Energy Healing Testimonial – Rheumatoid Arthritis

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This blog is contributed by Sudheer

My mother was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis 10 years ago and has been taking medicine since then. Day by day, her joint pains were increasing though she was regularly taking medicine. We found her ESR levels (Medical test to check Arthritis severity) were very high in 2018 and she couldn’t bear joint pains. She was finding difficult to get up from bed, unable to walk comfortably. I approached Ruchi Sanjil ji for healings and they routed me to a professional healer.

Healer spoke to my mother in person to understand the problem and started healings immediately. Knowing the seriousness of the problem, healer did extensive healings (initially more than 1 and half hour) and was suggesting my mother to do small exercise regularly and also suggested her to keep mind calm as much as possible. After a couple of months healing, I could notice that my mother started feeling better, her joints were getting better day by day. But sometimes she was getting emotionally upset due to unbearable pains and healer used to do lot of psychotherapy for my mother.

We went for check up in the month of Feb 2019 and could see that her ESR value was 43(Normal range for women is 0-20). I was panicked and notified healer immediately about the situation. Healings continued and we saw better ESR values in the month of Jun 2019 as 36. It gave me some relief (Though I know Energy Healing works miraculously, I was panicked seeing my mother’s situation) and strengthened my roots further in Energy Healing.

Healings were continued and with the latest diagnosis report as of Feb 2020, it is really amazing that ESR value is down to 25. In this time period of healings, my mother appreciated the power of Energy Healing and did her basic Energy Healing course in Sep 2019 and practicing exercises taught in class! She did meditation for few days but couldn’t be regular. Recently she came to me and told me that she wanted to do meditation again. With master’s grace, she is doing Twin Hearts Meditation now!!

To summarise, in the span of 1.6 years of time, ESR value came down from 45 to 25 which is an amazing thing I could witness . Currently, my mother is able to walk very much comfortably and comparatively very less effected with emotions. Arthritis patients are given steroids (either in the form of injection or tablets). My mother was also given same but during this healing phase, doctor reduced 1.5 tablets of steroid composition.

We all know that medicine has side effects. Healings helped my mother to get relief from medicine dosage gradually. The best thing I would like to mention is that restarting of meditation (Twin Hearts) which will further help her.

Healing time for any disease is atleast 10% of the time the disease stayed in body. It is proved in my mother’s case. 10 years of problem came into control in 1.6 years of span.

By the way, healer is well known to many of us.Her name is Radhika. She does really miraculous healings and I cannot thank enough for her great healings. I never give up approaching even at the times situation was not so good. Deep gratitude to her🙏 May she become further more powerful divine instrument.

Deep Gratitude to Ruchi Sanjil ji for introducing us to Energy Healing.🙏Below are the diagnosis reports with high ESR value to better one.

February 2019 Report : ESR – 43


June 2019 Report: ESR – 36

February 2020 Report: ESR – 25


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  1. Radhika

    Thank you Sudheer. Thank you Ruchi and Sanjil for holding my hand and making me walk the sacred path of healing. Thank you master for always being with me guiding and protecting me. Thank you Sudheer for trusting in healing and persisting with healings.

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