My mother-in-law’s recovery from cancer

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My mother-in-law Sangeeta Shrivastava was diagnosed with Grade 3 Cancer ( Brain Tumor) in 2013. In June 2014, she went for chemotherapy. I got to know about her condition in Aug 2014 when my marriage got fixed, by that time I was already into Therapeutic Energy Healing. Doctors had clearly mentioned that her life expectancy was from 6 months to 2 years. By the time of our marriage, December 2014 she was bedridden and had lost her memory.

It was the early morning of 1st Jan 2015, when we rushed to the hospital as her condition became very serious. Doctors had lost all hopes and asked us to inform her near family members as she stopped responding to their treatment. At that very moment, we decided to start her healings. That was the time when for continuous 3-4 days her healings were done at regular intervals of 2 hours day and night. Slowly she started responding to the treatment and showed signs of recovery. Almost after 15-20 days of hospitalization she came back home.

Since then (Jan 2015) her healings are going on a regular basis. When she came back home we took the hard decision to stop her Chemo and Allopathy treatment (as per doctors, there was no hope with the treatment anyway) completely and switched to homeopathy. The thing that gave us hope and we had faith in was her healings. We took the name of our Guru and started counting on her healings and homeopathy treatment.

Though it was not an overnight miracle, we started seeing very very small improvements gradually and slowly. It took time but our faith in healings never faded and her condition started getting better day by day and little by little, resulting in which she even started doing her daily need tasks on her own with time.

Today (Dec 2021) is the day when her reports have shown a drastic reduction in tumor size. Her memory is much better now. Her brain works perfectly fine. She can even cook food independently and a new person meeting her would never know unless told that she ever went through such a horrible disease. She is as normal and healthy as others.

My observations in these 7 years:-

1) 1st Jan 2015 when we started her healings, after that she is never admitted to hospital till date and her healings are regular.
2) The moment I started doing tithing, my physical efforts towards her care reduced as she started showing improvements, and slowly she started taking care of her own daily needs.
3) Though, the reports took 7 years to show commendable change but physically she started showing improvements right after her healings started. Initially, for 6 months improvement rates were very slow but gradually and with time things got better at a faster rate.

I would like to share details of reports as below :-

TR * AP * SI (in cm)

2014 :: 5.2 * 4.1 * 5.4
2015 :: 3.0 * 3.7 * 3.1
2017 :: 2.4 * 2.1 * 1.7
2019 :: 2.2 * 2.0 * 1. 9
2021 :: 0.9 * 1.5 * 0. 4

Continuous Healings, Regular Tithing, Mediations from the past 7 years helped us conquer the situation that seemed impossible at that particular time. I also used to play OM chants the whole day and night continuously. With playing chants I found positivity at my home despite any difficult situation.

I really want to thank and pay my gratitude which cannot be expressed in words towards our teachers Ruchi and Sanjil for their guidance, support, healings, blessings, and for everything I got from them.

Thank you so much to the Guru Parampara for all your blessings, guidance all the time in my life. The greatest gift is blessed being part of IWC.

Thanks to my sister Deepti Saxena who introduced and guided me to become part of IWC and receive Guru’s Blessings.
My parents and all those who have contributed towards healings and blessings, thank you so so so much.

– Contributed by Priya Saxena

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    It is amazing to hear this. God bless her with healthy life. Even my father was critically sick with mouth cancer. Deepti madam did his healing for 11 months, we continued with allopathic and ayurvedic medicine. He is perfectly doing good now. Om Mani Padme hum πŸ™Œ

  2. Vasant Mehto

    Myself and abhijeet are very good family friends since 1977. I appreciate abhijeet who took too much pain for treatment of Sangeeta bhabi since 2013.we remember Gaurav marriage, she was unaware of everything due to loss of memory. Later it’s Priyanka as well whole family efforts/blessings sangeeta bhabi almost cured. .God bless her and you all.

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