What I learnt from my weight loss of 10 Kgs

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Weight loss – this is something that eluded and puzzled me for years. When I joined my software job in 2008, I was at 58 Kgs. That was decent enough for my height but I still felt like losing weight. So, in 2009 , when my mentors Ruchi & Sanjil conducted meditation workshop in my organization, I attended it thinking meditation will help me lose weight. I was ignorant to expect this from meditation. But my ignorance and deep desire for weight loss brought me into meditation and Energy Healing. Yes, sometimes, ignorance is a blessing.

In 2009, I had a fracture and underwent surgery. My weight went to 70 Kgs in a span of 2 months after my surgery. That was alarming to me. Once I was back to normalcy, I went to the gym, worked out aggressively and lost 5 Kgs. After this, I lost my motivation to work out as I felt its too much of hard work. And my weight stuck at 65 Kgs. Since then, I have been searching for easier ways to come back to 58 Kgs but nothing helped me.

I read many books on weight loss. I tried this and that. Now and then, I went to gym but could not sustain it. I went on crazy diets but could not sustain them. I failed again and again in trying to lose weight. It was a tough battle with my own self. Every time I broke my diet, I felt like a loser. I felt I had no will power and felt very bad about myself. Thanks to meditation and Energy Healing, I developed self-love and healthy self-esteem and could look beyond my excess weight. But still the urge to lose weight was inside me.

In August 2020, my weight went to 70 Kgs(thanks to the lock down and complete sedentary life) and at the same time, my mother developed complications due to diabetes and fell sick. She got high BP, thyroid issues and she could not walk without support. It was a challenging time for me. My Guru always recommended an integrated approach. So, I wanted to try the combination of Energy Healing, diet, exercise, medications on her and bring a change in her health.

In this attempt, I explored greatly about diet and tried everything I learnt, first on myself, before introducing it to my mother. I wanted to walk the talk and make it easy to her by walking along with her in her healing journey. With these diet changes, I started losing my weight.

Thanks to the integrated approach, my mother’s high BP is reversed. She is completely off the high BP medications. And my next goal was to reverse her diabetes. I read a lot about this and searched for knowledge to reverse this. In this search, I was introduced to Sharan India by my student Rachna Karnani. She reversed her diabetes by following the diet of Sharan India.

I did various courses of Sharan India and started practicing them on myself again before teaching them to my mother. Thanks to all these changes, I kept on losing weight and I lost 10 Kgs in less than 3 months. Today, I am at 60 Kgs. It is amazing to me and feels like a great achievement. I still cannot believe that I achieved my weight loss which I have been so desiring since 2009.

So, what have I learnt in this weight loss journey?

  1. Weight loss is easy and sustainable when we have the right diet.
  2. We can safe guard our health and stay at perfect weight by taking care of our diet as recommended by Sharan India.
  3. Weight loss does not need intense exercises. Exercising is great and very important for good health but that’s not a must for weight loss.
  4. I can eat delicious foods and still stay healthy.
  5. Weight loss does not need any will power.
  6. Food cravings happen because of eating foods that lack in nutrients. When we eat foods rich in nutrients, food cravings do not happen. It has nothing to do with my will power.
  7. It feels great to eat right. Body feels light and energetic.
  8. Having a body of healthy weight and good health is magical and joyful.
  9. My self love and self confidence are dependent on my body weight no matter how much I want to deny this truth. They have improved tremendously in these 3 months.

These are some things I learnt and experienced in this weight loss journey.

My huge gratitude to Dr.Khader Vali, Dr.Manthena, Rachna Karnani, Sharan India, Rhonda Byrne(the author of the book – the magic), my mother and my husband who helped me greatly in this weight loss journey. Special thanks to the health issues that my mother faced because they helped me go deeper into the journey of health and discover this new way of eating and living. And as always, my huge gratitude to my Guru for sending me the right teachers into my life and emphasizing on integrated approach to heal diseases. Thank You Guru for everything.

Sarve Jana Sukhino Bhavanthu!

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