How I achieved my dream job with the help of Energy Healing

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This blog is contributed by Amarnath Somsole

Namaste All

Before I begin to tell the most important miraculous event of getting my dream job that happened in my life,I will start with a little background of myself.I was doing a bank job, but not satisfied with it as there was no work-life balance & my health got deteriorated.I suffered mentally with headaches due to work pressure.I decided to go for something better.

Got to know from my colleague about Staff Selection Commission, Combined Graduate Level Exam which offers different jobs in Central Government.I applied for it.

I did Advanced Energy Healing course  & Psychotherapy during this time..

After Energy Healing entered into my life, I became very confident about every aspect of my life.My Inner self is always telling me to explore. So regarding my bank job, I felt this is not where I should be in my life with no time for personal life and only stress . I felt I need to also take care of my health.So I resigned from my job, shifted to Hyderabad and started preparing for my SSC CGL exam.

I did Meditation on Twin Hearts now and then but I had a feeling of laziness and not so positive attitude towards healing part.I used to do self healing irregularly with less or no interest though I had belief in it.. After I moved to Hyderabad, I got connected  with senior Healers and Instructors.Later, I did higher courses with the suggestion of seniors..My interest in Healing and spirituality grew more and more after this. I was able to find answers to the questions I had since childhood..

Coming to my career (my exam) , in my first proper attempt , I lost in Final Merit by 0.8 score.(Recruitment contains total 4 stages). I got very disappointed & broken.My basic chakra was weak very often due to the mood swings.Due to some practice of Meditation on Twin Hearts and Alchemy Yoga,  I could remain strong.

In the next attempt,  I targeted the Highest Grade pay post, AAO,  which is the only Gazetted Officer post in the entire recruitment.I gave my full effort In studies and as well as for my mental condition..

During my studies , I just believed in Guru and surrendered. I worked hard and smart in my daily plan of studies.After passing all 4 stages , I could get good score.After Document Verification, I was confident to some extent that I will get this time.But the previous exam result of losing by 0.8 mark made me little fearful.

Then I decided to do Self Healing because our Chakras should be clean to receive blessings.So, I started extensive healing session daily on all my Chakras ( more on basic Chakra) to specifically remove negative thoughts. This took me 1.5 Hours per day .After 20 days of self healing, I was feeling really confident & calm about getting my dream job.I was super happy inside

The next week after this, I got my final results and got my dream job . I was selected as Assistant Audit Officer in CAG , Indian Audit & Accounts Department. Not only that , I got AIR (all india rank) of 351.

I was very very happy on the result day & grateful to GOD, Guru & my family.. During this journey from resigning my previous job to getting dream job, though I used to tithe less amount of money, I was always taken care financially. I never felt lack of money.I feel it is because I had done Tithing(donating 10% income towards charity) every month in my previous job, without missing even a single month..

After a couple of months of result , I  got  Bangalore posting (my 2nd choice) in Finance & Communication Audit wing which is suitable to me & my lifestyle.

Before my result, I had no idea that I should aspire for good location, good office, top rank.Guru gave me all these blessing.This is something I never expected while giving my exam.

I received my joining letter  recently and will join soon.From this entire journey, I learnt that below are the key points which helped me.

1) Connection with my GURU

2) Regular Tithing

3) Self- Healing (first heal yourself & then  others)

4) Limitation of a person is not the limitation of GURU. He gives you much more blessings than you can imagine..

Thank You Guru for the wonderful blessings.Thank You to my uncle  Dr.Ashoknath Rao who introduced me to Healing. He is an inspiration in my journey.Thank You to my first Healing teacher Vasu sir.I have been greatly inspired by him in my entire journey.

Thank you my Healing fraternity.

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  1. Govardhan

    Amaging journey. Quitting a job before having other is not easy. Aiming for success after a failure is really difficult. But, life is a challange allways. Let the Gurus bless all of us with positivity.very well penned. 🙏GOVARDHAN

  2. Dimple Simple

    When i read first paragraph i felt very interesting one.Than I read whole blog.Its really awesome journey.I started learning Pranic healing.after reading this article.Came to know how powerful is Pranic healing and how important is to clean our chakras.Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful very important thing is to think positive and be positive lots of love and blessing from Dimple Simple

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