8 lessons from my husband’s covid recovery

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You are currently viewing 8 lessons from my husband’s covid recovery

Like millions of people, my husband and I thought we will not get covid as we are taking all the precautions. But one fine day, my husband missed following the covid guidelines and he got covid. Every individual’s covid journey is unique. His covid started with intense symptoms of high fever and weakness. It was not mild. This phase is one of the most challenging times we faced and it took us 20 days to travel from covid positive to negative.

In this journey, we both learnt certain lessons. Here are those lessons.

  1. Value of normal life: When life is going smooth, sometimes we take things for granted and don’t appreciate what we have. This journey taught us the value of each other, our marriage, companionship and normalcy of life. Though we were both in the same house, my husband is in isolation in one room and I am in the another room. This arrangement made us feel as if we are in two different worlds and it was depressing at times. We both realized it is a great blessing if life is normal.
  2. Importance of mentors: We already realize the value of our mentors Ruchi Sanjil. But this phase helped us realize their value even more. Their kindness, guidance, help, support and blessings made our journey easier and smooth.
  3. Energy Healing: When my husband first got the symptoms of covid, he went into isolation and I started healing him 3 to 4 times a day(this is the beauty of Energy Healing. You can heal people from a distance without touching them). It helped my husband stay peaceful, strong and it brought down the fever after couple of days. I have healed him through out the entire covid recovery phase. This made a great difference to his recovery and mental state.
  4. Food: I already know that food can bring us health or make us sick when I reversed the high BP, diabetes, thyroid issues of my mother through changing her diet. But this phase further opened my eyes to the wonder of food. I gave my husband a diet which healed his intense symptoms in 3 days. When I first started giving this diet, he was weak and sick. By the end of the first day, he was 50% fine. By the end of the third way, he was almost fine except for mild cough. This is the diet I gave him – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A2TFcnSb8Hg. Now, this diet is contrary to many systems and if you consult with any doctor or friend, he/she will say no to it. So, my husband was hesitant to follow it. But I know the power of fruits and raw vegetables and was firm that this is the diet he should take whether he likes it or not. It is only for 3 days and the founder of this diet – Dr.Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury – helped 5000 patients recover from covid in June 2020. So, why should I not trust these results and fruits? So, I gave this diet and it took lot of physical work for 3 days but the results are truly amazing. Now, my husband also believes in fruits and raw vegetables as much as I believe.
  5. Meditation: These 20 days are quite challenging as there is lot of physical work involved. From my mentors, we both learnt to share all the household work and we have been following this model since our marriage but now, its me who has to do everything. On top of it, there are so many foods and drinks to give. It was tiring and overwhelming to balance household work with professional work but my regular meditation practice helped me walk the journey without much anger(I admit there was some anger on the first day), sadness, irritation and worry. It was empowering and I realized the value of meditation all the more.
  6. Support system: My husband believes in certain systems and I believe in certain systems. So, we applied everything that we know and there are many people who supported us in this journey. We are very grateful to our healer friends, doctors, family members, friends, teachers, delivery people, our community and many more who supported us in these practices.
  7. Great gifts we received: I was angry on the first day of covid but now, I am filled with so much of gratitude for this phase because it brought 3 great gifts into my life. My inner Guru guided me to explore the talks on sundarakanda and hanuman chalisa by a Guru named Samavedam Shanmukha Sarma garu. I read Sundarakanda, Hanuman Chalisa many times in my life and I wondered what am I going to learn from these talks. Anyways, I respected my inner Guru and spent 25 hours in listening to these talks. After these talks, I realized I was only superficially reading Hanuman Chalisa and Sundarakanda but didn’t know the essence and inner meaning hidden in them. My husband also listened to these talks and it felt to us as if our life started fresh with 3 new gifts called Hanuman Chalisa, Sundarakanda, Samavedam Shanmukha Sarma garu. These 3 gifts gave us lot of happiness and inner strength in such a depressing time. We cherish these gifts for lifetime.
  8. Prevention is better than cure: It is easier to prevent covid than curing it. We both understood how important it is to follow the guidelines. Why get into covid and suffer when we can prevent it by following social distancing? Just because we meditate and are spiritual, it does not mean we are beyond the laws of nature. We learnt that no matter what stage of spirituality we are, we need to respect the laws of nature and be humble than being over-confident.

So, these are some lessons we learnt in our covid journey.

We feel that our marriage and life went through a reset button due to covid. So, with hope, enthusiasm and new lessons, we have started our normal life again. What a great blessing it is to be normal! Thank you Guru, God and everyone who helped us in this journey.

Sarve jana sukhino bhavanthu!

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