Why do we need spirituality?

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Namaste, Greetings of love and light!

We all have different understanding of spirituality and this understanding changes as we evolve in life. Many people think that spirituality means lectures, meditations, not leading a normal materialistic life, is for old age etc. etc. Even I was having similar kind of understanding till couple of years back. But what’s the truth? Truth is spirituality is like a user guide/manual that helps us lead a better life. Let me explain this with an analogy.

Lets say a person is gifted a gadget but there is no user manual(for now, there is no googling :)). He does not have the knowledge of the features, does not know how to install and operate the gadget. Since the person does not have any knowledge of how the gadget works, he cannot use it properly to its full potential. He needs to experiment, invest lot of time and energy to figure out how to operate it. And after all this , once the person starts using the gadget , he is in constant fear and stress of damaging it . He may also miss out some important features of the gadget. For example, take the case of a simple thing like house hold Juicer. If we are not aware to fix the lid properly when we start the juicer, instead of getting fresh refreshing juice, kitchen becomes messy and we end up in chaos with a grumpy face. I realized spirituality is just like this.

Spirituality is like a user guide/manual to lead a better life. As part of spiritual teachings, many tools and techniques are given by the Guru. When we understand these teachings and implement in our life, life becomes smooth and peaceful. That’s the reason why people who are into spirituality are blissful and calm. It does not mean they don’t have problems in life. But they are empowered with wisdom and spiritual teachings to handle the problems wisely and effortlessly. They are clearly given a user guide for life and life’s problems.

Because of our ignorance, we are stuck with many problems (finance, health, relationships, success etc.) in life and some times fall into deep/untold misery. Energy Healing and Alchemy Yoga is a great platform which offers very simple, yet super effective tools and techniques of spirituality. These techniques empower us to live life with wisdom, acceptance and peace. They help us become a better person and enjoy life. They bring us health, wealth, success and happy relationships.

Life is beautiful and precious but without a guide, its easy to be lost and miss the beauty of life. So, lets embrace spirituality wholeheartedly and practice the teachings. May our Gurus and Supreme God bless all of us with inner strength to walk on this path of light and love.

*Contributed by Sujatha Sivapooja

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