A smile that touched my heart

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Smile – This is beautiful no matter who wears it. Its beauty does not depend on the dress one wears or the beauty of the face. Smile is an instant charm which can give comfort to anyone who has enough time to notice it. Its a blessing to smile and its also a blessing to receive smile from others. I had one such experience related to smile which moved me deeply.

Yesterday, My husband, I and our friend were travelling to Himachal Pradesh on a spiritual vacation.We were going to Himachal Pradesh via Chandigarh in a cab. Cab stopped at a dabha for lunch.We ordered my favourite Aloo Paratha along with Paneer Butter Masala and curd. Food was delicious.  I was amazed that this road side dhabha had such great food. I ate to my heart’s content like there is no tomorrow and I went to  washroom to wash my hands.

There ,a lady is cleaning the washroom and a 2 year old child is beside her. This 2 year looked at me. He is so cute that one can lose track of time looking at him. I gave him a smile and went to  use washroom. When I came out, this child  was waiting for me near the door and gave me a big smile. I was amazed at this grand welcome. Who would expect that a beautiful child with a smile will be waiting to surprise me once I come out of the washroom?

After I came out of this surprise, I noticed that though the lady was putting her best efforts in cleaning , washroom is still stinking. One cannot stay there even for few minutes. In such a place, this child gave me a big innocent smile. The lady is cleaning washroom and the child is playing joyfully. Just to make myself sure, I asked the lady if this child is her son and she said yes. May be, she did not have any other option and brought the child to her workplace which happens to be a washroom.

I was shocked that the child could be joyful even in such a situation.This child’s smile made my complaints and expectations out of life look petty. I have seen many beautiful smiles in my life but this smile is something different as its a smile which taught me what joy is. When I put myself in the mother’s shoes, it broke my heart and made me wonder how tough it must be for the mother to let her son play in a dirty washroom for hours.This smile filled me with gratitude and sadness at the same time – Gratitude for everything I have in my life and sadness for the mother’s helplessness.

Most of us complain when things go wrong even in a small way like no electricity at home for 15 minutes or no special gift for birthday or swiggy order delivered late. This child, with a simple smile in few seconds, taught me the value of all the comforts and luxuries present in my life. This child taught me that leading a comfortable life itself is a great blessing and if parents are able to provide a healthy, hygienic environment to their children, they are very blessed.

I pray that all of us who are leading even a decently comfortable life realize the value of such great life and be filled with gratitude for all the blessings life has bestowed on us . I pray that every mother is financially empowered to take care of her child in a healthy and hygienic environment. I pray that every mother is physically,emotionally,mentally,financially,spiritually strong before she enters motherhood. May every mother derive her strength from divine mother. And my deep gratitude, respect,love for every child in this world for teaching adults the joy of life with their innocent smiles and kind eyes.

Sarve Jana Sukhino Bhavanthu

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