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This blog is contributed by Dhanalakshmi Saikrishna.

About 10 years ago, my husband said “there is something called as energy healing Can we try that?” Whatever! For me it was just for time pass. We attended basic energy healing class conducted by Ruchi Sanjil. Later I learnt that it was their first and last class they took in foundation, see how lucky we were😄! I enjoyed the class but did not practice and discontinued. Later after prolonged gap of 6 years, somehow I felt like getting back to healing but was very adamant at doing it with the same teachers. So we found their address and went back and did almost all the courses with them. I don’t need coffee to get high 😄. After each course I did  , I used to wonder – “will I get another chance to come back !!” Of course, I love the lunch part ,needless to mention. Below are few pleasant memories with my teachers which I would like to share.            

1)  I was going through my first pregnancy and did not know how to react or how am I supposed to be. Sanjil suggested me to do soul realization class and said this will help me know everything.  That cleared all the worries and hesitation I had towards pregnancy. I used to do wellness meditation on and off. When I look back, in spite of being in a nuclear family with no support, my pregnancy was a cakewalk .Thanks to my teachers for all the guidance and my son for all the love and care.     

2)  Though I was not happy with my job, I was continuing it to fulfill a financial obligation. I was not happy with the crèche. My son was falling ill quite often and was becoming thin. Also, I happened to see ill treatment of some of the kids by the care-taking staff. Seeing this I was in a dilemma. On one side was my responsibility to support in financial obligation and on the other side was my motherly responsibilities. During those times, I was attending a course with Ruchi Sanjil. Surprisingly Ruchi suggested me to leave the job if there is no financial burden.

On the 2nd day of the course, Ruchi again followed up on her earlier advice (which they usually do not do. Their general style is they suggest and leave it to the individual’s discretion). This time my husband was there along with my child. I was little reluctant as to how my husband will react to this as he has to take my financial obligation but he said to her there are no financial emergencies and that very night I decided to leave the job. During the notice period, I saw the crèche situation worsening. I realized that my gut feeling was right and it is even more right to leave the job. Thanks to Ruchi. If she had not insisted and gave an assurance on my thought process, I would have made my son’s infant life a tough phase. A mother being around for her child in the initial years is quite important. A very important lesson to be passed on to others.

3) Ruchi Sanjil healed our family with various health issues ranging from simple to complicated and the results were magical (touchwood). Our son had a surgery and we were going through hardship emotionally. We sought their help in healing him during OT. My only concern was how he would cope up with the pain and experience. Until date, he remembers only being in hospital and no other description of his experience.  It is completely erased from his mind; all he says to us is Thank you for healing me. We always wonder how helpless we would have been if we had not met them.                                           

The list is endless. We are blessed to have them in our life. After my parents, any hiccups I run to get advice from my spiritual teachers. They have always played a crucial role in key milestones of my life and I am so grateful for their love, compassion, and support. Thank you Ruchi Sanjil 🙏🏻

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