My experiences with Energy Healing and Aromatherapy

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I am into energy healing for 5 years. Initially I did not feel much changes either of the ways as I might have been attached to another guru immensely, especially, when your master is not an Indian origin. Somewhere I got connected to spiritual helpers Ruchi and Sanjil. I used to take up courses when life was hitting hard. I started spending days in IWC and it gave me an Ashram sort of feeling. As and when we enter the premises, some soothing Aroma touches your soul and the OM chants disconnect us with the outer world.

Even though I experienced Ganga program, my subconscious mind wasn’t fully connected, but I was dragged to these soul touching courses from Ruchi and Sanjil. Being a yoga teacher for 5 years, I recommend PH to many of my students, but I myself was not practicing it regularly.

There is a reason for everything, there is time for everything….finally the time came to me to believe completely in Energy Healing when my mom was suffering with severe hallucinations with the side effects of Parkinson’s medicines. It was horrible one week for my brother to who is taking care of my mother to take control of the situation. She used to get scared all night by seeing some imaginary scary characters. Her neuro medicines got increased as suggested by her doctor only to make it worse. My brother finally approached me as there wasn’t any change in her suffering.

I requested Ruchi to take up the healings. With one time healing session itself in a day she got slight change. As per my feed back, Ruchi suggested me to take up the oils and apply on chakras. Not knowing the value of these oils, I delayed in prescribing the same to my brother. 2 healing sessions morning and evening really gave great relief, but sometimes those imaginary characters still appeared again and disturbed her.

I approached Ruchi again on that and she reminded me about oils. I took initiative and send the oils. Immediately after applying the oils, there is a prominent change in her situation. Soon after that we reduced the session for one time healing a day.

It gave me a kick to believe completely in PH. Now I can see Guru in my twin heart meditation, without his voice I can’t complete the meditation. I did Aromatherapy workshop recommended by Ruchi.

I started recommending the same to all my yoga students who are in need. I feel like I now have something in my hands to give to my students other than Yoga. I am more of a yoga therapist than a yoga teacher. Aromatherapy workshop, has given me much more confidence to take up my career to next level as I was coming up with online work. I also added IWC products to my website.

*Contributed by Ganga Bhavani

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