Testimony on Review of classes

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This blog is contributed by Sudheer

I would like to share with everyone my experience(s) as a reviewer of Energy Healing courses at IWC.  Firstly, it was a very insightful and great learning experience. Most of us sometimes think, what would be the benefit of reviewing a course as the teachings were learnt already. I was with the similar mindset that I could read master’s book after the course and would be able to enhance my understanding. To be honest, I forgot a lot of concepts covered during the class and never could complete reading master’s book in one go. This has led to several gaps in my understanding and irregularities in my healings.  Guru’s teachings and techniques though are very simple to understand, it is only through practice that one develops their skills and become efficient.
Before reviewing courses, a few questions that popped in my mind, which at some point most of us must have thought of:
–      Wouldn’t it be a waste of time to repeat a class, spend the weekend reviewing, listening to the same techniques, when I could refer to the book as the necessity arises?
–      Reading the book might give me the insights and help me in understanding the techniques. Ironically, I haven’t been able to finish reading master’s books in a day or two.
–      Would there be anything new that I can learn by reviewing a course?
–      Should I be reviewing to refresh my memory of the concepts?
My motivation to review courses at IWC:
–      A few months back I started healings for my family member, who is suffering with a chronic ailment. It requires long term regular healings to relieve the suffering and adverse effects of chronic ailments to a person. I have been a little doubtful regarding the efficiency of my healings. Even though I attended free healing camps, I never took cases for healing and I observed many were sharing testimonies and success stories of healing cases. Unconsciously, I was feeling conflicted to pursue healings because of my doubts..
“whether I was following all the steps of the protocol”
“Am I doing the healings properly. Is there anything that I need to do correctly, which I am missing out..” Several of these thoughts used to bother me and as a result I never practiced healings.  I realised that reviewing the courses would make me confident and help me overcome my doubts.
–      Ganga Retreat 2019 – Another motivational factor for my reviews: It has been an amazing experience of seven-day retreat at Rishikesh with intensive practices. It provided a lot of scope to learn, review and interact with other Arhatic yogis and teachers. During the retreat several concepts, hidden meaning, their significance was reiterated. The well-structured retreat enabled me not only learn but practice the techniques along with others on the banks of mother Ganga. I realised that energy flows where you pay your attention. Practicing exercises and meditations with awareness enhances one’s experience. The transformative effect during the retreat propelled me to review the courses.
So, I started reviewing the courses from May’19. Here are some of my takeaways:
·         Every class is different. Teacher constantly come up with innovative strategies to make the course content interesting and easy to comprehend. They have been several enhancements suiting the needs for different age groups in delivering the content. Constant efforts, study and experimentation by teachers is greatly inspiring. I can vouch that I did the best thing to review verses sit and home and procrastinate to read masters books.
·         As a reviewer I could introspect and evaluate my level of understanding, renew the concepts and also observe others.  As we progress, our level of understanding changes, and we are able to grasp deeper meanings, which would not have been possible as fresher.
·         Through review one can share and know several experiences of fellow energy healers and their results. It reminded me of my experiences in Physics laboratory during college days 😊 I wish I knew these concepts back then; I could have topped my class 😛
·         Keen observation and guidance by the teachers to correct our mistakes and make us confident. Reviewing empowered me.
·         I also realised that we are not using many powerful techniques given in the book like:
o   Invocative Healing
o   Blood Cleansing Technique
o   Guru Healing Technique
o   Super Healing Technique
o   Shielding Chakras, etc
(These highly powerful techniques definitely need supervision and deeper understanding until one become senior/professional healer. Reviews help in achieving this as per my opinion)
·         Another advantage through reviews is that we interact with new healers and start sharing each other experiences, knowledge that helps in our progress. As you share and give, you entitle to receive!
·         I had another joy factor during my reviews… Seeing new healers into the path. Isn’t it a joy to see our master’s vision of One Healer per family materializing? J
I recommend that everyone should make an effort to spread the teachings, review their learnings periodically to be more regular, productive, confident and successful
Thank you, teachers, for your constant efforts to help us learn master’s teachings effectively. Thank you for being amazing mentors and setting us on our spiritual development.
Thank you Guru for your Priceless Teachings.

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