Miraculous Covid recovery with Energy Healing

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Dear Friends,

I would like to share a wonderful & miraculous incident that happened with Energy Healing.

One of my close friend’s family(both are University Toppers ) is a hard-core follower of one spiritual organization, and they don’t have any belief in Healing. However, divine plan is different. My friend & his wife both got covid +vie, and his wife is in very critical condition. She was admitted to hospital and doctor said – we have to shift your wife to ICU by tomorrow morning.

Every day we are in touch with our friends and at that night, I have asked him whether I should try healing. He said – I don’t have any choice now, please help me in anyway. I have approached Ruchi & Sanjil and explained the situation. Unfortunately, It is already late night and they said healers are busy with their family’s healing and asked me to do healing for my friends.

My wife and I used healing only for ourselves and my children and we never dared to try for others. However, on this night, my wife and I applied healing for my friends’ wife. The next day doctor has said there is no emergency now and she can continue with 8 litres of oxygen. Next day, she was in depression and her oxygen level has gone down. Again, she went into critical condition.

With the help and guidance of Ruchi & Sanjil, we did COVID healing With Psychotherapy and by the end of the day, her health came in control with 8 litres of external oxygen consumption. And in between due to my office work and other factors, my health was not okay. Fortunately, Ruchi & Sanjil helped and did last 3 days healings.

Subsequently, the progress was wonderful and on 3rd day, oxygen consumption came to 4 litres, on 4th day it was 2 litres of consumption, 5th day without external oxygen need, she recovered. And on 6th day, she returned home.

With this entire episode, my wife and I developed good confidence in healing others and we plan to offer healings to our friends and family members. Now my friend openly accepted and conveyed his gratitude to Energy Healing.

My wife and I would like to show our gratitude towards IWC and divine couple – Ruchi & Sanjil. It is our many life times’ good karma to meet them in this life. They always supported and helped us in almost all in our hardships and helpless situations. They are always for us equal to Parents. We bow down to Ruchi & Sanjil.

*Contributed by Srinath & Kiranmayi

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  1. Dimpole

    Wowww Srinath & Kiranmayi ji you both are really great. Actually when we try with confidence it works and blessings of our beloved mentors are also play vital role.
    I am proud that I learnt pranic healing from Geetanjali mam basic and advance from Ruchi mam & Sanjil. Sir.
    I was awesome experience for me. To learn beautiful art from IIWC.
    Thank you so much Geethanjali mam Ruch mam and Sanjil Sir.

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