We are living in a world of thought forms and emotional energies, not all of which are beneficial for us. In fact, we are constantly bombarded by negative and injurious energies. If you are not properly protected from these contaminants, you may be affected spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically and financially.

Pranic Psychic Self Defense® for Home and Office teaches you scientific ways of utilizing pranic energies to properly protect yourself, your belongings, your home, surroundings and love ones from psychic attacks, negative intentions, malicious entities and energetic pollution.

Among the topics covered:

  • Understanding various psychic attacks (like stress, negative thoughts and intentions etc.) we may face in day-to-day life, how they are launched (intentionally/unintentionally) and how you can protect yourself from them.
  • Closing the aura techniques to prevent intrusions.
  • Strengthening the aura techniques through self and external means.
  • Placing a protective shields/aura around you, your near dear ones, or objects for protection.
  • Protecting/shielding your children from unwanted entities etc…
  • Practicing advanced psychic self-defence techniques, specifically for healers.
  • Programming Crystal (or other suitable objects) for warding off any psychic attack from you.
  • Understand scientifically the significance of religious rituals done during say Grih pravesh (house warming…) and other such ceremonies for Psychic defense
  • Multi-dimensional shielding for protection on the spiritual, mental, emotional, etheric and physical planes.
  • Guarding against the critical factors that can weaken a shield.
  • Using the power of love to get an angry psychic assailant on your side.
  • Using the ancient Magic Circles Ritual to receive comprehensive protection from angels, masters and teachers.
  • Stopping so called “human psychic vampires” from draining your precious life force.
  • Utilizing holy objects (yantras and talismans, etc.) for protection, empowerment and good luck.
  • Understanding how to counter-defense black magicians or help someone who has been a target of such attack.

    And much more in a day workshop filled with interesting facts, theory and practical.