Why energy healing is an essential life skill

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Some of us think Energy Healing is only for people who have diseases. I too thought the same for many years and I used to wonder why Healing when just meditation is enough. I wanted only meditations and not Healing. Who wants to put a saltwater bowl and heal when there are no major health ailments? But as I started practicing Healing on myself, I realized it is a life skill that needs to be learned by every person in the world.

It is well known that Energy Healing is a complementary healing system that helps in healing diseases. Energy Healing is a no-touch, no-drug therapy. Our body gives pleasure when taken good care and pain when mistreated. Even a small body pain is enough to disturb our peace of mind(unless we are enlightened) and Healing can help in all diseases. From simple ailments like cold, fever to complex issues like Cancer, it is of great help. It improves healing rate dramatically. Apart from this healing aspect of Healing, what are the other applications of healing in life? I have personally tried below aspects in my own life and experienced results.

1. Better Parenting: Healing is a great help in parenting. I am not a parent but I did experiments on my nieces and nephews and children of friends with due permission and came to this conclusion. What I noticed with children is, sometimes they get irritated just like us adults. They throw tantrums. They make a fuss. They are stubborn. They have their ups and downs in moods. Nothing wrong with children for being this way. Modern way of schooling and lifestyle of parents are not children-friendly and hence children go through these issues. In these situations, most parents lose their cool and resort to punishing the child through shouting or beating or they nag the children to change. Both approaches don’t work. Instead of all this nagging and scolding/beating, parents can just do a few minutes of Healing on children. Children respond well to Energy Healing.

One experiment I remember from my life is – once I saw a child creating a lot of fuss for a toy on a train. Toy is of bad quality and parents don’t want to buy it. But the child is not in a situation to listen. Parents are feeling troubled not knowing what to do. I silently did small Healing on the child and in just 2 minutes, the child moved on from the toy and the situation was handled without anyone losing their cool. If there is no Healing in this situation, the child would have cried for hours or parents would have been forced to buy the toy.

Also, children go through various negative emotions like fears, inhibitions, etc and they don’t know how to express them. They absorb these negativities from their surroundings. All these negative emotions can be removed with a few minutes of Healing.I see many parents go through stress in dealing with children. Why suffer so much in parenting when a few minutes of Healing can make a great difference?

2.Improved Sleep quality: In modern days, one of the greatest problems faced by mankind is the poor quality of sleep. It could be due to various reasons but the problem is the same. From children to adults, every one of us is going through sleep issues. With a few minutes of Healing per day, this problem can be fixed. I tried on my self and I experienced a very good quality of sleep with few minutes of healing every night.

3.Stress relief: Healing is an excellent tool for stress relief. Stress is a common phenomenon in modern life. Just a few minutes of Healing can remove the stress and refresh the person. I tried this again on myself and experienced wonderful results.

4.Enhanced marriage: Marriage is a complex subject. In marriage, two imperfect individuals come together to live life with the expectation of perfection from each other and eventually, disasters tend to happen due to unrealistic expectations. Various fights and arguments keep happening and these lead to stress, restlessness and irritation and after some years, it leads to just two people living under one common roof with no love for each other. Marriages need not become this way. Healing offers many solutions to enhance marital relationship. I recently completed 3 months of self-healing and one change I noticed in my marriage is – our mutual love and respect have improved greatly.

5.Increased willpower: There are millions of self-help books in the world teaching many techniques but if a person does not have enough will power, all these techniques cannot be implemented and are of waste of time. Strong will power is a basic pre-requisite to achieve anything in life and many of us lack in this. That’s why we do things which we don’t want to do and don’t do things we want to do. Healing has solutions to improve will power. I too lack will power and did experiments on strengthening my will power using Healing. On the days I worked on strengthening my will power, I noticed increased productivity, proper utilization of time and focused approach. I tried this only for a few days and saw good results. I am experimenting further and hope to become a strong-willed person with razor-sharp focus and love. I will keep you posted about these experiments.

6. Enhancing Immunity: Thanks to Coronavirus, immunity has become the need of the hour. Every one of us should take care of our immunity and keep it high. Today, it is coronavirus and we don’t know what the future has in store for us. Healing has wonderful techniques to build strong immunity. I wish and pray that every person takes care of his or her immunity and stays strong.

These are some areas where healing can be applied in day to day life apart from healing diseases. Healing can be used to overcome addictions, control anger, overcome fears, improve crop output in agriculture, overcome suicidal tendencies, improve productivity in jobs, etc. The greatest boon is, all these can be achieved just by sitting. You don’t need to go anywhere to change your life. Just sit in the comfort of your chair and practice Healing. I strongly believe Healing is a life skill that needs to be learned by every person in the world.

Being a Healing teacher, I see some students complaining about the fees and asking for discounts. Healing fees is not high. With very less fees, one can learn Healing and start transforming their life. We spend lakhs of rupees on formal education which only brings us a job(that too no guarantee) and nothing else. Formal education does not teach us anything about relationships, handling stress, overcoming suicidal tendencies, etc. We spend thousands of rupees on clothes. We spend thousands of rupees on one-night dinner in a restaurant which only fills our stomach once.

And when it comes to Healing which can transform a person’s whole life, people complain about fees and expect it to be given for free. I find this amusing and can only think of my younger self which also thought the same. Several years back, I thought spending money on learning Healing was a waste of money but today I feel Guru is kind enough not to price healing course at 1 Lakh rupees. In my opinion, Healing is priceless and cannot be put a price tag.

Guru spent almost his whole life in creating this technology and he is kind enough to price it low so that even a financially backward person can afford the fees and learn it. What if Guru priced it too high and made it affordable only for a few people? What if Guru taught this sacred education only to a few of his disciples? Today, we will be worshipping these few disciples thinking they are special.

But Guru’s vision was not to make people touch his feet and worship him or his disciples. His vision was for every person to manifest their greatness. He wanted every person – irrespective of their religion, gender. country, race etc – to become as powerful as him who can heal diseases, who can find solutions to their problems in life and who can become independent in life. He wanted people to fly high in their lives and become wonderful human beings.

My humble pranaams to this great Guru who had such great vision for millions of ordinary people like me. May his mission and vision of one Healer per home become a reality and may every Healer apply the teachings and transform their lives.

Sarve Jana Sukhino Bhavanthu!

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  1. Dimplesworld

    awesome info very well explained,actually earlier I use to think PRANIC HEALING is also kind of mediation.Now I know what is PRANIC HEALING and its benefits Thank u so much Dimplesworld

  2. Govardhan

    Nicely explained many benifits of PH. There is much more like the aspects of psychic self defense, a part of healing dealing with enteric contaminations, negative cords , programming organic matters for self defense etc. That help us in enhancing quality of life in next level.looking forward to read these experiences of the author in future. Thank you for being part of this great mission of master.

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