Arhatic Retreat 2018

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Arhatic Retreat is an event where hundreds of Arhatic Yogis gather annually and do intense sadhana as a group. I have been attending these retreats since 2014 and I had many wonderful experiences. From my experience, I understood that I need to attend retreat every year due to below reasons

1. According to our Guru, 7 people practicing meditation together generates energy equal to 100 people practicing alone. So, Meditating with a big group of hundreds of people is priceless.
2. I get to interact with serious spiritual aspirants and senior teachers and its a huge learning opportunity.Listening to their experiences and suggestions motivates me to practice the teachings better
3. I get an opportunity to do an introspection about my sadhana and improve my sadhana
4. Energy downpour is huge and experiences are deeper
5. Most important reason is our Guru(Guru) recommended all Arhatic Yogis to attend annual retreats.

This year too, I attended the retreat and I enjoyed it thoroughly. Below are some of my key take-aways

1. I observed that every energy healing teacher is very very hard working and highly committed to Guru’s work. My deep gratitude and respect towards every teacher
2. I got new ideas on Meditation on Twin Hearts(MTH) and my way of doing MTH improved
3. Apart from Arhatic practices, retreat was filled with many rejuvenating events like purification by fire, purification by water, mass healing sessions, yoga nidra, tailor-made yoga session for arhatic yogis, bhajans,dancing, satsang etc.It is also filled with many moments of fun
4. Sessions by teachers on several topics of Alchemy Yoga helped me gain deeper understanding of Alchemy Yoga
5. In this retreat, I had several inner experiences which taught me the importance of doing service. In Alchemy Yoga, service is highly recommended. These inner experiences taught me that my service is not upto the mark and I need to be more committed to service. There is one experience which is quite eye-opening. In this inner experience, I heard these words – “God and God’s creation are one.When you love any part of God’s creation, you are loving God. When you hate any part of God’s creation, you are hating God.When you serve God’s creation, you are serving God”.  – This experience gave me great clarity on how I should treat every person and every being and what my priorities in life should be.

These 3.5 days of retreat gave me many more experiences but its tough to put down everything in a blog. So, I am ending the blog here 🙂 My deep gratitude to all the organizers, volunteers, teachers who blessed me with the experience of a wonderful retreat. Eagerly looking forward to the next year retreat. I wish every Arhatic Yogi attends these retreats every year and experiences deeper dimensions of Alchemy Yoga in his/her own unique way. Hope to see many more Arhatic Yogis next year.

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