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She is well dressed and well groomed. He wears casuals, keeps it simple and cool .They carry laptops, are easily available on Whatsapp, prepare awesome PPT’s , create and maintain their own website, order products online. On a first glance, they look like any other couple working in software industry. One might even mistake them for a busy IT couple lost in IT world. Looks can be quite deceptive. They are serious spiritual seekers in the modern world who taught me – everything that we do in day-to-day life is spirituality. They are wife and husband – Ruchi Goel and Sanjil Saxena.

I met this couple in 2009. They used to work in the same organization where I am working now and they conducted a meditation workshop. I attended it thinking meditation makes me healthy. More than meditation, what attracted me is this couple. I felt something is different about them and it was love at first sight for me. They looked like any IT person externally but my heart said – Something is different about them and I wanted to learn why they are so different. I never thought this attraction I felt for them can transform my whole life.

Because of my attraction for them, I followed their emails religiously and decided to do Basic Energy Healing course with them. To do the course,  I went to their home and I was mesmerized by their beautiful home. When I went to their home, Sanjil was carrying his 2 year old child in his lap. The child just woke up and Sanjil was showing angel’s picture to the child. I was amazed seeing this sight and decided there and then that I want to marry someone who talks about angels, who is patient, who is gentle and who can become a great father.

In 2009, before I did Energy Healing course with them, I did not know anything about energies and auras. In my first meet at their home, I observed something wonderful between this wife and husband. Wife was doing some work and husband is doing some other work. They are not interacting with each other in any way. But I felt some kind of love was flowing between them and I was amazed thinking – how can this happen? They were not seeing each other or touching each other or talking to each other but still love is flowing between them and I felt like I was sitting in a room filled with this couple’s love. I felt like I was watching a romantic movie.This amazed me and later after doing Healing courses, I understood why I felt this way. I wanted to have such kind of marriage in my life and their marriage became my dream marriage.

I thoroughly enjoyed Basic Energy Healing course with them and decided just after a 2 day workshop that they are the best teachers I found in my life. I became addicted to them. My love at first sight turned into kind of hero worship and I admired them greatly and in these 10 years of association, my admiration for them grew exponentially. The more I knew them, the more I admired them.

In my 10 years of association with this couple, I learnt so many things and my life is transformed 360 degrees. This blog will not be sufficient to express all the things I learnt from them and the impact they left on me. I will try my best to put down my key learnings and experiences I had with this couple.

1. Marriage – I understood what marriage is only after meeting this couple. Before meeting this couple, I used to think marriage is hard work, full of struggles, fights, compromises and some amount of love here and there. Though I wanted to marry, I used to wonder -“is it really worth to marry?” But this couple changed my view and made me desire marriage strongly. They did not preach me about marriage through words.They taught me that marriage is beautiful by being living example of a loving marriage. Whenever I met them, I could feel their love for each other in the way they look at each other or their smiles or their conversations with each other. Their love is so apparent and cannot be hidden. They are two people with one soul. Their love for each other convinced me to do enough hard work to attract right life partner and I have succeeded in my efforts. They also created a wonderful course about marriage named Alchemy Yoga. My husband and I did this course right on the day we got married as we wanted to get initiated into the sacred institution of marriage by this couple.
2. Prosperity- This couple taught me what prosperity is. I came from lot of financial struggles in my life and I was completely against our Guru’s teaching of tithing which states that one should donate 10% of income towards various charitable activities . This couple gently reminded me from time to time about the importance of tithing and encouraged me to tithe regularly, It took me 3 years of time to accept their suggestion but once I started tithing , I did not leave it till date because I have seen great financial benefits in my life from tithing. This couple taught me different aspects of money like – saving, spending, tithing.

This couple is a very rich couple but the way they lead their life amazes me. I see them maintaining their clothes very well for years. I see them trying their best to keep the fees of the courses they offer low as their motto is to do more with less money and they truly value their money and the money of their students. Every year, they organize Ganga program in which they take Arhatic Yogis to Rishikesh and almost 1 week is spent in intense meditations in River Ganga. I see them put lot of efforts to keep the price of this program low. In current trend, it is fashionable to charge exorbitant prices for spiritual courses and this couple can also charge very high prices(and there are many who would love to attend the courses inspite of high prices) but this couple keeps it low inspite of offering unique, highly professional and the best content to their students. They taught me prosperity is more than money and prosperity is to handle money efficiently.

3.Parenting – Again, I learnt what parenting is only after seeing this couple. In 2005, Ruchi was a manager in the organization I am working now and she quit her high paying job to become full time mother for her child. I never worked with her in my organization. One of my colleagues worked with her and even after 14 years, he remembers her fondly and says she is a great manager with whom he worked. If Ruchi continued in software industry , by now she would have easily become some senior director and would be managing thousands of people under her. She gave up this great career to dedicate time for her son and she has no regrets about quitting job.

Eventually, Sanjil also gave up his high paying job(he is also a manager in the same organization and had the same potential to become senior director) and he also has no regrets. Both give their undivided attention and time to their son. They do parenting very professionally, spiritually, consciously and in an organized way. One remarkable thing about them is they did not beat their son even once in 13 years of upbringing him. I have seen them discipline their child without beating him or raising their voice and I have seen them love their child so beautifully. I requested this couple multiple times to create a course on parenting but they said no and they said – “Any couple who practices virtues taught in arhatic yoga and have a loving marriage can become great parents. Parenting does not need a course”. I still wish they come up with a course on conscious parenting.

4. Health and Fitness – This couple looks young and fit and they work for it everyday. They look almost 15 years younger to their actual age. They take very good care of physical health and religiously practice physical exercises to keep their body suitable for higher meditations. They are moderate about their food without going to extremes. I used to have asthma and this couple encouraged me repeatedly (yaa, I am not a student who picks up teachings in one go. I need gentle reminders) to do 5 tibetans and breathing exercises. After practicing these exercises for some months, I became free of asthma and for the last one year, I did not have even one instance of asthma occurrence inspite of winters , rainy seasons, my emotional high’s and low’s. Its a great achievement for me which could be achieved only because of the inspiration I got from this couple.

5. Courage –  This couple taught me what courage is.They did intense sadhana for almost 2.5 years to attract a noble soul as their child and then they gave birth to their child. Obviously, such a child will be apple of their eyes. In 2009, there was a retreat organized at Mulshi near Pune and this couple decided to attend it with their 2.5 year old child. That’s the time when people dreaded to go to Pune as there were several deaths due to some contagious disease and my mother told me also not to go to this retreat as it felt dangerous. But I went to this retreat because this couple is going. They were so carefree even when we were going through Pune. There is not an expression of worry in them.

They also gave their child to me when I said I wanted to hold him. They were not worried if I had right energies or not. They were not worried if I am practicing enough virtues to touch their child. They just gave the child to me and they were relaxed about it. I was surprised seeing their carefree nature . After sometime Ruchi said something like – “I have total trust in Guru’s teachings and there is no need to worry about anything”. I was amazed seeing their courage and trust in Guru’s teachings .

Coming to the child, this is the first child in my life whom I loved. In my younger years due to some situations, I formed negative opinion about children and felt they make life troublesome. So I did not like to hold them or pamper them and I was detached about children. But this child – named Soham – melted this years of pain in my heart and made me fall in love with him. I enjoyed his smile, his admiration for Chota Bheem, his paintings and even now, whenever I see him, I remember that small Soham who removed years of pain in my heart with his innocent smile.

6. Guru – The biggest gift I received from this couple is my Guru. Though I did various courses of Healing, I was not enough convinced that this foreign man named Guru Parampara is my Guru. If not for this couple, I would have easily left the path many years ago. But this couple gently took me step by step and made me fall in love with my Guru. They encouraged me to practice the teachings of the Guru. A Guru’s value can be realized only when a person practices the teachings of the Guru and reaps benefits. They are the bridge between me and my Guru. I can never repay this couple for this priceless gift.

7. Wonders of Life – Along with Healing and Alchemy Yoga, this couple introduced me to many wonders of life like – Aromatherapy, theraupetic yoga, books of Osho, mantras, Ganga River, 5 tibetans, Alchemy Yoga, C W Leadbeater, Angels, Astral travel etc. They are huge repository of knowledge and there is always something new to learn from them.

8. Virtues – This couple is living, talking, walking virtues. In my 10 years of association with this couple, I did not see them behave rudely or gossip about others or look down upon others. Some of their students are famous, wealthy, powerful. I did not see them favor these student over others. I did not see them playing petty politics. And they always maintained professionalism in every course, every retreat they conducted. I have seen them demonstrate virtues taught by our Guru like punctuality, loving kindness, generosity, moderation , constancy of aim and effort in many instances and my admiration for them only grew with time.

9.Life is a meditation –  They made every aspect of life a meditation. Cooking, eating, watching movies, parenting, marriage, teaching, reading books, sleeping(I am not exaggerating) – for them, all these are meditation. For many years, I thought only formal meditation is meditation but this couple changed my perspective through their life. Having said this, it does not mean they dont do formal meditations. They are ardent followers of the schedule prescribed by our Guru and do formal meditations as well.

10. Best students – Our Guru has given lot of teachings and for an ordinary student like me, its challenging to practice  even 10% of these teachings regularly. But this couple practices Guru’s teachings 100% and they have also created new courses like aromatherapy based on just one line given by Guru. Its not like they are more advantaged or privileged than me. At one point, they were working in software industry leading hectic life. They were occupied with many things of life. Yet, they made it a point to diligently practice Guru’s teachings. Probably , our Guru must be so proud of this couple for being wonderful students.

11. Mentoring – Every time I hit rock bottom in my life, they were there for me. Be it my suicidal tendencies or my struggles to find right life partner or my struggles in becoming healing teacher or my health, wealth, relationship issues, they were always there for me without judging me. They were there for me like a friend, a mentor and guide who gave me suggestions and also freedom of thought. They taught me what mentoring is.

12. Best teachers – They are the best teachers I ever met in my life. I love to review classes with them again and again just to experience their teaching. Their way of presentation, their fantastic PPT’s, their examples, professionalism – everything about their teaching is a wow for me. Only a great student can be a great teacher and they are the living examples for this statement.

These are some of the things about this couple that I could express here. I feel its my great fortune to meet this couple in my life. At one point in my life, I wanted to make them my Gurus and worship them but they taught me who is a Guru and explained me why they cannot be my Gurus. I can never repay them for the way they transformed my life. My deep gratitude, respect, love at the feet of this golden couple.

My husband and I are great fans of the ancient Rishi couple – Arundhathi and Vasishta. We got the good fortune to attend their caves near Rishikesh where this rishi couple did penance and the experience of visiting their caves was mind-blowing. My husband and I feel that probably, if Arundhathi and Vasishta are living now, they might look like Ruchi Sanjil and their ashram might look like Ruchi Sanjil’s home. Every time I go to Ruchi Sanjil’s home , it feels to me like I am going to an ashram and I am sitting at the feet of Arundhathi and Vasishta to learn vedas.

And to the readers of this blog – if you have any young person in your family or life, please try that this young person knows this couple and interacts with them. Best way to interact with them is to sit in one of their classes. Who knows! Their life might transform just like my life has transformed.

Thank you Ruchi and Sanjil for being Ruchi Sanjil.
You are two eyes of the Guru having Guru’s vision
You are two ears of the Guru listening to Guru’s teachings
You are two hands of the Guru doing Guru’s work
You are two feet of the Guru walking on Guru’s path
You are heart of the Guru filled with unconditional love
You are mind of the Guru filled with wisdom
You are one with Guru and Guru’s teachings
Om Sri Gurupadukabhyam Namaha

Lokah Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu!

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    Much inspired to know about the wonderful couple. It is true that once we understand what yoga and meditation is, we can transform our life into a meditation. I am sure there are many such wonderful souls living right now on this planet and it is their energy which keeps the planet going on. Aum.

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