My experience with Psychotherapy for Domestic Violence

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Though I have been healing since 2009, I think my serious journey as a professional healer started in 2022. Now, I am able to do more healings and understand the impact of healing. In this blog, I would like to share my experience of healing a domestic violence case. When we are in spiritual journey, our fears reduce or become zero. My fears also reduced greatly but still, there are some fears inside me and one of the fears I have is domestic violence. I cannot imagine or see such scenarios even in movies. It is frightening and painful for me to deal with the abusers and victims of domestic violence.

A person reached out to me asking for help with energy healing. She has been going through a very bad domestic violence in her marriage for more than 10 years. She is very reluctant to reach out to me but her situations pushed her. When she shared all the pain she and her family went through, I cried and was emotionally disturbed for few days. A healer and meditator is supposed to be super-strong emotionally but I could not be strong. It was overwhelming for me. She asked me to do something using energy healing to help her survive the marriage.

I don’t know how much healing would help her as I did not have a past experience of dealing with such scenario. I even wished that she initiates a divorce and live as a single person. That would be more peaceful than staying in such a toxic marriage. Without much hope in my heart, I took the scenario for healing. Initially, I healed her as she was very low emotionally. It helped her greatly and she could bounce back. Then, I started healing her husband. I applied pranic psychotherapy on him.

And to my great surprise, within few sessions of psychotherapy, he stopped being violent. He became a normal person, Except for few verbal abuses here and there, he started behaving nicely with his family members. There is peace in home. When she shared me about the progress, I doubted if she is lying because I could not believe that few sessions of psychotherapy will calm down a person with years of violent history. So, I asked her again and again and she responded the same. (Healings are still going on as it takes time for the result to become permanent.)

This is the biggest miracle I have seen in my healing journey so far. Yes, I have healed myself, my husband, my mother and many more people. I experienced many successes and few failures with energy healing. But I have never experienced a miracle like this. This experience brought me great satisfaction that I could become a channel for peace for a family through energy healing. In this process, a part of me is also healed as I could let go of the fear and pain I carried towards domestic violence. I could now understand that abusers are victims in their past and out of helplessness, they become abusers. They are not bad people but they are helpless. They don’t know how to deal with the stress and negativity they go through and out of helplessness, they dump their emotional garbage on family members in the form of violence. They can take the help of energy healing instead of hurting others. And family members too can reach out to a healer instead of suffering through the trauma.

I feel very happy and grateful that higher beings have gifted us with this precious knowledge. May the wings of energy healing spread across the world and bring peace and happiness on this planet. Thank You God, all the Gurus and my teachers Ruchi Sanjil for teaching me this skill. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.

Sarve jana sukhino bhavanthu!

-Contributed by Geethanjali Balachander

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