My Experiences with IWC Therapeutic Yoga

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*************This blog is contributed by Radhika***************

Namaste all,

I am Radhika. I would like to share with you my journey of practicing Therapeutic Yoga from the past 9 years. To briefly introduce myself, I am an IWC energy healer, Therapeutic Yoga instructor and an Energy Healing instructor.

I have been practicing Therapeutic Yoga regularly from 2011 onwards first as a student and later as an instructor myself. Practicing this special yoga has always helped me in different stages of my life.

Firstly by practicing Therapeutic yoga I could conceive naturally which was considered impossible in medical terms. But by practicing this yoga I could achieve the impossible. You can read the complete testimonial of my conception journey at

Secondly after my daughter was born, practicing yoga helped me maintain my physical strength and increased patience levels, which is much needed for mothers while upbringing kids.

Then as a Yoga instructor, teaching yoga gave me lot of self-confidence and I felt I could be of great service by helping others practice such miraculous yoga. It helped me to put a firm foot forward in the field of Energy healing. In a way it helped me to create a platform for myself to put my first steps to establish myself in the direction of becoming a Professional Energy healer.

When I moved to a foreign country, by teaching yoga I could make good acquaintances in a new place very easily in a short span of time. Some of the benefits which I Personally experienced by practicing Therapeutic yoga regularly are

  1. Maintain good health.
  2. Increase in energy levels.
  3. Could develop the ability to forgive others
  4. Could feel gratitude for what I have in life ( which was completely missing before)
  5. Maintain healthy body weight
  6. Maintain calm composure
  7. Clarity of thought 
  8. Increased self-confidence
  9. Higher spiritual experiences.
  10. Maintain regularity in my spiritual practices

And may more benefits.

By practicing yoga I was healed at physical level, energy level, emotional level, mental level because of  which I could  reap lot of hidden benefits like relationship healing, financial healing, career healing, ability to accept ups and downs of  life with grace and confidence to name a few. When you experience this kind of healing your life transforms positively and that’s is what happened to me.

 IWC Therapeutic Yoga is an integrated yoga to address all aspects of human being – Body, Aura, Emotions, Thoughts and Sprit. This yoga is uniquely designed combining the power of energy healing, Meditation, Self-hypnosis and Aromatherapy with traditional hath yoga asana and Pranayama’s. To know more about this yoga you can visit

I hope may more people will be inspired to start their journey in this direction towards good health at all levels. For the details of various yoga classes conducted you may refer to –

With Light , Love and Power to all

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  1. Anonymous

    Wonderful blog Radhika

  2. Anonymous

    Thank you for sharing Radhika. It’s true and great that you are practicing since 2011

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