regularly on-line from December 2019 onwards. Everyday I used to look forward for THM sessions. Meanwhile, I completed Advanced healing course, Psychotherapy, Inner Alchemy course. Then I was practicing Blue pearl Meditation sessions as well which are being conducted by Divleen weekly. I completed 330 Meditation sessions as of now. I am glad to be associated with IWC.

Since 2005, I was suffering from migraine headaches. I used to get severe bouts that used to last almost a week. I tried Allopathy,Homeopathy, Ayurvedic medicines.I even tried accupressure. But there was no permanent cure. Since I started practicing THM daily, there are no migraine attacks at all. Even if there is any indication of any symptoms of migraine, I start healing myself which ensured immediate relief and no escalation of attack. Now my migraine is completely vanished. All my family members look up to me in any pain or grief. I am able to give relief to their pain with my healing sessions.

I even experienced changes in my behaviour. I am more peaceful, loving and caring. I accept everyone as they are without any expectations from anyone. My daughter-in-law Sneha got inspired by me and did her Basic energy healing course from IWC. With my encouragement, my siblings and many of my friends also joined this Meditation group and started practicing THM regularly.

Thank you IWC,Ruchi ma’am, Sanjil sir, Divleen and Gitanjali for transforming our lives.

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  1. T Uma Bala

    Very well penned Prabha.

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