Testimonial on my helper’s healing skills

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This blog is contributed by Srividhya Swaminathan.

Happy to share with you testimonial on Kumari’s (my helper) journey as a healer.

Kumari came in contact with us about 13 & 1/2 yrs back. She has contributed so much towards upbringing of my 1st son, as she has been with us ever since he was 1&1/2 yes old. Since then, we have always had only her as our helper. 

When I did my higher courses in IWC, I remember I was amazed at how tasty the food was, despite having very simple & minimum ingredients. Someone told me that it was prepared by Arhatic yogi & that was why the food was tasty. During lunch break, Rahima introduced herself as a cook & healer. It was quite interesting. Slowly with regular interactions with Ruchi & Sanjil, I was inspired to give the same helping hand and the nurturing needed to make our Kumari – a healer. 

Thankfully for us, Geethanjali who was just introduced as a teacher had  put her 1st workshop in IWC. Kumari & another helper were her 1 batch of students.I was happy to note that she had so much fun, much needed break from her monotonous life of being a household helper and facing multiple difficulties on her personal front.

Soon looking at her eagerness,  I sent her to the higher courses in the foundation. She soon completed Advance, Pyschotherapy & Crystal healing. The plan was to help her in the transition from being a helper to full time healer over a period of 6 months time,  but Covid 19 had other plans.

Whenever I had my workshops, kumari would come an hour early to take care of many chores related to the workshop. From moping the floor with salt & water, attending to registration, keeping salt bowls ready, cooking few dishes, making food warm, taking care of buying the material needed for healing kits given during workshops to sometimes helping as a subject to demonstrate practicals to participants in my workshop, her service was priceless. Ruchi once gave some ideas on how to pay helpers for their contributions in workshops. I followed the same advice. I would pay her a some money if she meditates. Soon she started looking forward for my workshops as it was a source of additional income for her. I was lucky and blessed to have back to back workshops with her blessing my workshops regularly. My favourite line to her would be ‘ In Guru’s workshop everybody gains, there are no losers’ 

March 21st, 2020 was last day Kumari came to work, as social distancing & keeping us not exposed to the virus became critical.  Like all others, we have been managing all by ourselves without a helper. To us, kumari is our responsibility. Knowing the value of her service , we have taken full responsibility of her  financial needs for many years now. But having said that, my workload at home has increased so much that I hardly find time to do as many healings as I had done before. 

I thought it was a perfect time to seek Kumari’ s help in healing. She has experience in healing for the last 3 months before the Covid 19 phase. I passed on many healings to her and helping and nurturing her with the protocols. Many times we learned it together too. 

I was amazed to note that whatever she touched became gold. She got amazing reviews and good testimonials. I would keep forwarding to her daughter,  so that it would inspire her to become a healer too.Kumari’s daughter has completed Basic energy healing with me. 

In the month of May, Kumari has completed more than 60 healings and sounds very confident and happy with her own healing skills, that has now become her source of living. I told her that going forward she would be paid for her healings alone and she has happily accepted the challenge,  knowing that Guru would take care of everything.

I would like to Thank Ruchi & Sanjil,  for their amazing ability to convert every challenge as an opportunity. I have been closely observing their approach to life & truly love their working models, which I copy all the time.I would like to thank Geethanjali for teaching her & Rahima for inspiring our Kumari.

I hope our story inspires many to follow the same model. Healing can be an amazing source of income,  if done with that much sincerity & dedication. 
Many Thanks,Srividhya Swaminathan

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