My humble Tribute to every parent out there

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My husband and I were in a relationship for 1 year before our marriage and most of our conversations focused on Guru and spirituality as our common passion is Guru. Our love for Guru brought us together and its the key of our marriage. We used to talk about Guru and Guru’s teachings for hours and hours on phone. I remember one such discussion where I said Guru is the greatest person in this world.

My husband said – “No, mother is the greatest. That’s what out scriptures say. Mathru Devo Bhava, Pitru Devo Bhava, Acharya Devo Bhava! Acharya is after mother and father. ” I did not agree with him and gave many logics saying why Guru is the greatest. He stood by scriptures and I chose to believe in my logic. Years passed and today, I agree with my husband.

How true is my husband and the scriptures! I realized it today when I saw a toddler.

This toddler is shouting, throwing things, crying for reasons unknown to the mother and mother is trying to pacify her and take care of her. In this challenging situation, mother is giving her best in spite of being so tired. But the toddler is in no mood to understand the mother. This mother does not have Energy Healing like I have. She is so tired with various issues in life(like relationships, finances, health etc.) and these tantrums are testing her. Yet, she is smiling and trying to give her best.

It broke my heart because seeing this toddler, I remembered my childhood. How many years would I have troubled my mother this way! My mother became a mother when she was just a 21 year old. She had her own issues to deal with and I , like all toddlers, would have been demanding and throwing tantrums. I have tested her patience thousands of times(and might be testing even now). And she did not have energy healing, meditation to de-stress herself or to pacify me during her peak parenthood days. And she still thinks I am the greatest daughter. I asked my mother many times why she thinks it is important to have a child. She says a child brings the greatest joy and meaning to life. This is her constant answer. As per her, I brought meaning to her existence. It feels amusing to me to listen these views about me.

How could she forgive and forget all my tantrums and stubbornness! How could she love me so deeply even though I am so imperfect! I am just like everyone with good and bad but according to her, I am perfect. If I do some mistake, it is not a mistake at all but if some other person does it, it is a mistake. She cannot even see my mistakes. Such is her blind love.

I am not a parent yet and I don’t know how it feels to experience parenthood. But seeing the toddler today, I learnt certain things.

  1. Every parent is walking the path of spirituality just by becoming a parent. Parents are unknowingly practicing unconditional love – the highest form of love – every single day.
  2. We truly understand unconditional love only when we walk the path of parenthood. Loving a person who is demanding in nature is tough but this is a cakewalk for a parent.
  3. Parenting is a challenging task and Energy Healing is a great boon in parenting. Energy Healing helps in de-stressing self and the child , which makes a great difference to the quality of life. When the child cries for reasons not understandable by adults, Energy Healing works like a charm in pacifying. It just needs 15 to 20 minutes of healing.
  4. Yes, scriptures are right about the order. It is mother first, then father and then Guru. Without parents giving birth to child and nurturing for years and years with unconditional love, how can Guru help the soul?
  5. And finally, my deep respect to every parent out there. Whether you realize it or not, you are walking the path of divinity by embracing parenthood joyfully. I salute the divinity in every parent.

These are some learnings I had.

Out of my ignorance, I used to think my parents did not know the right way of parenting. I thought they were imperfect parents. But now I realize there are no perfect or imperfect parents. There are only parents and parents deserve the greatest respect for just walking the path of parenthood.

My deep gratitude to my parents for parenting me for years with such great levels of patience and love. Thank You God for blessing me with wonderful parents! And thank you Guru for giving Energy Healing and meditation! What a great blessing your teachings are!

Sarve Jana Sukhino Bhavanthu!

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  1. Anonymous

    Let me share one secret of parenting. It is just a journey of backward life. Every situation we will keep our parents in our shoes and ourselves in our children.
    The illusion of spiritual proud will vanishes while reacting to their tantrums. We will be down to earth instantly.
    For me it my children are gurus they keeps me always to connect my guru.😃

    I would like to say in single statement – if mother itself guru then I would say no question of who is first guru or mother.(provided if mother follows her guru’s foot steps)

    I am sorry if any mistakes in my perception or grammatical..

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