How tithing and meditation transformed my life

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This blog is contributed by Sai Krishna


This is my journey of how Twin Heart Meditation and Tithing transformed my life.

I think around 10 years back my financial situation was really bad and I was under a lot of stress. I was googling for some way to come out of this stress. Google search was not so refined those days and one of the search results was Twin Heart Meditation. This is not what I was looking for, but I became curious on how can meditation change someone’s life and I attended the class by Ruchi Sanjil at the foundation.

I was introduced to the concepts of Tithing and Twin Heart Meditation and how it can bring positive change in life. I was specifically told that if I want financial success, I need to start tithing and generate good karma. Well, should not be a surprise that I didn’t do it. 🙂 I didn’t believe in it and I stopped looking in this direction.

Time passed by and my financial situation kept getting deteriorated. In the mean time in the IWC Fraternity group one lady, Geethanjali Varanasi (yeah, the same blogger) was always posting about some wonderful miracle that has happened in her life by following Guru’s teachings. So again with some half hearted hope I made a call to Geethanjali to know how does she always pull a rabbit out of the hat. Her answer was always TFT (Twin Heart Meditation, Forgiveness and Tithing). Honestly, when she insisted that I should do Tithing .. I thought to myself has she gone nuts !! I am saying I need money and she is asking me to donate money !! I never told her my reaction (until today).

With dragging feet and half-hearted mind I decided on tithing.  I was supposed to tithe a certain amount of money which is 10% as per Guru’s teachings. It was difficult for me to find that kind of money as I had no savings at all.  Honestly I didn’t know how to even arrange it. Somehow I did the tithing for 1st month. Within 2-3 days of doing tithing, I got an email from some random company that I had some shares in that company and they are delisting the company. Hence I should sell my shares or surrender them. I didn’t even know that I had shares of such a company. When I did investigation, I found that some broker had invested in this company on my behalf. This was 5 years ago and I completely forgot about this as this company was not performing well and was into losses. But at the time when I received this email, the value of my investment had grown manifold not only to take care of my tithing needs but also to give me some savings!! I immediately sold the shares and got my money. This was nothing less than a miracle.

After this experience, my resolve got stronger and I continued tithing. I have come across several miracles after this. Got an opportunity to go abroad (something which I always wanted but never expressed to my managers). Also helped me manage my finances. Inspite of the difficult situations I might be having, the needs were always taken care of.

I have experienced that with THM and Tithing, mind becomes clear .. you get rid of the clouded thinking. I have experienced many a times instances where some kind of inner voice tells me what I need to do and it works for me. Also, I started to gain respect for money (subconsciously I was hating money). I found pleasure and happiness in donating money because I was helping others and I realised importance of money.

When I look back today, I am so grateful for Guru’s teachings and Ruchi Sanjil for being the channel for these teachings. Today I feel that the Geethanjali gave me the smartest advise possible (and she was not nuts, maybe I was if I had not listened to her advise !!) and for anyone who wants to develop themselves in all aspects of life and for always pushing me and challenging me to practice. I am so grateful to her for persistently giving me the TFT solution for all my problems that I used to bring up to her over the years. More importantly for tolerating with me and my questions over several years and being there during my highs and lows. And yes, sometimes the search results in google are not an accident !! They are probably the answers that we needed.

I hope more of you are inspired and start following the practices to find more happiness, good health, harmonious relationships, abundance, prosperity and spirituality in your life. Tathastu. Tathastu. Tathastu.

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