How Energy Healing helped me correct my sleep cycles

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Sleep – This aspect troubled me since ages. Not that I could not sleep well. I slept well but my problem was I could not wake up early. I wanted to wake up before Sunrise and sleep by 10 PM. The reason for this strong desire is I came across Swami Sivananda’s book accidentally when I was in my 8th class and in that book, he gave some suggestions to students. One of the suggestions he gave was to wake up by 5 AM.

For some reason unknown to me, this instruction of Swami Sivananda stayed in my mind. He did not give any logic that appealed to my mind in the book but still I wanted to get up by 5 AM. So, I have been trying since my eighth class to achieve this feat but I failed again and again.

I tried various things to achieve it. For some days, using my will power I was able to wake up at 5 AM but I could not sustain it beyond a week because my problem lied in sleeping early. No matter what I tried, I could not sleep by 10 PM. Not in my school days. Not in college. And after entering into job, my sleep cycles became worse with me sleeping at 12:30 PM and waking up at 8:30 AM. Life went on and on. My habits still stayed the same even after entering Energy Healing, doing meditations, marrying etc. Nothing or no one could change my habit of sleeping late.

I read various self-help books on how to change my habits. I exerted my will power. And I tried going to bed by 10 PM. But I could only stare at ceiling or think till 12:30 PM. It was very frustrating to wait for sleep. So, I gave up such attempts and slept only at 12:30 PM.

But with the passage of time, I could not accept my failure. I am a person who strongly believe that I can achieve anything I want in my life if I really desire it. So, not able to achieve this small thing of waking up at 5 AM has become a problem to me. My belief that ,I can achieve anything I desire, is challenged by this scenario. So, I continued searching for solutions to address this problem.

I thought I will try something new in 2020 and announced meditation in the morning at 6 AM. I thought at least this way I will force my body to wake up early and sleep early. I was able to wake up early but could not sleep by 10 PM and it resulted in sleeplessness and tiredness. So, I discarded it after some months of trying.

And as a final attempt, I thought I will try Energy Healing. This time, I thought if Energy Healing fails me, I will accept my failure and give up this desire of sleeping by 10 PM. I am tired by this desire and tired of all my attempts from 20 years. So, this became my final attempt.

I know Energy Healing since 11 years but never thought it can help me in correcting my sleep cycles. Somehow, I did not realize it.So, after deciding to try one last time in this life time, I took out the protocol of insomnia from psychotherapy book(it is in basic Energy Healing book also) and did my self healing. First few days, I could not see any significant result.I thought I will try for 100 days before I give up.

So, I persisted and after few days of healing, I started sleeping at 11 PM. I continued my self healing and my sleep time came to 9 PM. It became so intense that once clock strikes 9 PM, I started feeling sleepy and I could not even stay awake for dinner. I used to feel this way in my childhood. After these many years, I experienced it again – that beautiful feeling of sleepiness at 9 PM.

Since 9 PM is too early, I modified my healing and made my sleep timing to become 9:30 PM. With this, I could wake up in the morning between 5 to 5:30 AM without an alarm. I felt good in the morning and felt energetic. I did not feel cranky or irritated or foggy in mornings. It is such a great feeling to sleep at 9:30 PM and wake up before Sunrise.

Sleeping early and waking up early has given me many benefits. I am able to watch Sunrise and enjoy the nature around me. I have abundant time in life and able to use it productively. I am able to plan my day. And most importantly, I am liberated from this desire of waking up early. I was stuck with this desire for 20 years and now, I am free of this desire. What a freedom!

Honestly, I did not expect Healing to help me with correcting sleep cycles. I thought Healing can only help with insomnia. I did not think sleeping at 12:30 PM also falls under insomnia category. So, I tried Healing without much expectations and to my surprise, it solved my problem.

After this experience with Healing, I felt a strong desire in my heart to practice Healing in my life and teach this subject to many more people who are interested to  learn and transform their lives. I stopped reading self-help books. I stopped looking at other systems to solve my problems. I think now, after many years of flirting with Healing, I married  Healing. Yes, I am married to Healing in 2020 – after 11 year journey of fear, repulsion, infatuation, attraction and love 🙂

Thank you Guru for giving us these wonderful teachings of Healing. May your teachings stay forever and may they continue to transform many more lives.  Thank you for everything Guru.

Sarve Jana Sukhino Bhavanthu!

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  1. Unknown

    Very nicely explained

  2. Unknown

    So encouraging.wonderfully explained.will do my healing

  3. Govardhan

    Great learning experience for all PH students from your 20yrs unsolved sleep pattern. In general at present most of us are having problems with sleep due electronic gadgets and stomach or indigestion, constipation problems due the kind of food we are supplied with. Anyway by masters blessings pranic healers are lucky in one way. May every student be blessed with regular self healing practice. So be it .

  4. Unknown

    Thankyou for sharing.Truly Pranic healing is a blessing.

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