Changes in me due to Self Healing

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This blog is contributed by Avinaash. He is studying tenth standard.

I would like to share my experience and change that occurred due to healing myself daily. I learned Basic Energy Healing about a year ago and I haven’t really put it to committed practice ever since. I sometimes used my newly acquired skill of Energy Healing to heal my mother when she went through extreme work pressure and stress. It had a massive impact, but that’s it. I never actually used it for my own benefit and betterment.

When Geetanjali Mam started the Daily Healing sessions, my father persuaded me to attend them as he thought these sessions will get me onto the track of regular healing. My father also wanted me to join his book review of the Basic Healing Book. We reviewed the book page by page, word by word. This was truly like revision for me as I actually gained more insight of the subject compared to what I was taught in my class.Every detail of the book was covered gradually and all the seeds of Energy Healing were sowed deep into my mind.

I was really was not much interested in the Daily Healing Sessions at first as I just finished my 9th class exams and, to be true, wanted to enjoy all day. I have been away from the spiritual side of life for so long that I, honestly, forgot its significance. I did not want to spend half an hour of my day to attend the classes because I did not observe any change in myself. But the change had already started on the inside, where it should start.

I have been a little insecure of my physical fitness since I moved schools in my 8thgrade due to some issues. I lost all of my physical activity as my new school (the one I am studying currently in), had a very small campus and the school gives negligible importance to it. I was a very fit guy before as I played at school and also played a lot in the apartment with my friends. But after I changed schools, I got lazy and spent all my evening in a corner of my sofa and watch T.V because I lost all of my “friends” in a quarrel. Things really went south for my fitness. The thought of workout has been in my mind for like 15 months ago, but I was too busy with studies and also watching a bunch of T.V shows.

As exercising and working out were two recurring thoughts in my mind, it has manifested into my reality. As the problem of laziness and the inferiority of being unfit was all I had in mind, day and night, in my subconscious it was being wiped away, when I healed my Solar Plexus Chakra in the Daily Healing sessions. I myself removed my problems from my system. Looking back now, all I know is that healing ourselves will continue to have infinitely many positive impacts on us, but, it is only a matter of time to see the change.

Just when I thought that nothing positive is happening in my system. I am fully committed to my workout now and I whole-heartedly thank Geetanjali Mam and my father for plummeting me right into the path of spirituality. I regret all the days that I missed the sessions, now that mam has officially stopped conducted sessions.

I would like to conclude by saying that Energy Healing is the simplest form of spirituality as we do not have to do any complex asanas like yoga. It is simply waving our hand to be honest. We must always be grateful to higher beings to shower us with the divine blessings to fall into the path of spirituality in this life itself and being able to transform our life in the easiest way ever.

May God, and all the higher beings bless Geetanjali Mam, My father, my family, all the Energy Healers and Every Being on Mother Earth. So be it. So be it. So be it.


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