My experience with 40 days of Healing

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Supreme God, Guru, all the healing angels and all the great ones- thank you for blessing me with entitlement to practice self healing regularly and properly. Actually, it was my Kriyashakti wish for February to do self healing regularly and properly.

Joined this Self Healing Group in February.  This is the first time I am doing self healing daily for 40 days without fail. Thank you Geethanjali for your initiative.  You are always a big inspiration for us. Earlier I was doing self healing, but only when there was a health issue.

There is a significant change in my work and personal life after I started doing self healing. Comparatively, I am very happy, healthy and strong now. Physical stamina increased to a great extent with clear evidence. Doing a lot of work at home and also continuing with my book work without much strain, which was my main complaint earlier.  I am able to manage time properly and finding time for my passion also. Even though I get only 4 to 5 hours sleep on some days, the next day I am fresh and active without any problem and fatigue.

My relationship with others improved a lot. So, stress, tension automatically reduced. I am accepting people as they are and situations which are inevitable. No inner struggle these days. Now the other persons are confused about why am I not reacting to their criticism. Particularly for relationship problems, Guru’s psychic self defense techniques helped me a lot. Because of this regular self healing, now I am able to LET GO easily and move on.  Emotional stress has come down to a minimum.

Recently read a message You never know how strong you are,  until being strong is your only choice. This is true. I understood that having a Strong Immune system is the only solution/medicine to protect us from these viral diseases like Corona. During this tough time of corona virus, these self-healing sessions helped me a lot, to avoid unnecessary fears, over thinking, worry and anxiety and all other negative emotional energies. Energy Breathing is working greatly in reducing anxiety and fear when our mobiles were flooded with hundreds of messages creating nothing but panic. Healing Spine helps me to work for prolonged hours on some days.

The best part I like about daily healing sessions is Family Healing time and cleaning our home. These things are also taken care of in this 20-25 minutes session, which is giving me immense joy. At least we are doing little service to our family members, if not the entire protocol. We are happy only when our family members are also happy, healthy and strong.  These self-healing sessions not only keep me happy, healthy and strong but active and energetic throughout the day. Earlier self-healing was optional for me, now it is part of my daily routine.

Thank you Guru for blessing us with this knowledge.
Above all, I am doing my spiritual sadhana (Arhatic schedule) regularly.  No more excuses for physical exercises now. Joined Everyday Meditation group also, so far completed 69 days.

Once again Thank you very much Geethanjali for inspiring all of us. I Salute the Divinity in you.Thank you Guru for sending us to your true disciple.

With deep gratitude and in full faith.
-Contributed by Anuradha Raghuram

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  1. Bala

    Thank you Anuradhagaru for excellent blog. We are blessed to have master in our life. 🙏

  2. Unknown

    Inspiring blog.. hope everyone take good advantage of healing, meditation

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