Benefits of regular Meditation

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This blog is contributed by Hema Baskaran
Meditation involves mindfulness, focussing the mind, training our attention and awareness to achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm, stable state.Why do we meditate?It has been scientifically proven that meditation alleviates stress, controls anxiety, enhances emotional health, increases attention span and improves sleep.
For Energy healers , as meditation is a part of our regular practice, we have experienced most or all of the above at one time or the other.The question is not why we need to meditate because we all know the reason, but what happens if we meditate regularly.
Many a time, practitioners get caught up in their work and household chores and find it difficult to maintain the required schedule. Different priorities take up our time.Is it possible to maintain a schedule where meditation can be done on a daily basis? The answer is yes. If we can understand and experience the actual benefits of regular meditation, we are motivated to make meditation our priority and our regular practice.
Factors preventing us from meditating regularly
Before we go into the benefits, lets understand some of the factors that prevent us from meditating regularly and how we can overcome them.

Factors that prevent us from meditating
How can it be overcome      
·        Not being able to get up early
It is advisable to meditate in the morning but if that is not possible, you can plan to meditate at a time when your schedule is light or there is time to fit in a period of 20-30 mins during the day
·        Pressure of work
Yes, we all have pressure of work, but just think if your boss ordered that he needed you to finish something before the end of the day, would you not make time for it even though you had hundred and one things to do. Remember you (rather your soul) are the boss and if you order that meditation is a priority and a necessity to be done every day, you will find time for it.
·        Time factor – find it difficult to allocate time for 30-40 mins
We find time to do a lot of things during the day. Stop and take an inventory – what are your time robbers? What activity takes up most of your time? What activities need to be necessarily done and what can be postponed or delayed to squeeze in the 45 mins you require? Once you make it a habit of finding these 45 min every day and allotting it for your meditation, results will be remarkable
·        Feeling lazy – maybe feeling bored of doing it every day – there are other interesting things to do.
·        Will take rest today and do it tomorrow
Sure, the time is all yours and you have the freedom of using it to do what you want, but if you know that by procrastinating you are delaying the manifestation of your goals.  You will be losing out on the splurge of energy that will be yours when you meditate, then surely you will put aside everything to do your practice.
·        Household chores, taking care of children, spouse, parents, in-laws and their needs.
Yes, all this is your responsibility, you have to do it. But it is important that you also have some “me” time, that is exclusively for you. This not only relieves you of the drudgery of housework, but reenergises you to give more to your family in terms of happiness, peace and love.  Not only that, you will find that somehow you have enough time to do your chores in spite of having taken time out for meditation
·        Travelling
If you are motivated to not even miss a day of your meditation then even while travelling you will find ways to squeeze in the required 30 mins. Just as we do not go hungry when we travel, similarly we need to find ways in which hunger of the soul can be satisfied even while travelling. It is possible, believe me, I have done it many times. Travel has not deterred me to miss my practice
·        Not feeling well today
·        Feeling very tired
 Not an excuse. By meditating we will be bringing down energies to cleanse our aura by which the diseased energies in our body will be removed which makes us well. The same goes for tiredness. You feel refreshed after the meditation and it gives you more energy to carry out your work
So, now let’s have a look at some of the benefits of regular meditation.
  1. ·       Makes you feel calm and at peace.
  2. ·        Your body and mind become energetic and you are ready to accomplish even the difficult of tasks.
  3. ·        Helps to develop self confidence.
  4. ·        Improves immunity – you are not prone to minor sickness like cold or fever.
  5. ·        Helps you find answers to questions nagging your mind.
  6. ·        The stillness of mind helps to connect with God
  7. ·        Improves your intuition, the feeling of knowing which guides you in making the right decisions.
  8. ·        Provides abundance and prosperity.
  9. ·        You invariably find solutions to problems troubling you.
  10. ·        Your wishes are manifested easily.
This and more, was what I experienced by doing regular meditation which I am sharing with you. It is only the power of intention. When you make an intention to meditate regularly, you will find that the universe makes way for you to fulfill that intention. You only have to make good the intention and you find things will fall in place for you to have enough time to meditate.
Meditation is a fulfilling experience. It fills your heart with love, the soul with bliss and the mind with rejuvenated energy.
We know about all of these benefits, then what stops us from following the schedule? What stops us from making a commitment to making Meditation a priority in our lives?

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