My first experience of teaching Energy Healing

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By profession, I am a software engineer and I never thought I will become a Energy Healing teacher in this life. I did not even dream about it.One day, in 2013, my mentors said something like – if you become an Energy Healing teacher, you can teach it in Telugu in IWC. When I heard these words, I felt wow because IWC holds a special place in my heart and to teach in this place is something miraculous to me. So my mentors’ words created a desire in me to teach Healing and motivated me to attend Teachers Training Course(TTC) in February 2014.

I loved TTC and I felt I will easily become a teacher. Becoming a Healing teacher has certain process and since I am a voracious reader of books and have decent communication skills, I thought it will be a cake-walk for me to become Healing teacher. I thought all one needs is good communication skills and good command on the subject to become Healing teacher. With this over-confidence, I started my journey as probationary teacher in 2014.

On my journey, I had to face 2 inner obstacles I had – Laziness and Ego. These two inner obstacles tested my patience greatly and made me feel like giving up my desire to teach Energy Healing. Ego was the toughest obstacle and it hurt me badly. I reached a point where I felt in this life time, I can never become a PH teacher. Reading this line, one might think its a tough process to become PH teacher but reality is its not that tough. There are many who are released as teachers in just 1 or 2 months after doing TTC. But my own inner obstacles stopped me from achieving my goal of becoming a PH teacher.

No matter how worse things might become, there will always be an angel to help you out and my angel was “Guru and Guru’s teachings”. Thanks to these two, I am FINALLY released as a Basic PH teacher in December 2018 and I took my first class of Basic PH on February 23,24 2019. It took me 5 long years to take my first class of Basic PH as a teacher!

This first class was a class conducted specially for workers like maids, drivers etc. My first class had only two women. One lady was a domestic helper and the other was a baby-sitter. These two women never attended such kind of classes and they came with some doubts like – will they be able to sit in a class for 2 days?Do they need to write anything? Will it be easy to practice? etc.One lady had an aching hand and the other lady had knee pain.They came because of the encouragement of their employers and not out of their own interest.

The class started. To my surprise and amazement, these two ladies not only connected to the topics of the class well but also learnt them eagerly with child-like enthusiasm. They were very attentive, had questions,actively participated in all the experiments, cracked jokes, had fun and by the time first day ended, they were all smiles and eager to attend the second day of the class. On the second day, they came to class on time and they also did their homework promptly. They thoroughly enjoyed the meditation, could understand the importance of forgiveness and tithing. They are able to heal easily. By the time second day ended, they are eager to do meditation regularly and icing on the cake was – the knee pain, hand ache which they had at the beginning of the class were also healed. They came as strangers on the first day of the class and by the time the class was completed, they became my friends who taught me below things.

1. PH is so easy and simple that anyone can easily learn it and practice it.
2. Learning PH is a fun activity which can be enjoyed by anyone.
3. Teaching PH is a great way to learn more and go into the depths of PH.
4. Teaching PH helps you connect with Guru and helps you be in Guru’s aura for several hours. Several times,while teaching, I felt the words were just flowing through me and I felt I am not the real teacher but it is Guru who is the actual teacher and it is his magic which filled the class with love and laughter. It felt to me like Guru gave his precious presence to me for several hours.
5. I experienced that its a great privilege and blessing to teach PH. I felt great peace and satisfaction within me after the class ended.
6.I learnt every student who gives me an opportunity to teach PH is helping me tremendously.I realized I owe deep gratitude and respect towards every person who comes to me in the form of student.

These are some lessons I learnt in my first Basic PH class as a teacher. I never thought I will teach Energy Healing in this life but my mentors’ words, Guru’s grace and blessings opened the doors to this sacred profession of teaching and I pray to God and Guru to help me teach and spread Healing every single day of my life.

Sarve Jana Sukhino Bhavanthu!

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