My Law of karma experience with Bhagavad Gita

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I have been trying to read Bhagavad Gita since 2007. But I could not move beyond first 2 chapters. I tried translation and interpretation by different authors. And then, I tried youtube lectures by different orators. But everytime I attempted, I just could not move beyond 2nd chapter. Some work used to come after 2nd chapter and I would stop reading there thinking I will continue it next day but I could not pick it up. In these 14 years, I would have attempted more than 15 times to read this book but my efforts failed.

I am a voracious reader and I read hundreds of books, including the complicated theosophy books, in the last 14 years. I have done many meditations to purify myself. But there is no progress in my journey with Gita. It puzzled me greatly as to why I am unable to read this book. I genuinely wanted to know what Lord Krishna spoke to Arjuna but something stopped me and I was clueless as to what that ‘something’ is. It did not strike me. This was my journey with Gita till recently.

Recently, Gita jayanti happened. Its the day on which Lord delivered Gita to Arjuna. On this day, while I was browsing YouTube, I saw a poster asking for donations to distribute Gita.I donated money for distribution of 11 Gita books. I felt good that I could do something good on an auspicious day and left it there. Within 2 days, I got the urge to read Gita again and this time, I could successfully complete it. I was pushed to read it like there is some exam in Gita tomorrow.

So, with this experience, I could clearly understand that its my karma that stopped me from reading Gita all these years. I just did not have the entitlement. May be I criticised the Gita in some lifetime. May be, I made fun of it. May be, I stopped others from reading it. In this lifetime, I did not do such things but I had to face some karma of previous lifetimes. And good news is I could overcome it by applying Law of Karma.

Law of Karma states – “You reap what you sow. ” So, when I supported others to read Gita, I am supported in my efforts to read Gita. The entire experience amazed me greatly and reinforced my belief in Law of Karma. This beautiful teaching is taught in the first level of Energy Healing and it has the power to change one’s life. If someone wants health, they should help others get health. If someone wants a job, they should support the livelihood of others. If someone wants a child, they should support orphanages and pregnant women. Answers to all our problems are in Law of Karma.

May we all wisely apply Law of Karma and progress spiritually and materially in life.

Sarve Jana Sukhino Bhavantu!

-Contributed by Geethanjali Balachander

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  1. Sai Bhavana Nanduru

    Amazing journey mam and in your name itself Geeta is there May all the blessings be with you ☺️🙌

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