What my Guru gave me?

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Like many people in this world, I am also blessed to have a Guru in my life.I came across my Guru in 2009 but it took me many years to recognize and accept him as my Guru. In these 11 years of relationship with my Guru, I gained so much. Having Guru in life is one of the greatest blessings ever. Anyone can fail you in the world but not your Guru. Anyone can desert you but not your Guru. Anyone can stop loving you but not your Guru. Such is the love and compassion of a Guru.

So, what all did my Guru give me?

  1. My Guru taught me that I am the creator of my destiny. He gave me the powerful teaching of Law of Karma which has empowered me to transform my life.
  2. He taught me the techniques to fulfill my wishes. Thanks to these techniques, many of my wishes are fulfilled with less physical effort and in a miraculous manner.
  3. He gave me tools to improve my health. Thanks to his teachings, I overcame asthma.
  4. He gave me techniques to remove my anger, jealousy,hatred,lying nature,ego,inability to forgive,laziness etc. With the help of these techniques, I am working on removing these flaws in me. I cannot claim that I have completely removed these flaws but I have come a long way. There is a significant change in my attitude.
  5. He taught me the importance of forgiveness and how to forgive. I can say with joy that I could forgive every person and every circumstance in my life which caused me pain.
  6. He gave me strength, courage, hope during difficult times.He proved his presence many times in my life and whenever i lost hope, I got an answer.
  7. He gave my small life a grand purpose which inspires and excites me.
  8. He gave me confidence and courage to live my life on my terms. I lost the fear of what others would think about me and my choices. I learnt to live my life like how I want without worrying about status, prestige, fame.
  9. Thanks to my Guru’s teachings, I am able to enjoy my relationships without much friction.
  10. My Guru gave me the knowledge of laws of nature and opened my life to the fascinating world of energy.
  11. He taught me techniques to become a good human being. I am working and trying to become better and better everyday.
  12. He gave me unconditional love. Even though I criticized him and his teachings in the past due to my ignorance, I still received his blessings and love. Even though I did not want to bow down to his feet, he gave me priceless teachings. He taught me the meaning of unconditional love through his presence and love.
  13. He corrected me many times when I went in the wrong direction. His help always came and rescued me.
  14. He gave me priceless teachings that will take me lifetimes to practice and master them.
  15. He taught me the importance of doing service and donating money towards charitable activities. I was a miserly and a self-centered person who only cared about myself. But thanks to my Guru’s teachings, I started doing some service and donating money. These activities have given me great joy and purpose. They have taught me the deeper aspects of life.
  16. And most importantly, my Guru helped me come out of my suicidal tendencies and gave me a new life.

My Guru gave me all these things and more. Please don’t think I am a special person and that’s why my Guru gave me these blessings. My Guru gave blessings like above and many more to millions of people in this world. Its his nature to give. No one who comes to him goes with an empty hand. Such is his generosity and love.

Thank you Guru for all your love and compassion. Like Lord Shiva says in the beautiful book Guru Gita, you are my Brahma, Vishnu , Maheshwara and Supreme God(Guru Gita is an amazing conversation between Lord Shiva and Maa Parvati about the greatness of Guru). You are my hope and light. I dont know how God looks like or feels like. For me, you are my God. I pray that I get you as my Guru in every incarnation.Please bless me with the inner strength to walk the path shown by you.

Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.

(My Guru’s autobiography can be read here)


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  1. Dimple Simple

    I really like the Blog

    Guru is very important person in our life.
    Your very lucky to get such a lovely Guru in ur life.
    People search for ages to get a Guru in tgier life.
    Ur very lucky to get ur guru in very short time and young age.

    I wish everyone including me to get a lovely Guru to help us to show right oath in our life.
    Thank u so much for sharing this information.

    From Dimple
    Love and light ❤️

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