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Recently, our car went into service. My husband and I had to travel to a place. So, we went by our bike. While going, I did not observe much as I was in the hurry of reaching my destination. But while coming back, it was around 10:30 PM and I noticed several things. This journey has clearly taught me how life will be with and without spiritual tools.

The route we took is the same route that we travelled many times before but I never noticed much as I went in a car and I was in my own paradise. Now, I experienced the reality. On the route, I saw heavily-crowded wine shops and 10:30 PM did not feel safe. There are many speed breakers. There are potholes. There is an area in between emitting foul smell. We had to go through a forest which was dark and deserted. Hyperactive dogs are barking and I had to put an energy shield for us to be safe. And it was cloudy. What if it rains! I was alert through out the journey and could not do anything meaningful or productive. 25 minutes of journey felt like eternity.

When we went in the car, I did not hear the barking sounds of dogs. It did not matter whether there are potholes or speed breakers or it rained. I could comfortably read a book or do something meaningful or productive and never noticed wine shops. There was no foul smell. Darkness did not matter. I was carefree and comfortable without a worry. I enjoyed the journey.

Whether we used a bike or a car, we reached our destination and it took more or less the same time. Outside challenges are same for both the vehicles. But inner experience is quite different. On bike, it was a struggle and on car, it was effortless.

It is the same with life too. Whether we are in spirituality or not, life will bring us challenges. Outwardly, life looks the same but inner experience is strikingly different. With spiritual tools like Wellness Meditation and Energy Healing, life will be effortless inspite of challenges and without spiritual tools, life is a nightmare(with occasional joys scattered here and there). I have been practicing spirituality with some seriousness for the last 10 years . In these 10 years, I went through many challenges but suffering was minimal as my spiritual practices gave me enough inner strength and peace of mind no matter what is happening outside. There were some days which were dark and terrible where it felt hopeless but I could bounce back quickly in a matter of few days and move forward due to spirituality. My husband(he is also a spiritual practitioner) and I had experienced beautiful rainbows in the middle of cyclones that life brought us thanks to spiritual practices.

Life will bring challenges but suffering is optional. Any sane person will choose a car over a bike(if he has enough money) to reach the destination. Then, why do some of us behave strangely when it comes to life? Why do we choose a life that brings us suffering by ignoring spiritual laws? So, my dear friend, choose spirituality any day. Prioritize meditation, forgiveness, tithing(donating 10% of your income), energy healing. Make them part of your life. Yes, there are so many other interesting things to do in life which can consume all our time and leave no time for meditation. They can entertain us or make us forget our sorrows for a while but they cannot bring us peace and inner strength. Only meditation or other spiritual tools can bring you peace. Don’t settle for less when life can offer you a lot. Make wise choices !

(My intention is not to put down bike or glorify car. Every vehicle is beautiful in its own way. I used the comparison to make a point.)

Sarve jana sukhino bhavanthu!

-Contributed by Geethanjali Balachander

(Please feel free to Whatsapp me on 7995465737 if you are interested to learn/practice wellness meditation and Energy Healing)

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  1. Sravani Vootukuri

    Very nice🙏🏻

  2. Prachi RENJHEN

    Brilliant! Very well written with a great insight .
    May God and Guru’s blessings be with you in all times to come

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