My recent experience with Psychotherapy

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One aspect of healing that never stops fascinating me is Psychotherapy(or TEH Level 3). In my younger age, I wanted to become a psychiatrist but became a Software Engineer and life gave me opportunity to fulfill my interest for human psychology through psychotherapy. Most of the professional healing cases I do on a regular basis are for psychological issues like stress, marital disharmony, depression, alcoholism, domestic abuse, violence, suicidal tendencies, relationship problems and I have seen 70% of these healings to be successful. A recent experience is one such experience which demonstrated to me the power of psychotherapy.

In whatsapp, I came across an unknown couple going through tough marriage and the couple is on the verge of separation. Now, I was in a dilemma whether I should interefere or not. Should I speak about Psychotherapy or not? From my years of being an Energy Healer, I learnt not to interfere in other people’s lives as a healer, as not everyone is open to Energy Healing(I myself was closed for many years and I can totally empathize). In this scenario, I could not contain myself as there is a child involved and separation of parents takes a great toll on a child. So, hesitatingly, I whatsapped the unknown person and suggested to try Psychotherapy for 3 months before taking any decision about separation. The person agreed and decided to give a try.

I started healing the couple. After a week of healing, the person whatsapped that as a couple, they are fine now and things are sorted(results vary from case to case.) The person is very grateful to healing. Wow! This was amazing to me and reiterated to me the power of Psychotherapy. I was happy to see the transformation. Leaving marriage is not a healthy solution any day and when marital disharmony can be healed through Psychotherapy, why not take the help of Psychotherapy?

Marriage is a journey where many aspects of life are involved like work, finances, health, love, in-laws,children and its easy to have fights because two people come from different backgrounds and different perspectives. In these fights and arguments, emotions take over us and under the spell of emotions, we may feel like separating or running away from life but emotions are not permanent and they can be easily transformed through meditation and Psychotherapy.The lesson I learnt from my own marriage is – “Its common to have friction in marriage but dont let negative emotions like anger, sadness, resentment become intense and persistent. Not every circumstance will go as I want and sometimes, I get hurt but I can overcome this hurt and choose positive emotions through few minutes of Psychotherapy.”

I do my psychotherapy everyday(it has been 4 years now) as I dont want my negative emotions and thoughts to impact my life and I meditate everyday to become 100% full of divinity and peace(someday, 100% will happen and till then, I have Psychotherapy to handle my little episodes of negativity). Deep gratitude to all the great ones and my teachers Ruchi Sanjil who taught me Psychotherapy. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Sarve jana sukhino bhavanthu!

-Contributed by Geethanjali Balachander

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