PRANIC PSYCHOTHERAPY is the application of PRANIC HEALING techniques to healing and alleviating emotional and mental imbalances. Negative emotions and traumatic experiences are essentially negative thought forms and emotional energies lodged in the aura and in the critical energy centers. PRANIC PSYCHOTHERAPY offers you the ability to quickly and safely release these crippling energetic patterns.

  • Based on Master Choa Kok Sui’s Pranic Psychotherapy book, this in depth workshop teaches principles and techniques to quickly and safely release negative and traumatic energetic techniques to address the mind-body connection.
  • Advanced healing techniques to alleviate emotional/mental issues.
  • Learn Self-Healing techniques for anxiety, irritability, grief and others.
  • Learn how to repair holes, cracks and other damages to the energy body, aura, chakras and protective webs due to psychological traumas.
  • Learn how to shield the aura and chakras from negative thoughts and emotions from people and places.
  • Learn advanced stress management techniques.
  • Stop smoking, alcoholism and drug abuse through Pranic Healing.
  • Learn methods to disintegrate negative psychic energies that cause traumas, phobias, stress, compulsions/obsessions, depression, violent and paranoid behavior, hallucinations and many more.