My experience with 100 days of higher meditations

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When it came to higher meditations, my mind always asked me – “why should I spend 1.5 to 2.5 hrs on higher meditations when life is already wonderful with wellness meditation which takes only 30 mins to 45 mins?”. This question stopped me from doing higher meditations for many years. I practiced them now and then but was not committed. I learnt higher meditations in 2009 and in these 12 years, I did 100 days of higher meditations only twice when I needed a big miracle. After years of wellness meditation, service and tithing, life has become pretty smooth and my mind resisted the thought of spending long time on meditations. So, I was stuck in my sweet little world of wellness meditation for almost 8 years.

Cut to April 2021. My mentors Ruchi Sanjil and my boss Manjula started pushing me to do higher meditations. I was a pretty lazy person who searched for easy ways. So, their push did not appeal to me. But they did not give up. Finally, I started my higher meditations in May 2021. And I started 100 days of higher meditations on July 15th 2021.This time, I started these meditations to validate the need of these meditations in my life. I started noting down the changes I have seen in my life in these 100 days and by 100th day, I was amazed.

Below are some changes I experienced.

1.Physical laziness vanished: In general, I am not a fan of physical work. Its a burden for me and I do physical work only as per the need. But in these 100 days, I worked a lot on the physical level. There was no concept of postponement or laziness. I became dynamic physically and I loved this new me. Surprisingly, I even enjoyed physical work.

2.Became more organized: Basically, I love being organized but I could not practice it to the extent I wanted. In these 100 days, I could bring the neatness, clarity and structure to the life around me starting from my wardrobe to my entire home. Now, almost everything around me is organized and neat to a great extent.(of course, there is still a scope for improvement)

3.I could finally declutter: Since years, I wanted to declutter and give away all the things I did not want in my life but I could not do it. I lived in the delusion that I am not attached to things but the reality is I am very attached to things. So, I could not declutter for years. In these 100 days, I could give away many of my clothes, books and other things which I did not need any more. After decluttering, I feel very light. These practices gave me the inner strength to truly detach from things.

4.I could understand my weaknesses and strengths better: In these 100 days, I could identify my weaknesses and strengths. It felt as if I was in a dark room and suddenly, someone switched on a light. In this light, you can see everything around – good, bad and ugly. Similarly, in the light of higher meditations, I could understand myself better and I know where I should work to improve myself.

5.Wishes came true: I have been wishing for certain things for some time and some of them came true. Various tasks, related to relationships and finances, which were pending since years are completed.

6.Experienced immense progress in life: I experienced immense growth and progress physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and financially in these 100 days. It is a super fast-track to progress.

7.My personality changed: After 100 days of higher meditations, I feel myself as a new person. I am more relaxed, firm, confident, disciplined and strong. I experience a balance in my emotions and thoughts. I like this new self. And the best part is I did not have to use will power to change myself. Change is effortless and automatic.

These are some of the changes I experienced in these 100 days of higher meditations.

I realized I wasted many years of my life by not doing higher meditations regularly. There is no doubt that wellness meditation is wonderful but its like going on a bike to your destination whereas doing higher meditations is like going by plane in a business class to your destination(Not doing any meditation in life is like going barefoot on a dirty and hot road to your destination. It hurts badly).

If I gained so much in just 100 days of practice, what will I gain in 10 years, 20 years of regular practice? I want to find answer to this question. So, I will continue my higher meditations.

Thank you Ruchi Sanjil, Manjula, Balachander and my Guru for helping me walk the path. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.

P.S. Will everyone experience the same results like I experienced? No. Spirituality is a highly customized domain. Higher beings care for every individual and results come to a person based on his/her life, interests, aspirations and needs. Every person’s spiritual journey is unique.

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Sarve Jana Sukhino bhavanthu!

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