My Experiences with Aromatherapy

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Being in India and exposed to Ayurveda, I knew that there are some oils which do wonders to our health but I don’t know which oils they are. In the market, there are many oils available which claim miraculous results but I did not know if I can trust those claims and buy. So, I was always skeptical to try out oils. Some years back, my mentors Ruchi Sanjil launched their own aromatherapy oils which they have researched for years and tried and tested personally.

This was a great trust factor to me because my experience has been that my mentors only promote good quality products which bring health and well-being. So, I had no doubts about the quality of products coming from them. I started my own aromatherapy journey with the product called ‘healing mate’.

It smells amazing. I use it left, right, center for any issues like stress, better sleep, cold, cough, skin infections and it always helps me greatly. I gave it to my mother and my several family members. My mother uses healing mate for her health problems and she keeps on praising Ruchi and Sanjil because of the benefits she experiences. All my family members loved healing mate and now, healing mate has become a part of our lives. You can read about the properties of healing mate here –

I also used healing mate in salt water bath. In Energy Healing, we are taught about the many benefits of salt water bath. So, one day, I got this idea of adding healing mate to salt and taking salt water bath. It was soo refreshing and soothing. My bathing has become heavenly and I went into some kind of trance for some minutes. I never thought a simple process like bathing can bring bliss but salt water bath done with healing mate can bring bliss.

Some other oils I used in my life either for myself or my family members were healthy joints(for any kinds of body pains), rose oil, jasmine oil, joy blend, peace blend, prosperity blend, anti-link blend, diabetes healing mate, lavender oil, eucalyptus oil, vigor blend etc and they are all amazing. Every oil is unique with its unique properties and fragrances and its a different experience with every blend or oil. These are all well researched by my mentors and are hand made.

I also did Aromatherapy course taught by my mentors. This course is a fascinating course that talks about the properties of essential oils and how to use them for health, love, prosperity etc.

I have been thinking since years that such amazing oils and wonderful products like wonder hair oil, face creams made with these oils should reach wider audience and should not just limit to the students of Ruchi Sanjil but I did not know how to do it. I am not an entrepreneur or had any plans for business. My goal has always been to retire from my software job and just read my books and meditate. But destiny had some other plans and I got an opportunity to work with an entrepreneur. In this work, I learnt how to do e-commerce and stuff. These learnings equipped me to build this website and add the aromatherapy products lovingly and passionately created by mentors Ruchi and Sanjil.

So, I added aromatherapy products on this website to enable anyone from India to buy them easily from the comfort of their home. You can buy these wonderful products here – I built this website from my heart and soul learning every step involved. It is my pet project which gives me that thrill and joy.

Not only me and my husband but many of my friends also tried aromatherapy products created by Ruchi Sanjil and they are all benefitted. Below are some links which help you explore more about aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy Testimonials

These oils are like angels in many tough situations of my life and they have made my journey more joyful. Thank you all the lovely plants, trees, flowers. Thank you mother nature. I feel so good to receive your blessings in the form of these oils. And of course, thank you Guru and Ruchi, Sanjil.

Sarve Jana Sukhino Bhavanthu!

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